Munchkin Baking Soda Cartridge Review 2023

Munchkin Baking Soda Cartridge


Is your baby’s diaper pail stinks? 

Well, this might be a common question that you ask yourself every time you walk through your baby’s room and smell a kind of ugly smell. 

But you might be putting the spoiled diaper inside 2 or 3 layers of disposal diaper bags and think that the diaper pail will contain the smell all the time. 

BUT, the truth is NO!

Dirty diapers need to be treated carefully to avoid unpleasant scenarios – unless you change the pail bag every few hours! 

Still, there is a way that makes your life much easier… Diaper pail deodorizers! 

In a previous article, we covered the 5 best diaper pail deodorizers that are highly rated by parents, especially new ones, and are helpful in containing the odor smell from solid baby diapers. 

In this article, however, we will be talking specifically about the Munchkin Baking Soda Cartridge.

Let’s get started… 

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Munchkin Arm And Hammer Diaper Pail Deodorizer Baking Soda Cartridge

Munchkin Arm And Hammer Diaper Pail Deodorizer Baking Soda Cartridge

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Puck Baking Soda Cartridge, Lavender Scent


Lasts 60 to 90 days 

Provides front line, effective deodorizing 

Powerful deodorizing sticks anyplace you choose

Once the nag is installed on the pail, it provides immediate freshness

These bags got many positive reviews. 


The cost of multipacks is higher than other diaper pail deodorizers.

Buying one at a time can get tedious and forgetful.

I particularly enjoy the Arm and Hammer discs since you can quickly replace them with baking soda from your kitchen. 

Yes, you read that right.. They are REUSABLE!

Additionally, they advise replacing them every 90 days, providing you a longer time than the Playtex Diaper Genie Completer’s carbon filters.

Every PUCKTM of munchkin diaper pail deodorizer is powered by Arm & HammerTM and contains a powerful dose of baking soda perfumed with lavender. 

Never worry if you aren’t utilizing your STEPTM or PAILTM diaper pail! 

To keep everything fresh and free of unwelcome scents, PUCKTM operates even when the lids of our pails are closed.

The diaper pail deodorizer bags are designed to make your life easier… 

The Munchkin Step has an Arm and Hammer baking soda “disc” installed inside it at the bottom side of the lid (you can see it when the lid is opened). This has a pleasant lavender aroma and is used to absorb odors.

This baking soda cartridge diaper pail deodorizer from Munchkin Arm and Hammer has a lavender smell and is designed like a compact disc.

You may attach it to any surface in the pail, generally the bottom of the pail lid, by following the straightforward directions on the reverse.

It is important to know that their cartridges are dependable because this is a top-tier baking soda brand.

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Why Parents Should Get The Munchkin Diaper Pail Odor Eliminator

I encourage all parents to give this diaper pail freshener a try to avoid having a smelly diaper pail and stay fresh all the time..

Why? Because this product is easy to use for parents and very reliably for babies, it also saves money for parents and is not any burden to parents.

So this is the best diaper pail deodorizer if you are a fan of the Lavender scent, which is light yet super powerful in containing the diapers’ smell – especially cloth diapers

Munchkin Baking Soda Puches Top Features

Easy to use

Using these baking soda bags is very simple and easy, however, the maintenance might be expensive for Munchkin Puck Baking Soda Cartridge.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to keep browsing for something less expensive.

Particularly for cloth diaper pails, this is a fantastic tool, because the diaper pail deodorizer bag has no touch at all with the diapers. This ensures that your baby’s skin won’t be irritated by the baking soda. 

This product is straightforward, super easy to install, and may be used with any garbage can.

Value of money

It is a cost-effective solution that will undoubtedly eliminate the odor. 

You might think that these deodorizing bags don’t fit the bill, remember that you can enjoy their scent and lock the odor inside the pail for 2-3 months and reuse it with your in-kitchen baking soda. 

Although you could construct your own, the cartridge’s unique design makes it a desirable diaper pail smell solution. 


A cutter is built into the bucket to separate each bag as needed if you decide to use the Arm & Hammer Refill Rings. This cutter is not required if you purchase the Snap, Seal, and Toss Bags.

The Munchkin Puck Baking Soda Cartridge effectively reduces diaper odor. 

When the lid is closed, the aperture will automatically twist shut to block out any odors, and when the lid is opened, the bag remains closed. 

Since I’ve been using it for the past six months, James’ feces has only gotten smellier (due to his constantly expanding diet.. haha). 

Still, there hasn’t been any offensive smell that fills the room when I open the lid. Check out this product, which was thoughtfully made with parents in mind! 

Plus, Munchkin will plant a tree for each pail that is purchased!


If all you smell is your kid’s poopy diapers or nasty nappies, maybe that grocery bag hanging on the doorknob isn’t the ideal place for trash. 

It’s okay, diaper trash can works!

We’ve all done it!

But, keeping your house scented, or at least smelling fresh, is the hardest thing to do when you have newborn or little babies.

…and that’s why this product is a lifesaver for most new parents!

Munchkin Puck Baking Soda Cartridge Alternatives

Using baking soda in the diaper pail to prevent the stink from getting out of the pail, is the best thing to do when you are dealing with babies. 

Yes, some parents might not like the Munchkin Puck Baking Soda Cartridge. If this is the case, here are some alternatives that get the job done in a different way:

Playtex Diaper Genie Carbon Filter

Playtex Diaper Genie Carbon Filter

The Diaper Genie Charcoal Filter is made with safe, natural activated carbon that absorbs and traps strong diaper odors, so the baby’s room always smells fresh.

For your convenience, the filter can be used in the nursery or anywhere you want to eliminate odors. Use it in your Diaper Genie® bucket, gym bag, or anywhere around the house!

Top Features:

  • Made with safe and natural activated charcoal.
  • Absorbs strong diaper odors in diaper pails or anywhere else around the house.
  • Filter to be replaced every 90 days or when it loses its effectiveness.
  • Comes in a package that includes a case and four individually wrapped filters.

Purifyou 100% All Natural Air Purifying Bags

Purifyou 100% All Natural Air Purifying Bags

These are small linen bags that contain only MOSO bamboo charcoal, which is known for its benefits in controlling the air humidity and providing a fresh scent all over the place. 

Top Features:

  • Each bag has a porous surface that filters out all pollutants, dirt, and pollens. 
  • These bags work as humidity regulators to trap the humidity. 
  • Super easy to use – just place the bag wherever you need it. 
  • The bags’ size is small to fit in any area. 
  • Putting the bags under the sun -on a monthly basis- extends their lifespan.

Fresh Wave Lavender Odor Eliminating Packs

Fresh Wave Lavender Odor Eliminating Packs

This odor-eliminating Fresh Wave bag is infused with lavender oil to make your place smells fresh all the time. They are known for their calming properties along with their perfect, light scent. 

With this odor-eliminating pack, you can eliminate odors with long-lasting and relaxing lavender essence.

To use it, toss one in a small space or stick it in place using an odor removal pack OR a Fresh Wave Fresh Pod refill case. 

Fresh Wave Lavender Packs will eliminate odors for 30-60 days! Simply reseal this bag to keep other lavender packs fresh!

Top Features: 

  • Safe to use: contains only water, plant extracts, and vegetable oil.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Each puck works for 30-60 days.
  • Each sachet contains 6 anti-odor packs


Q1: What is the shelf life of Arm and Hammer pucks?

It is advised to change the arm and hammer puck every 60 to 90 days for maximum effects. You can also use these baking soda cartridges outside the pail, such as in garbage cans and diaper bags.

Q2: What is the shelf life of Munchkin nursery deodorizers?

These Munchkin baking soda cartridge pucks are made to fit underneath the lid of the Arm & Hammer Munchkin Diaper Pails. Still, they may also generally freshen up the entire house or nursery. Wherever you need them, put them close to toilet training seats, baskets for laundry, and changing tables. Each air freshener has a 90-day lifespan.

Q3: How can baking soda be used in a diaper pail?

To reuse the Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail Baking Soda Refill, you need to put a half-cup of baking soda or a bucket of cloth diapers in the trash. Fill the diaper pail’s garbage bag with baking soda. Make a paste by combining 1/4 cup baking soda, 10 drops of essential oils, and a little water.

 Q4: How is a Diaper Genie deodorized?

To eliminate the unpleasant smells, cover the inside of your diaper genie with baking soda. Allow soaking for approximately five minutes to allow soap and baking soda to absorb. Scrub the pail’s interior and exterior using an old, clean rag or sponge. After that, wash both the inside and outside of your diaper genie.

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Conclusion: Munchkin Baking Soda Cartridge

With the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail Refills, you can rest assured that your baby’s nursery smells like a baby all the time, without any doubt of being bothered with spoiled diapers being smelly. 

All Munchkin Diaper Pails, including the STEP, PAIL, and the original Munchkin diaper pail, are compatible with these 7-layer snap, seal, and discard bags.

Baking soda and self-sealing technology, which are lavender-scented and odor-busting, keep the baby’s nursery smelling fresh. 

In addition to containing the smell, each refill bag can carry up to 30 diapers and snaps shut to keep in odors, enabling a simple toss without the need for cutting or tying. 

The best part? These deodorizer bags stay well-functioned for 2-3 months. 

Your high-end diaper pail includes self-sealing technology to stop odors from seeping out and the odor-fighting power of Arm & HammerTM baking soda.

Besides, Arm & HammerTM Snap, Seal & TossTM bags and refill rings from Arm & HammerTM, Nursery Fresh®, Up & Up®, and Comforts for BabyTM are all compatible with the pail.

Enjoy maintaining the scent of your nursery! 

Install the starting ring, Snap, Seal & TossTM bag, and baking soda PUCKTM with a lavender aroma.

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