Newborn Photography Props Ideas (A New Parents’ Guide)

newborn sleeping

Photographing a newborn (or even fetal fotos) is challenging and rewarding… 

Needless to say, getting cute newborn photos demands the utmost care, gentleness, and patience on the part of the photographer as well as the parents.

It is unlike other kinds of photoshoots! It requires a lot of experience and creative ideas so that the result is as per the expectations of the parents of newborns.

A big question for parents is what to put on their newborn for the photoshoot and what kind of props to use for best results.

Well, usually too much dressing is not required in the case of babies as photographs need to bring out the beauty of their facial features, little hands, feet, and skin.

Most professional newborn photographers choose to use props that enhance the beauty of the infant and make them more comfortable. 

Stick with us to get familiar with the Best newborn baby props to enjoy…

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Newborn Photo Shoot Props

Children photo props are super cute and bring so much joy to the photos!

However, it is important to consult the parents whether they would like to use an outfit for the photoshoot or would like to keep the baby naked.

A ruler of thumb: The baby must feel comfortable

Thus it is also critical not to use any material that is rough on the baby’s skin and adjust the room temperature to provide comfort to the child, and the ideal room temperature must be between 22 and 24°C.

Some great props that can be used for newborn photography are colorful blankets, hairbands, cute headgear, wrapping materials that are soft and gentle for babies, frocks, etc. 

If possible, it’s always best to take the help of a professional designer who is skilled in creating special newborn photo outfits that photograph well.

A fun fact to know is that most beautiful newborn photographs do not have too much clothing involved. So, it is essential to create a setting that brings out the beauty of the baby.

Babies studio usually includes so many beautiful photo props that you can use to get many shooting ideas. 

Here are some newborn baby props ideas: 

  • Vinyl backdrop 
  • Bright cloth 
  • Laces 
  • White and gray fabric 
  • Sackcloth 
  • Flowers and leaves 
  • Lightweight cotton wraps 
  • Mesh & Gauze 
  • Cute hats 
  • Cotton blankets 
  • Acrylic blankets 
  • Puff blanket 
  • Superhero newborn props 
  • Stuffed animals 
  • DIY props 

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Baby Photoshoot Poses

A newborn photo shoot is unlike any other, as it is loaded with innocence and cuteness! 

With a bit of creativity, a photographer can shoot the best of snaps. However, the newborn poses play a crucial role in the whole exercise. 

Given below are some baby’s photoshoot ideas that are fun and beautiful:

  • Frog Pose

The froggy pose is one of the most classic and popular poses used by photographers in the case of newborns. In the frog position baby, legs go by the side, and hands are so placed that they cup the chin. 

It highlights the baby’s face and looks adorable… 

Keep in mind, though; that only trained photographers can work on this pose with newborns, considering the baby’s comfort and safety at first.  

  • The “Tushie” Pose

This is a pose that brings three cute characteristics of the baby in a single picture: the facial features, cute baby wrinkles, and natural contour of the newborn’s bottom. 

Though this is an adorable pose, some parents might not find it comfortable, so it is important to show them how it works and once they approve the photographer can accomplish the task. 

  • The Wrapped Pose 

In this pose, the newborn is wrapped and placed on a blanket, with hands in or out as wanted. The baby looks like a bundle of joy in the wrapped pose, as it brings out the cuteness of the little one greatly. 

  • The Womb Pose (Taco Pose)

It is also called The Taco Pose. This kind of pose helps in portraying the baby’s facial expressions and the beauty of cute little feet and hands. This one is a safe and easy pose to shoot for. 

  • The Side Pose

Just like the name signifies, it involves keeping a newborn on one side to expose the other side. For this pose, the baby has to be put on the right side or left side as per the liking of the photographer. 

  • Chin on Hands Pose 

This one is also a cute pose that can be used for a newborn photo shoot. The baby has to be kept so that its belly faces the blanket and hands are placed under the chin to create a position overloaded with cuteness. It is an easy and fun pose to go with. 

  • On The Elbows

Here, the baby’s head is placed in the palm of the hands that are held on the elbows. It is often necessary to make 2 photos by taking one from up the head and the other from the bottom. Sometimes, some baby holds alone in this position, while others need another person’s support.

  • Parents Or Siblings Pose 

This one is more like a setup than a pose. It involves bringing parents or siblings together with a newborn in one frame. The heads need to be touched to create mesmerizing newborn family photos. It can be done with siblings, mother, and father separately – which is based on your preference! 

Baby Photo Backdrop Colors

You can be experimental with a colorful backdrop for newborn photography, but there are certain colors that are recommended, and here is the list of them:

Baby Boy Photoshoot Backdrop Colors

  • Gray and navy 
  • White and gray 
  • Gray and pale ice blue 
  • Tan and aqua 
  • Brown and hunter green 
  • Brown and tan 
  • Navy and red 
  • All white backdrop 

Baby Girl Photoshoot Backdrop Colors

  • White and blush 
  • Gray and pink 
  • White and lavender 
  • Aqua and peach 
  • Tan and dusty pink 
  • White and plum 
  • All white backdrop

Other Baby Photography Props

Newborn photography props can add a whole new charm to newborn photographs; thus they should be considered for a great newborn photo shoot. 

Here are some cute photography props ideas that add a beautiful touch to the baby photoshoots: 

  1. Wraps 
  2. Bean bag 
  3. Stands and backgrounds 
  4. Faux fur 
  5. Rugs 
  6. Headbands 
  7. Hats 
  8. Bed of books 
  9. Parents’ hands 
  10. Candy 
  11. Flowers like roses 
  12. Letter cutouts 
  13. Colorful bubbles 
  14. Suitcase 
  15. Bows 
  16. Quilts 
  17. Cozy Baskets 
  18. Wooden crates 
  19. Seasonal props, like Christmas-themed props

Newborn Photography Tips

Having a photoshoot for infants is a fun experience, but if you are not trained for it take a look at some handy tips that you can use for the best results:

  • Comfortable Clothes:

Comfort first, Simple second! Choose soft fabrics so that he feels comfortable and cooperates during the photo shoot. Avoid bold prints and focus on neutral colors like white, cream, and gray. If you want to add details, prepare some accessories, we will see that in the rest of the article.

Try to plan the outfits and looks you want to photograph in advance. You can even write a list so you don’t forget anything. This will ensure that you have all the necessary accessories at hand. 

  • Feed The baby:

A hungry baby is not a patient baby, so be sure to breastfeed or bottle-feed your little one before giving the photo shoot. Generous feeding ensures that the baby will be calm.

  • Make it Cozy:

Create a cozy environment for your baby. A space heater (if it’s a little chilly) and a white noise machine are wonderful tools for recreating the environment of the womb. Again, heating is important to ensure the baby is warm and comfortable if you are doing nude poses. If you’re shooting on the floor, lay out a clean rug or duvet to add some comfort for the baby.

  • Safety Always FIRST:

Along with always having someone close to the baby, make sure your little one is physically comfortable throughout the process. Never leave a newborn unattended and always have another person with you to intervene. Always take great care to position the baby as delicately as possible and never force a baby into a position you want if it makes him uncomfortable. If the camera or smartphone is on a tripod, also be careful that it cannot fall on the baby. 

  • Use Natural Lightening:

Try not to use flash indoors, as it can give a pretty harsh image, and avoid using heavy lighting or flashes of different types. It can be dangerous for the baby’s eyes. When taking pictures of your baby, make sure you’re in a place with good natural light, like a window, skylight, or bright, light room… Make sure the lighting is good by taking a few test shots. It can be challenging to determine where the shadows will fall or what the photo will look like without testing certain angles and positions. 

  • Keep the Baby’s Blanket Around:

When it comes to props for newborn photography, there’s nothing better, or easier, than his favorite soft blanket. Fussy babies can usually be calmed down once they have been wrapped in a cozy blanket. Just be sure to wash it first with a hypoallergenic detergent, and if you’re taking nude photos, don’t forget to put a waterproof pad underneath!

  • Use portrait mode (If you are taking the photos using your phone):

If you have portrait mode on your smartphone and doing the photo session yourself, now is the perfect time to use it. It makes almost any photo look more pro! Be careful, though, to also take photos in normal mode, because sometimes portrait mode does not work perfectly.

  • Ensure a clean environment:

As you are touching the baby’s face and skin directly while taking the photo shoots, make sure your hands are always clean. Besides, ensure that all the props, clothes, and any other tools that you use during the photo session are hygienic and clean to avoid risking the infant in any possible scenario. 

  • Plan The Poses:

Baby photos can be quite unpredictable, so it’s best to plan for the poses you like in advance by collecting some samples of newborn poses on your phone or tablet. Common newborn poses include having them on their bellies, supporting their heads on their arms and elbows, or allowing them to just sit comfortably on their backs. Some babies are easy to move while others just curl up. The key here is to never force the baby into a pose they are uncomfortable in and to always support the head, neck, and body when changing positions.

  • Be Patient:

Newborn photo shoots can last quite a long time depending on the baby’s temperament and mood, so no stress and nervousness if your newborn is fussy and needs attention or a food break. If your baby is really not in the mood, you can start again the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When to take newborn photos?

The most common question that new parents (or parents to be) ask is when is the best time to take newborn photos? Well, usually younger newborns do better in photo shooting than older ones. Birth photos are best taken during the baby’s first two weeks when he is sleeping soundly and curling up naturally in soft poses. The older they get, the more alert and restless they are during the photo shoot!

Q2: Should baby photo shooting be done in the hospital?

No. Absolutely not. But it is completely up to you. At the hospital, none of the parties involved (the photographer, you, and the baby) will be comfortable. Considering the limited resources as well. 

Q3: How to take newborn photos at home?

– Choose a safe and comfortable spot
– Check the lightening
– Set up the location to look like a studio using a portable photo backdrop, a cute – chair, and some cute newborn photo props.
– Choose the baby poses you like
– Take some photos, edit them, and you are done!

Q4: How to wrap a newborn for photos?

– Get a clean and soft rape that is long enough to go around the baby twice. 
– Place the newborn baby gently in the wrap.
– Place the baby’s hand up to the chest, pull the wrap over his body, and tuck it underneath firmly.
– Tuck the baby’s legs up to the chest gently, and bring the wrap over his shoulder, around his bottom, and all the way around the second shoulder. 
– Left the baby up and make sure to wrap through his body, covering both shoulders. 
– For the excess wrap, bring it across the baby’s body to completely cover his hands and legs and tie end the extra.   

Q5: Is it safe to use camera flashes when doing baby photography?

When it comes to photography lighting, you really don’t need anything more than great natural light. Ensure NO direct flash in eyes, especially small flashes. The smaller the flash, the more the light is concentrated. Cell phone flashes are clearly avoided. You can of course use a flash, but you will need to equip it with a softbox or reflector to soften and diffuse the light.

Conclusion: New Baby Props

Newborn photography sessions are a fun and rewarding area of ​​photography that doesn’t require a lot of photographic equipment. Generally, all you need is a good quality camera (with some choice lenses), good light, and some baby props and accessories.  

The challenge you will likely face is how to pose the newborn and minimize the discomfort, which is where you need to keep safety first.

We recommend you set the accessories and clothing aside a few days before to make sure they don’t get misplaced or worn. 

Pre-planning also helps prevent the adorable model from staying too long in front of the camera and losing patience.

Last but not least..

Even if the preparation of the photo session is very important so that it goes well, we must not forget that everything will be decided when your baby is in front of the lens. 

That’s said, Don’t get upset or frustrated if the newborn is restless, at worst you’ll start all over again the next day. 

I hope this article will help you make the best baby photos possible. If you follow these tips, your shots will give the illusion of professional work.. I promise!