Enfamil Vs Similac: Which Is Better For My Baby? 2023

mommy bottle feeding her baby

If you are a new mom or a mom-to-be (soon), you will probably be overwhelmed with the different opinions about which baby’s formula is the best. 

As you can see, all baby food brands claim that their ingredients are the best for all babies!

They might be right, But they also might not meet all parents’ expectations!

They all have vitamins and minerals that babies need, but the main difference is the nutritional levels. Such as different levels of protein or fat!

In the end, these formulas supply different target markets. 

A rule of thumb: Always follow your baby’s needs. 

Well, to keep it simple for you, there are two commonly-used baby formulas on the market that most parents use and recommend: Similac and Enfamil.

With this in mind, this article will cover:

  • Enfamil Vs Similac baby formula comparison
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • ..and a lot More!

They are both #1 selling in the United States, and choosing one over the other is totally based on your baby’s comfort! 

But they also have few differences, keep reading to know more,

Let’s get started… 

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Enfamil Vs Similac Baby Formula

As you can see, all baby food brands claim that their ingredients are the best for all babies! They might be right, But they also might not meet all parents’ expectations!

They all have vitamins and minerals that babies need, but the main difference is the nutritional levels. Such as different levels of protein or fat!

In the end, these formulas supply different target markets. But rule of thumb: Always follow your baby’s needs. 

Now, talking specifically about Enfamil and Similac baby formulas, they both are formulated following the basic nutritional formulas required by infant development standards. 

Pediatricians in various hospitals will choose one or several formula brands to recommend.

There is no such thing as good or bad… 

Similac claims to be the number one used in hospitals, and Enfamil is the number one recommended by pediatricians.

Therefore, the two milk powders are equally equal, and parents can choose according to the baby’s adaptability.

My tip for you is to try both! (Honestly, this is what I did with my kids..!)

There are many samples in the hospital. You can get some free samples from both brands for testing. Try it for a couple of days and see if there is flatulence and discomfort, then choose one accordingly!

Besides, some hospitals will also provide samples of different styles -within the same brand- for testing.

The key point to mention here is that these powder baby formulas are formulated to mimic human milk. 

In addition, you will find different types within these two formulas, such as hypoallergenic formula, lactose intolerance formula, and a toddler one.

Now, while these two are different brands, they share few things like:

  • Offering various types of formulas – based on the baby’s age and needs.
  • Having a sensitive formula that is non-GMO.
  • Being strictly certified by the FDA to be given for babies. 
  • Providing loyalty programs.

It is time now to cover the differences between these two baby formulas: Enfamil VS Similac.

Enfamil Baby Formula

Enfamil means infant meal (infant meal)

Enfamil formula differs from Similac in being more expensive, having more natural ingredients with less sugar, and containing higher magnesium, selenium, zinc, iodine, and phosphorus.

Besides, Vitamins K, B12, E, and C are higher than in Similac. 

Furthermore, the amount of inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and choline are more in Enfamil than Similac.

Similac Baby Formula

Similac means similar to lactation (close to breast milk).

Similac formula has more Copper and higher levels of vitamin D, niacin, bioth, thiamin, and riboflavin than Enfamil.

As we mentioned earlier, both formulas offer different lines to meet different baby’s needs. 

Now, to get a better decision, we recommend you go through the comparison line by line instead of general brands comparison.

Let’s walk you through them now..

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1 – Enfamil Infant vs. Similac Advance

  • They both provide the essential nutrition for your baby from 0-12 months old. 
  • They share the same levels of Lactose, Nonfat Milk, and Whey protein.
  • Prebiotic, Choline (similar to Vitamin B), DHA fatty acid, and vitamin K are part of both formulas.
  • The oil mixer is also the same; they both have coconut oil, soy oil, and safflower oil.
  • Similac has Lutein that helps in eye development.
  • Enfamil has Palm Olein oil, which is a breastmilk-like fatty acid. Yet, colic and constipation are side effects of this acid that may appear in some babies.

2 – Enfamil AR vs. Similac for Spit-Up

  • Both kinds effectively deal with the spit-up scenario.
  • Rice starch is included in both to formulate a thick product.
  • Vitamins and minerals are at the same level in both formulas.
  • The sugar level is higher in both formulas than other lines, as it relieves fussy babies with less reflux. 
  • Enfamil uses only one kind of sugar, while Similac uses two. 
  • Probiotics promote healthy digestion and are part of both formulas; however, there is only one probiotic in Enfamil and two in Similac. 
  • Similac has less Lactose than Enfamil.
  • Similac is non-GMOs.

3 – Enfamil Gentlease vs. Similac Pro-sensitive

  • Both formulas effectively calm fussy babies.
  • Both formulas are the same amount of vitamins, proteins, fats, water, and carbs.
  • Corn syrup solids are the main ingredient in both kinds, as it eases the milk’s digestion. 
  • Enfamil has less Linoleic acid than Similac.
  • partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and whey protein concentrate solids from soy are found in Enfamil for easier digestion.
  • Similac uses milk protein that is easy to digest; however, it doesn’t suit all babies, and some might have milk protein allergy.

4 – Enfamil Nutramigen vs. Similac Alimentum

  • Both kinds are suitable for babies that have hypersensitivity or cow’s milk formula allergy. 
  • Casein hydrolysate is part of both formulas
  • Sugar is there in both formulas. However, Enfamil uses only corn syrup while Similac uses two sugar kinds.
  • Similac contains more Linoleic acid to support a healthy heart and Lutein for healthy eyes. 
  • Enfamil formula is thicker, as it has modified corn starch.

5 – Enfamil NeuroPro vs. Similac HMO Pro Advance

  • Omega-3 fatty acid (DHA) is part of both formulas to enhance brain function
  • Carbs, vitamins, fats, minerals, and protein amounts are similar in both kinds.
  • The ingredients of both formulas are found in breastmilk.
  • Enfamil contains MFGM for brain development.
  • Similac has 2′-FL HMO to boost the baby’s immune system.
  • Similac is GMO-free and doesn’t include any artificial growth hormones.

6 – Enfamil ProSobee vs. Similac Soy Isomil

  • Both formulas suit babies who have milk protein allergy or galactosemia. 
  • Lactose-free soy and corn syrup are parts of both formulas.
  • The nutritional content is the same in both formulas. 
  • Linoleic acids are higher in Similac than in Enfamil. 
  • Similac soy formula contains more sugar.

7 – Enfamil Enspire vs. Similac Pro-advance

  • Nonfat milk, lactose, Coconut oil, high oleic safflower, and whey protein are parts of both formulas.
  • Both formulas contain DHA, Vitamin E, Iron, and Lutein.
  • Enfamil has palm olein, while Similac has soy oil. 
  • Similac has 2′-FL HMO probiotics. 
  • They are both Kosher and non-GMO certified, and Similac is Halal certified as well. 
  • Enfamil has MFGM for healthy baby brain development and Lactoferrin for supporting the immune system. 

8 – Enfamil Enfacare vs. Similac NeoSure

  • The base of both formulas is an easy to digest milk, which is perfect for premature babies. 
  • They both enhance the baby’s immune health.
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and MFGM are parts of the Enfamil formula for healthy brain development.
  • Similac has DHA and ARA (arachidonic acid) to promote muscle growth and repair, and it has calcium and phosphorus for healthy bone development. 
  • Similac is free from artificial growth hormones.

9 – Enfamil Premium A2 vs. Similac Organic Infant Formula or Similac Pure Bliss

  • The ingredients in both formulas are organic and free from GMOs, artificial growth hormones, or antibiotics.  
  • The milk in both formulas comes from grass-fed cows.
  • Enfamil has no added table sugar, while Similac uses organic sugar with sunflower oil for a better taste and more carbs. 
  • Enfamil has the recommended Omega-3 DHA based on the WHO, which suggests the fatty acid amount to be between 0.2% – 0.36%.
  • Similac has Vitamin E, which prompts better eye development.

10 – Enfamil Enfagrow vs. Similac Go & Grow

  • Both formulas are dutiable for babies 1-year-old and up. 
  • Vitamins E, C, and D, Calcium, DHA, and Iron are part of both formulas.
  • Enfamil fat is sourced from vegetable oils.
  • Probiotics and Vitamin A are part of Enfamil formula, while Similac has Lutein and is free from artificial growth hormones.

Enfamil Vs Similac: Which Is Better For My Baby?

mommy bottle feeding her baby

As we mentioned before, each formula introduces different kinds to suit various babies’ needs. 

Here is which formula to choose based on what you need:

For softer and comfortable bowel movement (poop): Enfamil Reguline

This formula supports the overall gut health and makes pooping easier for babies.

For better fat absorption: Enfamil Pregestimil 

It suits babies who have intact protein sensitivity or gastrointestinal disorder; constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal pain.

For managing diarrhea: Similac Expert Care For Diarrhea 

It contains dietary fiber that is made out of soy to control the baby’s diarrhea. 

For babies who are allergic to food: Similac EleCare

Besides the food allergy, this milk suits babies allergic to cow’s milk and who have a soy sensitivity. 

The formula contains hypoallergenic milk. It replaces the hydrolyzed proteins with completely free amino acids. 

For basic formulation: Similac Advance

This formula is free from palm olein oil content but contains Lutein to develop the vision.

For sensitive tummy: Enfamil Gentlease or Similac Sensitive Formula

This Enfamil milk is gentle and contains less added sugar, and the same goes for the Similac milk, while it also prompts a healthy heart.

For spit-up: Enfamil A.R. or Similac for Spit-Up

The Enfamil has less sugar but more probiotics, while the Similac one is GMO-free.

For hypoallergenic babies: Enfamil Nutramigen or Similac Alimentum

Enfamil milk is easy to digest with less sugar, while the Similac milk contains more Linoleic acid to support a healthy heart.

For Better Immune System: Similac 2′-FL HMO Pro Advance

This formula is also free of GMOs.

For Better Brain Development: Enfamil NeuroPro

This is the only baby formula that contains the omega-3 DHA in the recommended amount for babies’ overall brain development.

For Cow’s Milk Allergy: Enfamil ProSobee or Similac Soy Isomil

The Enfamil formula is soy-based with less sugar, while the Similac milk contains more Linoleic acids. 

For Gluten Sensitivity: Enfamil Enspire or Similac Pro-advance

The Enfamil supports cognitive and immune system developments, while the Similac contains more probiotics without palm olein oil. 

They are both non-GMO formulas. 

For Premature Babies: Enfamil Enfacare or Similac NeoSure

The Enfamil milk supports brain development, while the Similac milk supports the development of both; brain and muscle. 

For Organic Formula: Enfamil Premium A2 or Similac Similac Organic Infant Formula or Similac Pure Bliss

Enfamil milk contains more DHA without any added sugar, while Similac milk has Lutein that supports eyesight development.

For Toddlers: Enfamil Enfagrow or Similac Go & grow

The Enfamil formula contains more prebiotics and vitamins, while the Similac milk has Lutein that develops the baby’s eyesight.

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Q1: Which formula form is better, liquid or powdered formula?

Well, they both have the same nutrition. Liquid milk is more expensive because it is a ready-to-use option, while the powder formula takes time to prepare. So this is totally a personal preference.

Q2: Is Enfamil easier to digest than Similac?

Enfamil contains modified corn starch that makes the formula thick and easy to digest. But not all babies deal with it well. Similac contains more Linoleic acid and sugar along with corn starch.

Q3: Is it ok to switch from Enfamil to Similac?

It is not a problem to switch between different milk brands. It all depends on the baby’s reaction. If you feel that your baby is fussy or has uncomfortable bowel movements, you can try different formulas to make him more comfortable. Some parents even mix different brands to get a more suitable meal for their kids, which is totally fine!

Conclusion: Enfamil Vs Similac Baby Formula

You see, deciding on a specific formula for your baby is not an easy thing to do. 

BUT.. whatever you choose, make sure to know your baby’s body needs.

Needless to say.. 

Your baby’s main meal during the first 4 or 6 months of age is ONLY milk, and it remains the primary nutrition source -besides solid food– until your baby turns one year old. 

In general: 

Enfamil formulas contain less sugar. On the other hand, Similac’s formulas contain Lutein but no palm olein oil, which causes constipation scenarios!

The label says it all..

Always check the label before you buy any formula. You will find a detailed explanation of what the formula contains.

Besides, your baby’s pediatrician is your first helper!

Pediatricians examine babies with so many different scenarios, which some you may never experience. 

They know what kind works better for each baby situation.

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