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Potty Training Made Easy: Bargain with Rewards

The Best Gift Is You

Congratulations! You and your baby are one step closer to being diaper-free with the help of mommy’s new secret weapon – REWARDS.

This list drills in everything you have to know about my top picks for The Best Potty Training Rewards.

For starters, we’ll be discussing:

  • How effective Potty Training Rewards are
  • The Reward and its drawbacks
  • Top 5 Potty Training Rewards for your toddler
  • And lots more…

This might be the answer you’re looking for to get your child up to speed with the basics.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Potty training can be an arduous process that requires the utmost patience.

Your little ones may really test your sanity during this time. While they might be having fun going wherever they feel like it, it really is not fun at all for you. Given this challenge, it does not hurt to explore different ways to make it easier. By using the tactics that come with potty training rewards, you will be doing your best to leave the potty mouth out of potty training. 

I struggled when I was first starting out with potty training my first baby and know just how difficult it can be! Based on that experience, though, I surveyed which potty training rewards are worth dabbling in. I also observed the pitfalls that can come with this strategy.

Now, I am ready to pass these secrets on to you. 

The key to remember is that your mindset has to stray from a “bribe” and go towards positive reinforcement. If your little one does not learn the right way the first time around, it will make it that much more difficult for you and their teachers down the line. There will be different and nuanced situations that are out of our control.

However, I found that with enough tact and love, potty training rewards can be, well, rewarding! 

pink gift with a pink teddy toy

Are Potty Training Rewards Effective?

Using rewards in your Potty training methods can have a wonderful payoff!

Consistency is key here, and it is important to be advantageous of moments. Positive reinforcement is huge for little ones. Instilling self-pride within them will help bolster their confidence. It is important to be prepared for tough and frustrating scenarios. Your patience will be absolutely required and a reward within itself. 

Let’s put it this way…

Potty training rewards can take many forms.

From stickers to treats and fun little toys, there are different ways you can reward your little one during this process. Down below, I explore the different things you can acquire to help excite your toddler. It is a big step as they transition from diapers to using the toilet, like the parents! Of course, it is important to also survey any setbacks that may occur.

Looking at something from all sides is the only way you can be sure it is right for you. 

What are the Drawbacks With Potty Training Rewards?

Even though there are many who attest to the effects of turning the positive reinforcement into something tangible, there are also those who caution away from potty training rewards. Their concerns and claims are still valid so I want to quickly address these points first. 

toddler girl playing with a toy

Some have worried about the effects once the rewards cease or lose their likeability. A parent cannot rely on potty training rewards solely. They will not get through the potty training process. It will not be the child’s fault that they expect a reward each and every time they go to the bathroom. Relying on the same rewards may also instill a regression or resentment from the child as well.

It is all about making potty training rewards part of the process…

… and not the entire process. 

Other cautionary claims fall along the lines of your child holding their pee and poop intentionally. They may do this to get a treat and try to trick the system. Children can be very clever. Depending on how you present potty training to them, there is no need to worry about this aspect. Do not forget to incorporate as much love and hugs as you can muster. Make sure to focus on building their confidence.

When you bring in rewards, it will be a plus rather than the whole shebang! 

It is always good to take cautionary measures, but there is no harm in bringing in potty training rewards for your toddler. Let us take a look at some simple, yet fun rewards you can use during this tedious affair.     

Sesame Street Elmo Potty Training Super Set for Toddlers

This training set is cute, fun, and perfect for little fans of Sesame Street. There is a two week progress chart and poster that comes with stickers and a storybook. This product also comes with a bonus ABC book. We found that this is a great tool to introduce the alphabet and also serve as a prize.

Remember: this is a Potty training reward, not a guide for your little one.

This chart helps them to see the progress they have made. We found that this is much more helpful than just giving your child treats. The biggest downside is that the stickers will not last the two weeks, meaning you will have to order extra stickers to last the entire process. If your child likes Sesame Street, this may be a great prize for your kiddo.


  • Includes a cute progress chart that will make things more fun for your little one
  • Bonus storybook and stickers so you do not need to go out and buy additional ones
  • Perfect for fans of Sesame Street characters 


  •  Coloring book, not a potty training book specifically so it may not work for some kids
  •  Not enough stickers to last the 2 week process 

Princess Potty Training Set 

Everyone loves Disney of course, and this princess Potty training set definitely fits the bill.

If your child loves princesses, then this is a nice, simple way to reinforce potty training. It is less of a reward and more of a cute way to track potty training progress and make the overall process a lot more fun. Even though it comes with a progress chart and a crafty felt crown, there is no tangible reward to give.


This is a great tool to help your child keep track of their progress. For my little one, she loved putting the star on the chart every day. A great feature of this training set is that the chart and stars are actually magnets, which are in the shape of gold stars. This is great to use throughout their potty training. There is no need to buy another one.  Also, keep in mind that this product is marketed to little girls and their mothers, which seems a bit one dimensional. Especially for potty training dads and/or little boys that love the realm of princesses as well. 

It’s a fits-all kind of thing!


  • Comes with an illustrated rhyming storybook about a princess potty training to make things relatable for your little one  
  • Progress chart with gold magnet stars
  • Felt potty princess crown as an additional bonus 


  • Storybook only includes a mother and daughter relationship 
  • No stickers or other rewards included so you need to buy your own 

Beestech Dinosaur Stickers

If you have a cute, little dinosaur fanatic then these stickers would be a really good bet!

There is enough dinosaur variety to appease the most aspiring paleontologists. The only drawback, of course, is that this is a very specialized sticker set. If your child is not crazed about the dinos then, it would be best if you kept on scrolling. If they do, this is a great all-in-one set. There are cartoon dinosaurs and realistic-looking dinosaurs. They are great to put onto a chart that you make. This can be a great way to reward and keep track of their potty.

One disadvantage to this prize is…

You need to make your own chart. If you want to help your kiddo keep track of their potty, you can DIY a chart. Stickers are also great for a tangible reinforcement. We suggest using a point system to work towards earning the stickers. These stickers are a great value for the price.  


  •  More than 500 variety of dinosaur stickers to get kids interested in nature 
  •  8 sheets of cartoon dinosaurs and 16 sheets of real ones
  •  Perfect for little dinosaur fans


  •  Only for dinosaur fans, considering it is the only subject for these stickers
  •  Requires a sticker only approach, as opposed to a multi-pronged strategy for potty training

Funcorn Mini Car and Truck Toys

Interactive vehicle toys are some of the best toys around for toddlers! These mini toys are a great idea for potty training rewards if your child loves to play with toys. With this product, it might not have enough toys to reward until the end of the process.


I have to caution against buying these toys for toddlers. Especially ones who still enjoy putting things in their mouth, because these toys are very small. Given the sizing issues here I recommend them for ages 5 and up. This can mean by then they will be out of the potty training stage and be a full fledged regular toilet user.

These toys may be great goodie bag stuffers, but not as great for potty training rewards.

You will be better off looking for something bigger and safer. This is a great option if your little ones love cars though. We found that if you like to use toys as a reward, make it into playtime. Instead of giving them a car each time, let them play with the toy for a set amount of time. Another great way to make these rewards last is to use a point system.

Overall, a great buy for the price.


  •  Features pull back cars and trucks for extra fun
  •  Realistic construction vehicles
  •  Sturdily built to handle a toddlers play style, which can be a little bit more rough


  •  Smaller than they appear
  •  Better for ages 5 and up

Pretex Toy Filled Easter Eggs  

Nothing is more exciting than a fun surprise when you are a child. Toy filled easter eggs could be a creative and fun way to incentivize your child. Also if your child is a vehicle fanatic, toy cars and trucks will always go over well. These particular easter eggs are randomly stuffed. This means there is a risk of getting multiples of the same type of car or truck.

The surprise factor is enough to make it universal.

The idea alone can inspire parents to fill their own DIY easter filled eggs. This allows for customization with either candy or a variety of fun little toys. The concerns remain akin to what we previously discussed. You will want to make sure that any surprise toys do not pose as a choking hazard for your little one. We found that a great way to make these rewards last a bit longer is to add your own. We like to fill and mix in our own eggs. This way we can add other little treats to the mix.

This is a great exciting way to incentivize your little one.

Don’t you agree?


  •  Features pull back cars and trucks as the main reward
  • A surprise with every egg will give your little one something to look forward to
  • Comes with 12 pre-filled and colorful eggs 


  •  Very small toys in order to fit inside the eggs
  •  Cars and trucks are packaged at random
  • Only 12 eggs, not enough to last for a while and may be discarded by your little one after a awhile


There are many different types of incentives and rewards out there for you to explore as you start this journey with your kid. You can try out different prizes for your potty training moment with your little one. From progress charts to stickers to even surprise toys!

The important part is making this a positive and learning experience for you and your child. It is definitely not an easy process. It is important to keep up your side of the bargain and remain patient. Getting creative on your teaching strategy will be a must and help you out in the long run. There is not only these potty training rewards because the truth of the matter is, potty training rewards are what you make them.

Whether it is a fun, new sticker or just a big hug…

Positive reinforcement is truly the only way both of you are going to get through this!  

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