10 Best Nursery Wall DecalsMake It Special & Exciting

baby room with wall decal

Are you looking to bring a special touch and a nice look to your baby’s nursery?

Wall stickers might be an exciting option for you! 

Decorative wall decals are an easy and functional way to transform an interior space into a personalized one in a matter of minutes. 

Read this article to know about:

  • Why most parents recently prefer using decorative mural stickers
  • The best-selling Nursery wall decals
  • How to buy the right wall decorative stickers
  • ..and a lot More!

The best part about these stickers is that they are super easy to put on and take off. They work as a seasoning or temporary wall decoration. 

Let’s take a closer look at these sticky murals now..

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The Modern Wall Decorations For Children Rooms

Most wall decals consist of two materials: vinyl and paper. They are available in different formats and colors, and some of them present cartoon characters, movies, and games with great accuracy. 

Personalization makes them very popular among kids and teens to bring their favorite characters into their room.

New ideas are brought to the table… 

Parents nowadays can dress up their babies’ room walls away from traditional pictures in a fun, sweet, and exciting way using modern nursery wall art. You can print your stickers with a personalized image or name if you prefer personalization.

The best part is the easy installation…

You can easily install these stickers on your wall. It is simple, doesn’t take much time, and requires neither professional help nor special knowledge.

Let’s walk you through the most favorite ones now… 

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1 – Glow in The Dark Stars and Moon Wall Decals

Best Glow In The Dark Stars Wall Decals

Glow in The Dark Stars and Moon Wall Decals

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Theme: Space
Color: Sky Blue
Shape: Irregular
Material: Vinyl
Room Type: Living Room, Bedroom, Nursery

Bottom Line: These decals are a gender-neutral nursery wall decor that makes your baby’s nursery shiny at night.


Waterproof and glowy stickers

Easy to remove without leaving residues

They teach children not to fear darkness


They don’t work on textured ceiling 

Too many small dots; time-consuming installation

These glowing vinyl decals are perfect for children who are fans of the space theme. They make the room’s wall or ceiling relaxing. 

In this set, you get 1108 pieces, including: 

  • One 11’’x11’’ glowy-moon
  • Four 4.5″ stars
  • Eight 1.5″ stars
  • Twenty 0.8″ stars
  • 48 0.2″ five-pointed stars
  • The rest of the pieces are dots with different sizes ranging from 0.16″ – 0.23.”

The different shapes and sizes of the pieces make the decals look just like real night-sky.

The stickers’ operation is super simple; you need to expose them to a light source, like a table lamp, sunlight, or a flashlight, for around 20 minutes. However, the longer you expose them to the light, the longer they glow during the night. 

The average working hours are 8-15 hours.

Most parents like these stickers because they make your son used to the darkness, meaningless fear from the dark sky! 

Besides, they help children fall asleep faster, making it the best nursery wall art for new moms.

2 – HONEYJOY Woodland Animals Nursery Decor

Best Forest Themed Nursery Wall Decals

HONEYJOY Woodland Animals Nursery Decor

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Theme: Woodland
Color: Black and Gray
Shape: Irregular
Material: Vinyl
Room Type: boys bedroom, playroom, nursery

Bottom Line: These baby boy room decor stickers make your little one feel like in the middle of nature while being in his room.


Easy to deal with

Great quality

Strong adhesion 


The two-pieces tree is challenging to put together for some users.  

These forest wall decals represent a woodland decor perfect for a boy’s room or to the hallway during Christmas time. spruce

Besides adding a wonderful decorative touch, these pieces also teach children about wildlife and the different animals. 

Like other wall decals, you must ensure that the wall is flat and clean before sticking them up. 

We recommend scratching the decals’ surface from top to bottom using a ruler or a firm card for a proper installation. 

These wall decals are reusable…

To avoid leaving residues on the wall, heat the stickers with a hairdryer for a couple of seconds, and they are ready to peel off. 

The best part?

We talk about versatile decals; they adhere perfectly to walls, windows, mirrors, and doors.

3 – Multiple Font Custom Name & Initial Nursery Wall Decal

Best Custom Nursery Wall Decals

Multiple Font Custom Name & Initial Nursery Wall Decal

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Brand: EGD
Theme: Names
Color: Custom
Shape: Irregular
Material: Vinyl
Room Type: Bedroom, Nursery

Bottom Line:  If you like personalization, then these custom-made wall decals are perfect for adding your son’s name on the wall


Gender-neutral decals

Easy to install, remove, and adjust


You get the initial and entire name


You need two people to install it properly

Wrinkles are possible to happen

If you are like me -prefer customization over themes- then I recommend you give these wall decals a try. 

You can write your child’s name on the wall, making him feel he owns the place whenever he enters the room. 

The best part? 

You can fully customize your choice. These name and initial wall decals come in different sizes, 25+ colors, and fonts. 

All you need to do is pick your favorite size, the font, and finally, the child’s entire name or initial. 

Besides, the options available make these wall names decals unisex. You can match your son and daughter’s wall decor with the same style but different colors!

These decals come in one piece only, which makes the installation simple. 

However, make sure that the wall is clean of dust and oil before applying the stickers.  

Note: The final price depends on the size you choose.

4 – RoomMates Jungle Adventure Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Best Safari Nursery Decor For Walls

RoomMates Jungle Adventure Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Brand: RoomMates
Theme: Jungle, Adventure
Color: Multicolor
Shape: Irregular
Material: Peel And Stick
Room Type: Nursery, Bedroom, Daycare, Classroom

Bottom Line: These nursery-themed mural stickers are perfect for kids who love wild animals and the safari world..


Cute shapes and sizes

Educational stickers

Leave no residues behind


Some users reported a weird smell from the stickers

Bring the animal gang into your kid’s room with these jungle-themed wall stickers. 

The set includes 29 decals that are easy to install; just peel and stick.

A little safari world will always be around.. 

Your little one will surely love looking at the Alligators, lions, rhinos, tigers, giraffes, funky little monkeys. 

Also, the zebra, elephant, and hippo look super cute with the shades of the palm trees. 

Besides, they work on any smooth and clean surface, like untextured walls, mirrors, furniture, doors, electric devices, and even appliances. 

The best part?

They are removable and adjustable, and they don’t damage the surface. 

5 – Moon, Stars and Clouds Wall Decals

Best Clouds Nursery Wall Decals

Moon, Stars and Clouds Wall Decals

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Theme: Clouds
Color: White, gold
Shape: Irregular
Material: Vinyl
Room Type: Dorm Room, Bedroom, Nursery

Bottom Line: These are gender-neutral nursery wall decals that make your kid’s room look adorable and so close to the natural night sky.


Easy to install

They don’t damage the paint


Not for white-painted walls

The adhesion lasts longer on walls than on other surfaces

These are unisex wall decals suitable for nurseries, dorms, and bedrooms. 

The set includes one moon measuring 29X25cm, three clouds with different sizes (29-57cm range), and 40 stars with sizes ranging between 2.5cm and 9.2cm.

The material used to make these wall decals is good quality and environment-friendly. 

The best part? 

These are multi-surface stickers. You can adhere them to tiles, walls, wallpapers, and glasses. 

However, they don’t work on textured walls; they won’t adhere to rough-textured backgrounds.

6 – TOARTi Pink Flowers Wall Decal

Best Large Flower Wall Decals

TOARTi Pink Flowers Wall Decal

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Brand: TOARTi
Theme: Leaves, Floral, Watercolor
Color: Pink
Shape: Irregular
Material: Vinyl
Room Type: Bedroom, Living Room, Hallway, Nursery

Bottom Line: These girl wall decals are perfect for making the room flowery and exciting all year round.


Waterproof and translucent material

Works in any clean, dry, and flat surfaces

Easy to use


They have a shiny reflection – not matte finishing

Too sheer – not for all colored walls

If you are looking for wall decals for a toddler girl’s room, I recommend you give these stickers a try!

This is a watercolor nursery art; it comes in 56 colorful flowers that convert any wall to a charming flowery background.  

The set combines blooming peonies, charming roses, and green leaves. They are multi-surface, suitable for windows, walls, doors, and any clean and smooth surface.

The unique feature of these stickers is the material. They are translucent stickers, giving you precise shapes on both sides.

The installation is an easy thing to do. Just peel and adhere the pieces gently and squeeze any air bubbles out by pressing firmly on them.

7 – Yovkky Dinosaur Nursery Wall Decals

Best Dinosaur Nursery Wall Decals

Yovkky Dinosaur Nursery Wall Decals

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Brand: Yovkky
Theme: Art, Watercolor, Tropical
Color: Boy Dino
Shape: Rectangular
Material: Vinyl
Room Type: Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room, Classroom, Playroom, Nursery

Bottom Line: These boy wall decals are perfect for dinosaur fans. They are also learning stickers to explore the different types of dinosaurs.


Colorful and educational stickers

Easy to install

Works for many surfaces


Some users added glue to make them adhere longer 

Transparent and don’t work on dark-colored walls

If your little one likes the dinosaur world and wants to bring them to his bedroom, why not give these stickers a try. 

They come in different colors to match girls’ and boys’ rooms., which is a perfect option if you have many children and want to match their rooms’ themes. 

The best part?

The material used to make these stickers is semi-gloss vinyl. This is an eco-friendly option that is free of any toxic components.

You can post these stickers in any place you want; in the kids’ rooms, playroom, living room, or even in the hallway. 

Versatile design… 

The stickers are colorful and match different wall colors, and they are super easy to install. You can even get your kid involved in sticking them to the wall.

Furthermore, they are easy to remove and leave no residue on the paint, which is perfect if you want to use them as a party decoration, for example, at a birthday party.

In addition, they work on different surfaces, as long as they are flat and clean, such as; doors, walls, refrigerators, windows’ glasses, mirrors, wardrobe, and any piece of furniture. 

Keep in mind, though; the stickers come rolled up, so we recommend you flatten them to make them adhere properly.

The stickers’ self-viscosity is strong. However, some users reported that they don’t stay up for too long.

…a quick fix for this scenario is to add glue to strengthen the adhesion. 

8 – RoomMates Winnie The Pooh Inches Growth Chart

Best Winnie The Pooh Wall Decals

RoomMates Winnie The Pooh Inches Growth Chart

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Brand: RoomMates
Theme: Pooh Growth Chart
Color: Multicolor
Shape: Pooh with Growth Chart
Material: Plastic
Room Type: Bedroom, Playroom, Nursery

Bottom Line:

These are the best nursery wall art that is educational and teaches your children the tall measurements.


Teaches kids the growth scale and numbers

Gives accuracy measurements

Stunning stickers


Some users reported a weird smell coming from the stickers 

It contains chemicals

With this adorable Pooh Inches Growth Chart, you can keep your kids’ milestones on track. 

It is a fun and exciting bright wallpaper for kids of different ages to enjoy!

The best part?

It comes with only one roll, easy to install; just peel and stick the pieces to assemble. 

The self-adhesive wall sticker is reusable, and you can repost it on a different wall whenever you want. 

Most importantly, it leaves no residue on the wall if removed. 

It is multicolored and matches different wall colors. Also, you can place it on many surfaces, like doors, windows, mirrors, and any other flat furniture piece.

Furthermore, you can mark your kids’ growth with a permanent marker or a pen to remember the last milestones. 

The maximum growth height on this chart is 5 feet, equal to 60″.

Note: you can complete the room’s design with other pooh stickers, but they are sold separately!

9 – DEKOSH Kids Pink Jungle Theme Girl Nursery Wall Decal

Best Pink Jungle Theme For Girls Nursery 

DEKOSH Kids Pink Jungle Theme Girl Nursery Wall Decal

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Theme: Jungle
Color: Pink Owl & Tree
Shape: Irregular
Material: Peel & Stick
Room Type: Bedroom, Playroom, Nursery

Bottom Line: These baby girl wall stickers make your daughter’s room look exciting. 


Cute pieces 

They come off easily

Teaches children about nature and jungle

Affordable option 


The adhesion is not the best 

The installation is very time-consuming

The material is flimsy

Add a special touch to your little girls’ bedroom with this Pink Safari Theme. It comes in different shapes and colors to make the room look unique and exciting for you and your daughter. 

These wall stickers work for adult rooms, kids’ play areas, and nurseries, making them a perfect option for families with more than one kid. 

The best part?

They are super easy to install on walls, and you can adjust the sticker – in case you need to – without damaging the paint. 

The sticky sheets come in many pieces to mix and match, and they include multicolored tree leaves, animals, and some butterflies. So you have to be patient while sticking them up. 

It is good to know that these stickers come rolled up. So, for an easy application and long-lasting adhesion, make sure to straighten them and unroll them a couple of days before putting them up on the wall. 

A quick fix for this issue is to add some white glue before sticking the pieces to keep them in place. 

10 – Decalmile Animal Tree Wall Stickers Monkey Giraffe Elephant

Best Nursery Animal Heads Wall Decals

Decalmile Animal Tree Wall Stickers Monkey Giraffe Elephant

Value For Money

Easy To Install

Easy To Remove


Overall Score
Brand: Decalmile
Theme: Jungle
Color: Multicolored
Shape: Irregular
Material: PVC
Room Type: Kids, Nursery, Girls, Boys, Bedroom, Daycare, Classroom

Bottom Line: These baby boy wall decor stickers have many animals, making them perfect for little animal fans.


Affordable option

Non-toxic stickers


Time-consuming installation

Some parts missing the cutouts

The adhesion is not the best

These Roommates wall decals present a creative safari design that is appealing for kids of different ages. 

The installation is pretty straightforward. However, it comes in many pieces making it time-consuming.

Like most mural decals, these are reusable and adjustable to fit properly as you need. 

The best part?

They work on various surfaces, like windows, doors, walls, furniture pieces, and even electric items. 

Besides, they are free of any toxic components and safe to use inside the little one’s room.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In Nursery Wall Decals

toddler room with wall decal

When looking for mural stickers, you must consider a few features to ensure a good experience. Here are some of them:

The Size:

Take measurements and make sure that there is enough space for whatever design you choose. 

Also, consider the area where you want to install the mural stickers, like the corners or windows’ edges. 

The Adhesion:

Wall decals must last for many years…

To ensure long-lasting performance, consider getting wall stickers with strong adhesion. 

Sticky mural arts that stay up well prevent any future maintenance – like adding extra glue or getting new ones- and keep the room looking good and exciting. 

Easy To Use:

Getting challenging stickers to peel, adhere, or remove is a headache. Especially the peeling off part; if not done correctly, there will be a chance for some wall damages.


Q1: How to get wall decals off?

Vinyl decals adhere to the surface well and stay there for a few years. However, they are supposed to come off effortlessly. All you need to do is to find a corner in the decal and start peeling gently from there using your fingertips or any sharp edge – like a knife. 

Q2: How to get wall decals to stick?

Before installing the stickers, you need to prepare the surface. Start by cleaning the area with soap and water, dry and warm it up with a hairdryer, press the vinyl into the surface by rubbing on the sticker’s back, and now peel and adhere the pieces carefully. 

Note: if the surface is not even, sand it and make it smooth. Also, you can add white glue to the sticky parts of the decal to ensure long-lasting art. 

Q3: How long does peel and stick wallpaper last?

Usually, vinyl wall stickers last for a few years. But to keep them looking nice, you must keep the wall clean and smooth. Also, you must avoid any peeling to happen to the decal’s edges to ensure long-lasting performance.

Our Verdict: Best Nursery Wall Decals

Using modern wall stickers for bedrooms and nurseries is the way to make the rooms more exciting, relaxing, and adorable. 

Luckily, though, you can find many nursery wall decals, and each brings unique and special features to meet the different parents’ and kids’ preferences. 

This article reviewed the 10 best-selling wall decals that parents use for their children’s nurseries and compared them based on the value for money, ease to install and remove, and the adhesion strength. 

The comparison was based on the users’ feedback, item description, and our personal experience as parents. 

Scroll down to the results and pick what matches your needs…

ProductRating out of 5
Glow in the Dark Stars and Moon Wall Decals⭐ 4.5
HONEYJOY Woodland Animals Nursery Decor⭐ 4.5
Multiple Font Custom Name & Initial Nursery Wall Decal⭐ 4.25
RoomMates Jungle Adventure Peel and Stick Wall Decals⭐ 4.25
Moon, Stars and Clouds Wall Decals⭐ 4.0
TOARTi Pink Flowers Wall Decal⭐ 4.0
Yovkky Dinosaur Nursery Wall Decals⭐ 3.75
RoomMates Winnie The Pooh Inches Growth Chart⭐ 3.5
Decalmile Animal Tree Wall Stickers Monkey Giraffe Elephant⭐ 3.0

Conclusion: Wall Stickers For Kids Room

You are at the end of this review… 

It is always good to know that the best wall decals for a nursery is the one that matches your needs and looks good in the room.

Each of the listed wall decals presents something unique to the table. All of them are suitable for the child’s nursery or play area to give it a special decorative touch. 

It is time to present our Top Pick, Best Value, and Editor’s Choice options.

Hope you find this article helpful in adding extra touch to your baby’s nursery… 

Best of luck, Mommy..!