Parker Baby co. Birch Bag Diaper Backpack

Parker Baby co. Birch Bag Diaper Backpack

If you’re a parent of babies and little kids, you’ve probably already appreciated the idea of having diaper bags! 

Dipaer bags are Game changers in keeping everything organized, well-groomed, and, most importantly, clean.

Read on to know more about:

The parker baby co birch bag in detail.

The bag’s features and characters.

The pros and cons based on parnt’s feedback.

Lots more…

Keep reading to know more details about this fantastic diaper birch bag…

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Key Takeaways

  • The Parker Baby co. Birch Bag Diaper Backpack is ideal for parnets who like athletic clothes and love the sporty look.
  • It is stylish, durable, practical, and comfortable diaper backpack.
  • Purchased by more than 2,000 parents and got more than 4.5/5 stars!
  • This is bag is #1 choice for parents who use the Cloth Diapering system

Parker Baby Diaper Bag

When your daily routine is filled with chaos and constant thoughts about the organization and how to keep everything under control, it can be hard to stay in style! This designer diaper bag offers a stylish option that always ensures you stay on top of everything.

Let’s be honest! There is nothing more enjoyable than being a neat and organized parent and being fashionable at the same time.

Getting a baby diaper bag that offers such a combination takes work. Still, practicality does not exclude beauty; both go perfectly with the parker baby birch bag. 

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Parker Baby Co. Birch Bag Diaper Backpack Features

Parker Baby Co. Birch Bag Diaper Backpack

Choosing a diaper bag may seem like a simple task at the beginning, but it involves a lot of consideration to ensure you make the right choice. 

Have you thought about how many pockets you need to have everything in place and organized? And the fabric; do you need something waterproof, easy to clean, and stylish? How do you like to carry your diaper bag; as a backpack, tote, or shoulder bag?

All these questions define the style you are looking for, and it all depends on your personal preference.
Let’s dig into the Parker Baby Co. birch bag diaper backpack features now!

Design: Stylish & Practical

This birch bag diaper backpack is unisex, and both mom and dad can use it in their informal style. This design made this bag suitable for anyone caring for a baby.

The front pockets have flap closures for ease of use, adding a nice touch to the overall bag look.

For added convenience, you will find a handy wide pocket with a cute changing pad at the back of the bag. It doesn’t have a closure zipper or snap to use this pad as fast as possible. 

With leather details and an asymmetrical front pocket, this bag is becoming a modern piece that can turn heads from afar. 

The straps are, of course, adjustable to fit everyone.

Parker Baby co. Birch Bag Diaper Backpack

This birch bag diaper backpack is available in three natural colors: black, grey, and cream and grey.

Brows other diaper backpack styles at Parker Baby Co. store and expands your options for a comfortable baby journey!

LOTS of Pockets

This diaper backpack has over ten pockets, which include:

Inside Pockets:

  • Mesh organizer pockets for diapers and wipes: inside the bag, you will see two mesh pockets to keep the diapers and wipes in place and handy. They fit a wipe bag, up to 3 disposable diapers, or one cloth diaper. 
  • There are two zippered pockets inside, a big and a small one. I used to place the cloth diaper accessories there for easy access. 
  • If you go with the cloth diaper route, you can use the extra wide pocket to place them there. It is vast and has a snap closure to secure the items and organize the bag. 
  • If you like organizing baby clothes, there are another two open pockets with a flexible top and a space with a rubber band to hold the items in their place.

Outside Pockets:

  • wo insulated bottle pockets: Two insulated pockets are on the sides to keep the baby’s bottles and food temperature perfect. It has the maximum capacity in the minimum space.
  • Changing pad pocket with stroller hooks: This pocket is at the back of the bag and includes a portable changing pad that is big enough to fit your kid and easy to wipe clean. The stroller hooks are placed right at the edges of the changing pad pocket, which helps hang the bag on any stroller or shopping cart.
  • Mommy pocket with a key ring: This is my favorite part of this fantastic bag. With this customized little space, you will never need to carry your bag or purse. The mommy pocket is roomy enough to hold your phone, wallet, key chain, and other small items you want to have around. (I take some extra napkins, perfume, and makeup with me! )
  • You will admire the internal mesh piece separating your items and organizing everything inside the Mommy’s pocket!
Parker Diaper Bag
  • Additional small pocket with a zipper: the bag has a front closure part with a small helpful pocket that is perfect for keeping the baby’s pacifiers – for example!   
  • Padded laptop/tablet sleeve: As a working-from-home mom, this padded laptop sleeve immensely helped me! I sometimes work at a restaurant or a park near my house when it is sunny and pleasant outside, and having my belongings in one bag that is comfy and roomy adds more flexibility to my life. 

In conclusion: These pockets make this bag ideal for keeping emergency items close at hand and avoiding long-term searching for a product.
After all, when it comes to parenting, quick reactions are essential.

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Spacious Size

This bag is big and roomy as it has many pockets, and its dimensions are 18 x 14 x 7 inches.

Most parents who purchased it agree that it is practical and helpful to carry the baby’s needs with you wherever you go. 

This extra large diaper bag is the number one choice for big and tall parents and is designed to meet your specific needs, especially if you are fond of cloth diapers.

The best part?

This bag is perfect for a weekend getaway with the family and can hold baby essentials and mom and dad’s belongings.

Large Diaper Bag

With this bag, you rest assured you have room for all your baby’s items that you need all day long!

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Material: Thick & Durable

The bag’s material is water resistant and made out of ‎Cotton. Most moms agreed that the bag is easy to clean.

However, you must be more careful if yours is in cream color!

Parker Baby Co Birch Bag Pros and Cons


Stylish and modern design.

Roomy enough to hold the baby’s necessary items

It has many pockets to keep things organized.

Perfect for cloth diaper users.

There are two insulated pockets on the sides.

The zipper closure keeps the belongings in place always!

The material is waterproof. 

It comes with stroller straps for convenient use. 


The canvas material in cream might be challenging to clean.

It is a bulky diaper backpack that takes up space.

Available only in neutral colors; grey, black, and cream/grey.

The bag’s straps are padded but thin.

Conclusions: Parker Diaper Bag

This stylish birch bag diaper bag is ideal for the fashion-forward mum and is highly recommended for its features and diversity. 

It is a cute and practical baby diaper backpack that is roomy, modern, ad practical.
Parents with two toddlers, like twins or siblings of different ages, will appreciate this bag for the space and comfort it provides to the parents. 

Keeping the kid’s items organized and in place is the best any parents could ask for. Instead of looking for the pacifier in the middle of other things, you can just open the bag and grab it from its special pocket. See, SO easy!

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