Flying With A Newborn Baby? Here Is What You Need To Know

a view inside an airplane

Your baby is only a few months old, but you are about to take your first flight with him… 

Wondering what the minimum age is for a baby to fly? In what conditions? How much does it cost? 

Worry not, we’ve got you…

This article will cover:

  • Answers to the parents’ common questions about traveling with a baby
  • Travel tips for parents
  • Lots more…

Airplanes for kids are, most of the time, stressful..

Luckily, though, 

There are many things that if you know and get, your flight will turn out to be an easy one. 

Stay tuned, and let’s get started…

At What Age Can Baby Travel In The Airplane?

You can travel by plane with a newborn from seven days old with most airlines.

Sometimes flying with a newborn baby is even better than a long drive. 

However, the recommended age is three months and up. At this age, the baby’s immune system is better developed.

But if your baby was born prematurely, it is better to seek the advice of a pediatrician. 

Honestly, if you don’t have to make this trip, wait until the child has received his first vaccines.

The baby’s age determines whether you must book a separate seat or not.

That’s said; young children must have their own seats. But small children (2 years and below) can go in the lap.

How Can I Be Sure That My Baby Is Traveling In Good Conditions?

It is better if you work on this prior to the flight date. 

Notify the airline company that you are traveling with a baby when making your reservation. 

Let’s face it….

It is not easy to travel with babies!

But the good news?

…many things can make the overall trip easier than you think. 

a baby on mom's lap in the airplane

For example, some companies offer parents with lap infants comfortable places with more space, a hammock, or even a bed (up to 11 kg) on ​​long haul flights.

Try to get the best options available on the airplane.

…and remember,

..child safety must always be a priority!

Are Baby Car Seats Allowed Inside The Plane?

mom and baby sitting inside an airplane

Now, you may be wondering if you can use a car seat inside the plane..

Well, it is absolutely up to you, and there is NO legal penalty for NOT using it. However, you must buy a car seat that is FAA approved.

Some airlines approved car seats inside the plane. But again, it has to meet the FAA standards.

Always check with the company about the car seat usability before the reservation.

Babies who are under 2 years old don’t require any seats when flying. They are called “Lap Infants” and must stay there all the way long..  

In case you don’t know, adult is authorized to accompany a maximum of two infants; one of the kids will be sitting on the lap, and the other must occupy an individual seat using an FAA-approved car seat.

In this case, an adult fare probably will be applied.

Then again…

.. it is always good to ask about these details beforehand to avoid being in an unpleasant situation.

Which Baby Stroller And Bag Are Allowed For Traveling?

Many airlines allow children under 2 years old (lap infants) to have a baby traveling bag that stays with you inside the plane. 

The carry on bag must weigh around 10 kg with overall dimensions of 45 inches.

However, some companies don’t allow it, like Southwest airlines policy!

It depends on the airline..

In all cases, one piece of checked baggage of a maximum of 10 kg is authorized.


…you have the option to transport a stroller or a car seat free of charge in the hold – especially when flying internationally with a lap infant.

Some folding strollers whose dimensions do not exceed that of the cabin hand baggage may be tolerated on board..

..which allows you to be more relaxed while waiting in the boarding area. 

a toddler looking out an airplane window

At the airport, indicate that you have a stroller: some companies require you to put it on hold, some let you use it until you enter the plane, or even consider it as hand luggage. 

Then again…

.. it is always good to ask about these details beforehand to avoid being in an unpleasant situation.

You might want to check The best travel system stroller and car seat combo: Britax B-Free Sport Travel System.

Also, here is a full review of the Top 5 Baby Bags

Does The Flight Duration Matter?

We recommend you go for short flights; it’s easier to manage!

However, if you must travel on a medium or long haul flight (for example, an international flight)take an overnight flight for easy travel..

Most newborns will be able to sleep 4-5 hours at a stretch. 

In any case, having some toys will help your baby enjoy the ride and pass the time without being bored.

Should I Bring Something To Feed The Baby On The Plane?

a baby eating while looking at the camera

Bottle, Milk and Baby Food Jars, along with your child’s change kit, are accepted when going through security barriers and boarding the plane. 

But liquids more than 100ml are not allowed to go inside the plane. 

Also, the airline company will certainly be able to provide you with small jars.

Look on their website to know more about these details. 

Having an “extra” baby meal is a good idea if a delay happens to the flight. 

Also, using a pacifier or a water bottle will help reduce the pressure variation during takeoff and on landing.

If you are breastfeeding, you need to check with the airline about the quantity of breast milk that you can bring into the plane.

Isn’t a Baby Likely To Have a Sore Ear?

While the airplane is taking off and landing, the altitude changes and causes decompression in the eardrums

The problem is, your baby can’t decompress! 

Sucking is the only solution in such cases. So give him the bottle, breast, or pacifier as often as possible.

Using headphones for babies on planes might also help to keep him calm and relaxed.

These headphones cover the baby’s ears to keep the background noises of other passengers away and help reduce the air pressure as well.

Also, try to clean his nose a few minutes before landing and taking off.

Is The Plane Ticket For My Baby Free?

As a general rule, children under 2 years old get free domestic flights – and sometimes international flights.

(apart from the mandatory airport taxes)

Your baby will travel on your lap. But you have to declare his presence when booking your tickets. 

The baby will then be on your knees, attached to a suitable seat belt. 

That’s said,

..a proof of age might be required in some cases, such as the baby’s birth certificate!

But this is not always the case with all airlines…

For example, Singapore Airlines charges a specific percentage of adult fare when flying with your newborn for a domestic flight.

Another thing to consider:

If your baby turns 2 during your stay, some companies (for safety reasons) invite you to reserve a separate seat on board for the return trip only and others for both journeys.

a toddler running on a walkalator in an airport

Are There Changing Tables On Planes?

There is always a changing table on board, stuck in the toilets.

Remember to bring the necessary number of diapers, wipes, diaper rash creams, and most importantly, some anti bacterial wipes!

You might also want to check the best Baby Portable Changing Pads to use while traveling. 

What Documents Do I Need When Flying With A Newborn Baby?

open luggage on the floor

Airlines require some legal documents to make your baby allowed to travel with you.

Usually, the chances of being asked for some identification for your lap infant on a domestic flight is slim, but you are better safe than sorry!

Here are the main documents to bring with you:

In any case, make sure to prepare all the documents in advance to prevent any unpleasant situation.

Remember: This Will Not Last Too Long!

If you notice that your baby is uncomfortable or anxious, try your best to control the situation!

Remember that you, mommy and daddy, are the ones who can make everything easy on your baby..

During the flight, try to keep your little one calm as much as possible. 

Using sentences like “baby, we can do it,” or other similar phrases in a quiet voice tone will help him feel relaxed and safe..

Most parents seek help from the flight attendants as well… 

It is not a bad idea at all! 

They are there to help anyone who needs them, especially with longer flights.

All that matters, in the end, is your baby!