Purifyou Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags (2024 Review)

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Being a mom is fantastic, but dealing with dirty diapers is absolutely THE OPPOSITE!

When things get overwhelmed while taking care of your baby, smelling the fresh air and the natural scent makes your day better!

Specifically pointing to the baby diaper pail, controlling the inside odor is not easy yet possible by using unique odor eliminators to deal with these scenarios. 

In a previous article, we reviewed the best five diaper pail fresheners and odor eliminators that proved to get the job done. 

But in this post, we will talk in detail about the Purifyou Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags and why they are the #1 choice for some new parents. 

Read on to reveal all the values included in the Purifyou Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags… 

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Purifyou Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Review

purifyou product image


Multifunctional filters that fit anywhere.

Biodegradable material. 

The filters fit most diaper pails, including the diaper genie.

It is derived from a sustainable resource.

Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

Absorbs scents as opposed to trapping them.

Affordable option – good value for money.


You’ll need to use many filters simultaneously to control big areas – or a whole room.

The process of recharging them under the sun might take a few hours.

As their name implies, these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are bags that purify the air. It accomplishes this by absorbing the toxins, chemicals, and stench while emitting a clean fragrance. 

These purified, activated carbon air purifying bags are made from premium natural Moso Bamboo and are environmentally friendly. 

They are one of the Best all-natural room fresheners out there!

Bamboo charcoal and other activated minerals are included in the bag to filter the air inside, absorb the odors inside the diaper pail, and prevent the pail from being stinky. 

Interestingly, an air purifying bag does not function like air freshening aerosol sprays. It doesn’t even have a distinct smell. After you place the air purifying bag, if your room, diaper pail, or the area you put it in smells better, that is the smell of fresh air.

The unique feature of these deodorizing bags is that they are designed to eliminate the odors as much as possible rather than cover them up.

They clean the air throughout your home, making it fresh and healthy to breathe. 

Versatile design and compact size! Just put it in any house room where odors are a problem. Top choices include diaper pails, trash cans, closets, automobiles, refrigerators, and areas with dogs.

Having a long service life is a plus. Each sachet has a two-week lifespan but can be reused for up to three months by exposing it to sunlight for two to three hours.

In addition to the burlap carrying case, this set of carbon filters also includes twelve individual filters. Each packet is 6.5cm (2.56″) wide by 8cm (3.15″) tall, and the sachet weighs 14 grams or 0.51 ounces.

Why Parents Should Get The Purifyou Bamboo Charcoal Bags

We recommend parents, especially new ones, use these charcoal air purifier bags to save time and money. They get the job done naturally, without adding any extra scent, and are affordable. 

It is reasonably inexpensive and available at any retailer, where anyone with a new baby can get and start using it to control the odors.  

Additionally, using these charcoal bags for odor is simple! You can place these compact bags anywhere you need them. They fit in tight places and don’t bother you with any scent, as they work to absorb the odors instead of covering them with a more pungent scent. 

The best part about the charcoal odor absorber bags is the reusable feature. Yes! These bags are reusable!

You can recharge the charcoal by placing them under the sun for a couple of hours to activate them again. This way, each bag serves for a couple of months instead of just a couple of weeks. 

Purifyou Charcoal Deodorizer Bags Top Features

Value For Money

These deodorizer bags work in every room of your house, from the diaper genie diaper pail to your pet’s preferred napping area, and filter the vital air you breathe. With Purifyous, all-natural odorless, and hypoallergenic air purifying bags, it’s time to rid your life and home of foul smells. 

Additionally, these charcoal odor remover bags are reusable, saving you money and time. 


These unique charcoal air freshener bags contain up to 25% more than other top diaper pail sachets on the market. Each sachet measures 11 grams and comes in a set of 12. Includes a sustainable burlap bag with drawstrings for easy use, so you can safely store the unused filters out of the reach of children. 

The best part is that these nature fresh purifiers don’t add any scent to cover the diapers’ odor; instead, they absorb the odors naturally to leave the air fresh and smell natural. 

Ease of Use

The air purifying bags quickly refresh your home, including your child’s nursery! 

Use them to eliminate unpleasant odors from the baby’s diaper pail by placing a new purifying bag inside the pail, taping it at the bottom of the lid, and letting it absorb all the odors. 

The odor absorber bags’ size is tiny and compact, allowing you to place them in the smallest places, for example – inside the shoes! Plus, the filters come in a storage bag that is cute, nice, and easy to use to keep the new air purifying bags clean and handy. 


Our odor-absorbing charcoal bags are safe to use around children, animals, and allergy sufferers. Each Purifyou 100% All Natural Air Purifying is entirely chemical and fragrance-free

With precisely reinforced stitching on the exterior, the cloth pouch securely seals the charcoal within for enduring sturdiness.

Freshness is absolute with these unique filters! After a couple of weeks, you can expose the charcoal bamboo bags to the sun for 2-3 hours to recharge them and extend their service life, giving them extra durability. 

Thus, it saves you money along the way!

Purifyou Charcoal Air Purifier Bags Alternatives

Again, these Moso bamboo air purifying bags are a favorite option for many parents who constantly deal with babies’ diapers. Being unscented and natural makes them the best choice for those with sensitive noses, as they leave the air fresh and smell natural. 

All things considered, you might feel that these charcoal bags are not the one that matches your needs. Thus, we included a few alternatives that might be good alternatives to try. Here they are: 

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Puck Baking Soda Cartridge, Lavender Scent

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Cartridge

These other natural odor removers effectively keep the stink away from the diaper pail or other areas and rooms. 

Unlike the Purifyou purifying bags, the Munchkin discs are prefilled with baking soda and lavender scent that effectively eliminate the odor and leave a light lavender scent behind. 

Top Features:

  • The discs are prefilled with baking soda, and you can reuse them later.
  • Compact size to fit in tight areas.
  • Effectively get rid of the diaper pail’s unpleasant odor.
  • It fits in most diaper pails models, types, and sizes.

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Fresh Wave Lavender Odor Eliminating & Deodorizing Packs

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator

These filters are also scented with lavender, a powerful scent that fights the odors and leaves a light scent behind, making your house smell good all day and night. 

The pack contains 6 filters and a hard plastic case that sticks to any clean, soft, and untextured surface for easy and convenient use. 

Top Features:

  • Rechargeable filters under the sun.
  • Flexible and small size for fit anywhere. 
  • It is a non-GMO and non-toxic deodorizer.
  • Derived from plant-based ingredients.

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Air Wick Stick Ups Air Freshener

Air Wick Stick Ups Air Freshener

If you are a fan of the citrus scent, we recommend you give these Air Wick stick-ups a try. The plastic container sticks on any soft, untextured, and clean surface – like the diaper pail lid bottom– leaving the area fresh and always smelling pleasant. 

The best part about these stickups is their design. They come with a tape at the bottom; all you need to do is to peel and stick the container wherever applicable. 

Top Features:

  • Easy to use. 
  • It diffuses freshness in the area.
  • The pack comes with two discs; each lasts for a month.

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Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag FAQs

Q1: What are the Purifyou Air Purifying Bags ingredients?

The Purifyou charcoal filters are made from natural miso bamboo fibers and contain no chemicals or fragrances. 

Q2: Do bamboo charcoal air purifying bags really work?

It does, in fact, work. Purifyou all natural air purifying bags absorb odor, fragrance, and other unpleasant scents. They also eliminate the excess moisture from the air, leaving your house, room, and areas fresh and healthy. 

Q3: What does the Purifyou Natural Air Purifying Bag smell like?

These purifying bags don’t have any specific smell that you can notice. They are designed to absorb the odor and moisture naturally.

Q4: How long do charcoal air purifying bags last?

According to the manufacturer, the bags’ capacity to retain moisture and scents lasts around two years. We recommend leaving the bags in the sun for at least an hour every month for two years to “recharge” the charcoal by drying it out.

Q5: Where to place bamboo charcoal bags in home?

aside from using the bamboo charcoal bags inside the diaper pail, you can place them in pet areas, inside tight areas like shoes, gym bags, and lockers, in the car, in the kitchen or any other room in the house.

Q6: Where to buy bamboo charcoal bags?

Bamboo charcoal bags are available in most stores selling baby or house products, and you can always find them on Amazon.com


These are the best charcoal air purifier bags that are safe to use in a nursery or any area around babies, as they absorb the odors naturally and safely! 

When using the activated charcoal for odor removal, you rest assured that your house will stay fresh all day and night long, as the Purifyou bags also absorb the extra moisture from the air, leaving a healthy atmosphere all over the place. 

Each odor absorber bag contains activated charcoal that works for two weeks and is rechargeable if placed under the sun for 2-3 hours, making it extra durable and worth the money. 

Overall, these charcoal bamboo bags are worth the try if you prefer to go the natural route and prefer unscented odor eliminators!

Best of luck with your choice..

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