Best Sports Travel System Stroller: Britax B-Free Sport Travel System – Definitive Review

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Choosing the right stroller for you and your little one is not an easy thing to do..

Fortunately, though,..

..there are many different brands, styles, and types of strollers in the market to meet most of the parents’ needs. 

We previously presented the top 10 baby strollers of 2021 in detail to help you explore the world of strollers in just one place..

This article covers all things you need to know about the Britax B-Free Sport Travel System. 


  • Britax B-Free review in detail
  • Why this stroller is our Top Pick
  • Parents’ feedback and opinion
  • ..and a lot More!

Stay tuned, and let’s get started with our definitive review..

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Britax B-Free Sport Travel System

Britax B-Free Sport Travel System

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Manufacturer: BRITAX
Type: Travel System
Item Weight: 22 Pounds
Color: Asher
Item Dimensions: 44 x 24 x 42 inches
Material: Basic
Age Range: Newborn ~ 65 lbs

Bottom Line: High-quality stroller and car seat combo with long service life. You can use it for your baby and toddler as well.


Suitable for babies of different ages with the infinite recline feature

It has an adjustable anti rebound bar

Both the stroller and the safety seat use high-quality materials

High-security features with ultimate maneuverability


Can’t adjust baby’s orientation

The toddler seat is not cushy

The storage basket is not big

Our Verdict: Britax B-Free Sport Travel System

Before we start talking about the Britax stroller, let’s first introduce you to this amazing brand..

Britax first started producing different baby products and showed success in Europe. 

In case you don’t know..

Britax is one of the international best-selling brands for baby car seats. As it has been in this market for over 70 years now..

The main goal for Britax is to make sure that families are enjoying their everyday life without any limits. 

How…? creating well-designed baby strollers and car seats that combine safety with practical designs!

Most parents believe and trust Britax because this company focuses on producing the safest baby products by staying aligned with the safety experts, manufacturers, and government as well… 

…and here we have it! 

This sports travel stroller has a three wheel design with rubber tires that are filled with foam. 

The single front wheel and the short footprint make pushing and moving the stroller easier than you think – especially while walking through tight and small spaces!

In addition to that…

…this stroller is suitable for traveling because of its easy folding and compatible design. 

Besides being high in quality, this stroller has a self-stand feature. 

But here is the kicker,

While the canopy of this Britax stroller is vast, the storage is not that great. 

It has seven additional storage pockets to keep everything organized. But some parents said that the capacity of the basket is not as expected.

To easily access your belongings, you can use flip-up calf rest for a front access.


If you don’t mind having small storage space and looking for a stroller with excellent maneuverability, this B-free Britax is the best for you and worth the extra money.

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Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

There are many different strollers brands, types, and designs available to meet the diverse needs and requirements.

However, you will see that some strollers perform in a different way than the competitors in specific features!

That’s said, 

..we have included the B-free Britax stroller’s performance in detail compared to the other reviewed options.

Here you have it…

Value for money

This stroller came up in second place in this segment.

But still..

It is our Top Pick stroller!

…we highly recommend it for those looking for a jogging stroller that can be converted to a travel system stroller.

baby in a stroller beside a pond

Noting that it is on the pricey side!


Before you decide on this stroller, make sure to check all the included features and see if they meet your needs.

The most significant feature worth the money is the excellent maneuverability that this B-free Britax stroller offers.

…the all-terrain tires make moving and pushing the stroller smooth, even on uneven terrain. 

For more convenient use, you can buy some accessories; like a cup holder or travel back (frequently bought together)

Ease Of Use

This B-free travel system by Britax came up as one of the best performers in this segment.

The fold and unfold:

You can fold the stroller in half using only one hand by pulling a small handle attached to the seat bottom. 

What you will appreciate in this design is the auto-locking system, frame release push-button, and self-stand feature.

… it can sit upright in your storage area!

mommy, and baby in a stroller in the garden

Let’s talk a bit about the brakes:

Near the right wheel, you will find a single-action small pedal to control the stroller’s brakes!  

You can set and release the brakes easily and quickly with any footwear – even with a flip flop!

Just press it down to lock it and lift it when you are ready to move.. 

In conclusion…

This stroller is very easy to use compared to the other reviewed stroller!

Indeed, it makes going out and traveling with kids a hustle-free thing to do…


Britax B-free stroller reserved the first spot in this segment, along with the UPPAbaby and Graco strollers. 

Here is why…

The seat of this stroller is roomy and big enough to hold a kid up to 65 lbs. This is really amazing!

baby lying in a stroller looking at the camera

If your kid is a toddler, rest assured that he will be comfortable in this seat.. The back of the seat is 20” high, making it perfect for toddlers and older kids. 

But not only that…

The seat reclines to shape many positions – depending on your child’s comfort!

Bear in mind, 

…the lowest recline mode is almost flat – it doesn’t lay 100% flat. But it is definitely perfect for a short nap. 

Besides, you can adjust the seat position using only one hand.. You can do it by pulling the buckles of the seat from the back. 

However, you need to use both hands to raise the seat and pull the straps.

The seat has a few features that make it comfy – no matter what your kid’s age is. Like:

  • 5-point harness
  • Soft and padding on the seat and leg rest as well
  • Breathable and textured fabric
  • Compatible with Britax infant car seat

Above all..

Britax also offers an adjustable handlebar to adjust by rotating the bar based on your height with 6 different positions!

Plus, there is an extendable sunshade for better protection..

One more thing to consider here: don’t have the option to change the seat orientation.


The Britax reserved the second spot in this segment, right after the UPPAbaby stroller. 

It is a well-structured product..

It must serve for an extended period – especially if you take care of it while using it…

daddy walking the baby in a stroller while holing an umbrella

The frame is sturdy, the structured material is well-made, and the elastic that covers the joints is thick for better protection. 

Furthermore, you will notice that the stroller has strong connections as well! 


..some parents said that the front wheel is not that stable while walking through uneven streets.

Overall Performance

This B-free Britax stroller reserved second place on our list compared to the other reviewed strollers.

.. just right after the UPPAbaby luxurious stroller. 

It got many positive reviews from the parents who cannot step outside the house without having this stroller by their side.. 

Indeed, it is worth every single dime.

baby in a stroller

Conclusion: Britax B-Free Stroller

Here comes the last part of the review..

This Britax travel system is suitable for infants up to 35lbs with a 32’’ in height. 

The car seat is light and easy to put in place.. You can move the baby in and out of it without any hustle..

Based on the features and parents’ feedback:

This stroller is perfect if you are looking for a safe and comfortable jogger for both of you while walking or running outside.

Don’t forget the cute style.. It comes in two different colors; Midnight and Asher!

It is just amazing! 

Plus, it offers a practical folding design to make dealing with it much easier with only one hand..

But how does that work..? 

Simply push the folding button and pull the holding strap! 

As easy as it sounds…

It has an auto-lock system and a self-stand feature as well..

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