Why Using a Baby Tongue Cleaner Is a MUST? (Definitive Review & Buyer’s Guide)

baby lying on his tummy

To keep your baby’s mouth healthy, you must do the proper cleaning by brushing his teeth and cleaning his tongue daily. 

Even before getting any teeth…

a baby’s white tongue is a common scenario among newborns, whether feeding breast milk or formula

Besides, cavities and other oral health problems can develop at an early age! 

That’s said.. 

Using a baby tongue cleaner- like baby tongue scraper– is very helpful in taking care of your baby’s mouth. 

In this regard, this article covers everything you need about:

  • Baby tongue cleaning tools for cleaning baby’s mouth
  • The five best baby tongue cleaners to consider
  • How to choose the right tongue cleaner for baby
  • ..and a lot More!

Let’s pull away all the germs with these baby tongue cleaners..

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What is a Baby Tongue Cleaner?

Baby tongue cleaner is a small and soft tool that is made of plastic, stainless steel, or copper material suitable to use inside children’s mouths to clean the tongue, remove milk stains, and get rid of bad breath. 

The question is: How to clean a baby’s tongue?

It is easier than you think… Trust me!

The tongue cleaning mechanism is super easy. All you need to do is place the tongue scraper at the back of the baby’s tongue and gently pull it forward a couple of times. 

But keep in mind that your newborn should always have bacteria-free gums, inner-cheek area, and tongue to maintain a healthy mouth. 

With many options available on the market, you will find different brands, types, shapes to choose from. Thus, it is essential to go through the tool’s instructions to use it, store it, and clean it properly.

Let’s take a look at out top picks…

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1 – 55dental baby’s Tongue Scraper Set

Best Tongue Scraper Set For kids

55dental baby’s Tongue Scraper Set



Ease Of Use

Value For Money

Overall Score
Brand: 55Dental
Age Range: 2 years and up
Material: BPA-Free Plastic
Item Weight: 2.4 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 1 inches

Bottom Line: This is a tongue scraper that comes in a kid-friendly shape with cute colors to look just like real lollipops.


Kids-friendly shape and colors 

Cleans the tongue well 


Less quality 

If your kid usually gives you a hard time while brushing his tooth and you worry about finding a tongue cleaner that your baby will like, then this one is right for you.

Kids love scraping their tongues using this fantastic tongue cleaner, and here is why:

  • Its shape: it looks just like that circle lollipop that kids adore!
  • Its colors: it is available in four different colors that suit boys and girls. 
  • Its mechanism: super simple, effective, and easy to use.

All you need to do is ask your kid to put it in his mouth, scrape his tongue, do a 1,2,3 count, rinse it with water to clean it, and he is good to go.

Yes, it is just like that..

Parents also love this tongue scraper because its plastic is safe to use inside the mouth; it is BPA-Free and comes with a cute cover to keep it clean.  

2 – Baby Tongue Cleaner/Scraper Newborn

Best Oral Cleaning Set For Babies

Baby Tongue Cleaner/Scraper Newborn



Ease Of Use

Value For Money

Overall Score
Brand: Boyizupha
Age Range: babies of all months
Material: food-grade material
Item Weight: 2.33 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 7.87 x 4.65 x 0.79 inches

Bottom Line: This is a mouth cleaning set suitable for taking care of your baby’s mouth from day one.


3-stages set

Good value for money 


Not the best quality 

In this 3 Stage Oral Care Set, you get 3 pieces that are all useful to keep your baby’s mouth clean and healthy.

This tongue cleaner is suitable for babies from day one and is made from 100% food-grade silicone for safety useand the circle head is made of thermoplastic rubber for a comfortable touch. 

The items’ design is super practical.. 

The Silicone toothbrush is suitable for babies 6-18 months old, the brush’s head is double-sided, and the handle is curved for easy maneuverability.

The toothbrush with bristles is suitable for babies 18 months and older, and the soft bristles are nice and smooth for comfortable use. 

Plus, the tools come with a perfect carry case to keep them in place and clean all the time. Besides, a Polypropylene holding grip fits all the items to help your baby control the cleaning process easily. 

3 – HealthAndYoga(TM) Soft Tongue Cleaner for Babies

Best Baby Tongue Cleaner Brush

HealthAndYoga(TM) Soft Tongue Cleaner for Babies



Ease Of Use

Value For Money

Overall Score
Brand: SoulGenie
Age Range: Baby
Material: Plastic
Item Weight: 0.28 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 6 x 3.3 x 1 inches

Bottom Line: This small yet effective baby tongue cleaner works for infants and toddlers.


Small and practical design 

Babies like the softness


It might not work for all babies

This tongue cleaner by SoulGenie has a soft circular ring that is nice and gentle to suit babies’ tongues and gums. 

It effectively removes the milk residue on your baby’s tongue and gets rid of the built-up bacteria.

Besides, it is super easy to use!

The firmness of this plastic piece is perfect for getting the tongue cleaned with minimal effort.

Besides, the thermoplastic rubber circle is super flexible, anti-slide, and soft on the tongue, making it comfortable to use for babies. 

4 – TongueClear Baby Dry Wipes

Infant Tongue Cleaner

TongueClear Baby Dry Wipes



Ease Of Use

Value For Money

Overall Score
Brand: Tongueclear
Age Range: 0-36 Months
Material: All natural
Item Weight: 2.4 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an easy and effective way to clean your newborn’s tongue, this one is right for you.


It helps to prevent baby tongue thrush and horse teeth

A practical design that avoids gag reflex

Developed by dentists to maintain oral hygiene

Good quality


Some parents said that the wipes break up in their babies ‘ mouths. 

On the expensive side

Wondering how to clean newborn tongue? No worries! These dry baby wipes are here to make cleaning your baby’s bad milk tongue easy – especially while on the go. 

Using these wipes helps remove the milk deposits, food residue, and other bacteria that stick into your baby’s tongue, gums, and inner cheeks area. 

The best part?

These wipes come with a standard ring buckle design that secures to your finger, so it doesn’t get loose in your baby’s mouth. 

Most importantly, they don’t have fluorescent agents, adhesives, or harmful substances like alcohol, flavorings, or preservatives.

They are suitable for newborn babies and work well until the age of 16 months. For your convenience, you can use these wipes as they are – dry or wet by adding a few water drops.

5 – Papablic Baby Tongue Cleaner

Best Disposable Baby Tongue Cleaner

Papablic Baby Tongue Cleaner



Ease Of Use

Value For Money

Overall Score
Brand: Papablic
Age Range: 1 month and up
Material: 100% medical skim gauze
Item Weight: 3.28 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 5.28 x 4.45 x 2.32 inches

Bottom Line: These are disposable baby tongue scraping tools that are also suitable for brushing their teeth and massaging their gums.


Well made and durable gauze

Practical design



Less efficiency than other tools

It might be too flexible to clean the inner cheeks

No gum wipes or finger toothbrushes are here..

Papablic baby tongue cleaners are swab-shaped disposable brushes that can easily reach every part of the baby’s mouth.

As they are suitable for newborn babies, they come in an ultra-soft texture with a flexible and absorbent gauze head to streamline the cleaning process. 

In terms of the material, you get peace of mind whenever you use them. They are CPSIA certified, made of 100% medical skim gauze, and free of any toxic chemicals. 

Above all, they are individually wrapped and are intended for single-use to maintain the utmost hygiene.

Besides scraping the babies’ tongues, parents usually get these brushes to clean their babies’ teeth, massage their gums.


Q1: What can I use to clean my baby’s tongue?

Warm water is the best thing to clean babies’ mouths and tongues. It is highly recommended that you not introduce toothpaste for babies under 3 months old. 

Q2: Is it necessary to clean my baby’s tongue?

Yes! You must always keep your baby’s mouth clean and free of any milk residue. Even before having a tooth, if the milk’s residue stayed in his tongue, gums, or inner cheeks, there would be a chance for the bacteria to develop in the sugary saliva and cause serious health issues. 

Q3: When can I start cleaning my baby’s tongue?

You can start cleaning your baby’s tongue and mouth from the first few days. It is an easy process, and you can do it using a soft washcloth or gauze with warm water.

Our Verdict: Best Tongue Cleaner For Babies

With different brands, styles, and materials of baby tongue cleaners available on the market, you might get overwhelmed and confused about which one to choose. 

We don’t blame you.. But we are here to help!

This article reviewed the top 5 brands and types of baby tongue cleaners that keep your baby’s mouth clean and clear from any milk or food leftovers. 

That’s said… 

…our comparison was based on the tongue cleaners’ performance in terms of softness, efficiency, ease of use, and value for money.

Scroll down to the next part to see the results… 

ProductRating out of 5
55dental Baby’s Tongue Scraper Set⭐ 4.5
Baby Tongue Cleaner/Scraper Newborn⭐ 4.25
HealthAndYoga(TM) Soft Tongue Cleaner for Babies⭐ 4.0
TongueClear Baby Dry Wipes⭐ 3.75
Papablic Baby Tongue Cleaner⭐ 3.5

Conclusion: Best Baby Tongue Cleaners

As you can see…

These tongue cleaners make cleaning your baby’s tongue easier than you think and more efficient with minimal effort. 

This part of the article will introduce our Top Pick, Best Value, and Editor’s Choice options.

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