Silicon Breastfeeding A Guide For New Parents

A mom breastfeeding a baby on one side and a haakaa on the other side

Breastfeeding is a rewarding experience for all new mothers.

Breast Milk is nature’s perfect food for babies and provides critical nutrients, as well as emotional support and comfort. 

Besides, breastfeeding is known to lower the risk of childhood asthma, type 1 diabetes, and other severe diseases in later life.

The more time you spend breastfeeding your baby, the better! But it doesn’t happen naturally for everyone.

Silicon breastfeeding could be a life-saver for most new moms. Read on to explore the different options available:

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Breastfeeding Is a Bonding Time: Enjoy It

Breastfeeding is the only way to feed your newly born baby. It’s also a learned skill and can be challenging at times, but it’s a lifetime experience that you’ll never forget!

Interestingly, breastfeeding can be a bonding experience for mom and baby.

So, if you’re breastfeeding your baby, remember that the more often you breastfeed regularly (at least 4-5 times per day), the easier it will be for both of you!

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Try Silicon Breastfeeding

Silicon Breastfeeding refers to providing breast milk from the mother’s nipple/areola around the baby’s mouth using a silicon piece or device that covers the nipple. The baby then licks the milk directly off the nipple.

Advantages Of Silicon Breastfeeding

There are many advantages to using silicon nipples over traditional nursing techniques. Silicon nipples offer the benefit of producing anywhere between 500 – 600 ml per hour. 

In comparison, the average human female produces roughly 200ml per hour. The silicon nipples also transfer more nutrients, fats, and antibodies to the infant. Additionally, if the mother chooses to breastfeed, she doesn’t need to worry about leaking milk or ensuring the baby is getting enough nutrition.

Silicon breastfeeding eliminates the risk of mastitis, which often happens when breastfeeding mothers use their hands to express milk manually.

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Use Silicon Supplement

A Silicon supplement is a product containing silicon that is often used in cases of insufficient breast milk. 

One of the reasons people use silicon supplements is because they want to give the best care possible to their children. 

Other uses of silicon supplements include treating dryness in the mouth and throat and healing wounds.

Ensure The Utmost Breast Care

Mom breastfeeding her baby while outside

Breast care is especially important for the health of your breasts and nipples, which is essential for both mother and baby. 

When breastfeeding, it’s essential to keep the breast area clean and dry so that they don’t get cracked or chapped during feeding sessions. 

Most importantly, ensure that they’re not rubbing against clothing when you wear clothes outside the house, which can irritate them or even cause an infection if one develops on your nipple skin or in between its folds (called “mammary bumps”).

It’s a good idea to check in with yourself every few days—and then again after every feeding session—to make sure everything looks okay down there; if something feels off about how soft your nipple looks or feels, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor!

Give The Breast Pump a Try

A breast pump is a device used to assist you in expressing milk from your breasts in a specific bottle or breastmilk bag. 

It’s an essential tool for breastfeeding mothers, but it can also be helpful for mothers who cannot produce enough milk for their babies or have a low supply of breast milk.

How Does a Breast Pump Work?

Pump therapy can be done at work or home, depending on your lifestyle and comfort level with the process. 

The breast-pumping mechanism is simple! Some pumps require only one person to run them, while others require two people working together—one person feeds the baby while another pumps milk into containers (usually glass).

Additionally, you may need extra equipment like bottles or nipples; depending on the pump type, you must research all options before making any purchases.

Not all breast pumps are created equal. Many different brands and models are available, so you’ll need to research before deciding which one is right for your needs.


Breastfeeding is the best choice for your baby, and we want to help you make it as easy as possible.

With these products, you’ll have everything you need to give your little one the best start in life—from breast pumps and breastmilk storage bags to clothes that fit well and keep them dry even in the wettest weather.

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