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Write for us: what are we looking for?

If you are interested in the baby world, we invite you to submit your guest article on Newbabysmell.com.

We are always looking for unique, original, and valuable information to share with our readers. Guest bloggers help us broaden our perspective and strengthen our content.

Content Submission Guidelines

Here are some of the guidelines you should follow before writing your article.

First, you will need to suggest some topics to write in your article, and then we will decide and provide you 2-3 topics that you can write about.

Original article:

Your article must be original and not posted on any other sites. We don’t tolerate plagiarism. (and we’ll check!). If you want to submit images, they should not be copyrighted. Please tell us the source of any images you send to us.

Item Length:

Blog posts should be at least 800 words long, but we would prefer longer content where possible.

Article Formatting:

Your article must be attractive to our readers and us, including creating your headlines and subtitles with the proper alignment with all the required optimizations.

Editorial Rights:

When checking out your content, we make sure everything is perfect, which means we have the right to edit your post. Checking all minor details and changing them is our right to manage. Therefore, you must accept our point to edit the content you have written, including removing or adding some words, sentences, or paragraphs. 

How To Submit

You will need to provide us with a short and simple biography not exceeding 70 words. You can also share some of the articles you have posted before (if there are any). 

Kindly use the email address: [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Post Request”

Who Can Write For Us?

Everybody! Whether you are just starting or an experienced blogger, we can’t wait to read your guest blog post. As long as you are passionate about babies, we will be happy to introduce you to New baby Smell.

Dema JS