The Netvue Indoor Camera Review 2024

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When looking for a camera to monitor a house from inside, people think about privacy!

Yes, that’s true! 

We all care about our kids’ safety and want their life to be as private as possible. At the same time, we need a monitor that offers reliable alerts.. 

We reviewed 10 video and audio baby monitors in a previous article to meet various parents’ requirements!

Today, we will mainly talk about the Netvue Indoor Camera with its advanced features to help parents monitor their babies, pets, or even their nannies – if they have one! 

We will cover:

  • Netvue security camera features
  • Pros and cons to consider
  • Parents opinions and feedback
  • ..and a lot More!

Let’s get started with the detailed Netvue indoor camera review

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Netvue Indoor Camera

Netvue Indoor Camera


Battery Life

Sound/Picture Quality

Value For Money

Overall Score
Manufacturer: NETVUE
Alert Type: Motion Only
Color: Black
Power Source: Cord

Bottom Line: This is an excellent home security camera to install anywhere in the house to monitor a baby, pet, or nanny.


It is a budget baby monitor

It goes with a phone app

Alexa compatibility


The quality is not the best

It might go offline randomly

Paid cloud data storage

Challenging installation for some

Our Verdict: Best Indoor Security Camera

Netvue Camera Review: The Features

The wifi camera has multiple features like 1080P Full HD, two-way audio, night vision, Alexa compatibility, Intelligent AI Human detection, and many more values… 

 Let’s dig further now..

Netvue Camera Wifi

It has a full HD 1080P wifi feature that makes monitoring your house free from obstacles. 

Netvue camera surveillance wifi shows super clear and smooth live video.

It can perfectly record the beautiful moments of family and pets. (Only works with 2.4GHz wifi networks)

If you are a tech lover, then this Netvue monitor won’t fail you; it is compatible with Alexa!

2-Way Audio communication is also available, using the built-in microphone, speaker, and noise-canceling technology to clear the communication. 

Noting that the two-way talk function is not available through Alexa..

Well, most parents use this camera to keep an eye on their home – especially during the night!

That’s said,

Netvue Camera Night Vision

This Cam has FHD Night Vision, a reinforced 100 ° wide-angle lens with a full 360 ° coverage, and a digital zoom function to magnify the video and view details more clearly. 

Besides, the 10*850nm infrared LEDs bring you to a dark environment up to 32 feet, giving you a very smooth and clear picture and video all night long.

The Best Part?

With this indoor camera, rest assured that all the notifications you get are real time alerts. 

Netvue wireless security camera can detect moving objects! 

Now, with the intelligent AI human detection feature, you can know if the alert is for the baby, not other things around.

This optional advanced algorithm can recognize the human motion from other movements (within the motion detection zones), eliminating annoying false alerts triggered by flying insects, pets, and lights. 

Furthermore, the camera has an optional motion tracking area, where you can blind some areas from being tracked and focus on specific ones.

Besides, smart motion detection offers adjustable motion sensibility and recording time.

Netvue Camera App

Since this surveillance camera is compatible with a mobile phone app, you will get real-time app alerts to your IOS or Android smartphone.

Just open the Netvue Cloud app to see what’s happening and keep your home safe. You can backup to the cloud and private server to store the live video footage for your reference.

For your reference, you can backup to cloud and private server to store the live video footage.

Netvue Camera Recording SD Card

Through the app, you can share the content with other people if you want. Also, the Netvue camera has the possibility of saving videos on a micro-SD card.

Last but not least… 

Encryption technology provides security and data privacy for all users!

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Netvue Indoor Camera Review: Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

Performance Comparison 


This indoor camera performed average in terms of its durability. 

Some users said that it worked fine just for a few months, while others reported some issues with the overall image quality after using if for a while.

Battery Life

This is a corded, wireless security camera that comes with around a 6ft cord. 

There is no option to use any other type of batteries.

As per the users’ feedback, the overall battery life is average.

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Sound/Video Quality

Thе image quality іѕ average and the night vision mode gives an acceptable image as well.

The overall audio performance is not special, but it is good enough for quick communication. 

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Value for Money

Used As Netvue Pet Camera

This baby and pet camera offers a practical and functional way to monitor your baby, pet, or nanny while you are not home. 

It offers some values that are perfect for anyone who is looking for an affordable security camera. 

However, some users find it challenging to install it with the mobile app, and it keeps going offline randomly. 

The overall value to money ratio is average. 

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Q1: Does the Netvue camera have to be plugged in?

Yes, It is a corded camera that needs to be always plugged in. The camera can be placed on furniture or mounted on a wall using the supplied wall bracket. On the back of the camera, apart from the micro-USB port to connect the power adapter, there is a micro-USB port in which you will have to insert a card of the same format. All the videos launched will be recorded, among others, on this map.

Q2: Do Netvue cameras have audio?

Yes, It offers a two-way communication feature allowing you to talk to your baby or anyone in the house.

Q3: Are Netvue cameras Alexa compatible?

Yes, It is compatible with Alexa, which is a plus for those who own Amazon Echo devices. The connection is effortless, and it works really well.

Conclusion: Netvue Indoor Camera

This wireless indoor camera is inexpensive but gets the job done! 

This connected camera goes to the basics, with some pretty cool features. It is widely used as a baby and pet camera too. 

However, this surveillance Cam can only support 2.4G wifi, wireless wifi connection, and wire power supply. 

It is easy to install anywhere with screw accessories and mounting brackets. It comes with three main position choices to install on walls, cladding, and horizontal surfaces.

This “Egg-shaped” camera can meet your different preferences.

This Netvue security camera comes with super clear images and live videos. The horizontal and vertical angles allow you to have an overview of your home.

Besides, it uses Amazon Web Services for there network

Keep in mind that the Initial installation is a bit challenging. 

Besides, the Netvue is marketed as a baby camera and home-security camera, and a pet cam, so it doesn’t have any dog-specific functions like a treat dispenser or bark detector.