Top 7 Baby Gates To Keep Your Baby Safe At Home

baby gate

Child safety in your house is a must.

We are all doing our best with the different available baby proofing tools..

In fact, in a house, children do not pay special attention to what they are doing and can injure themselves. 

That’s being said, avoid injuries or a simple pinch, it is essential to put in place effective protection to protect themselves

In this article, we will discuss:

  • Why you must secure your doors and stairs
  • Best baby gates recommendation
  • Definitive buyers’ guide
  • …and lots MORE!

Many brands offer this type of accessory that it is sometimes difficult to know which is the most efficient.

Get a head start, don’t let your baby stroll everywhere.. 


Needless to say..

Many children are victims of accidents inside their homes! 

However, one might think that this is the only place where they are safe..

..but no, it is NOT! 

Children should be supervised at all times, especially in rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

Toddlers and babies are often curious…

Even if your doors, drawers, cupboards or furniture fronts are in the closed position, unintentional slamming can still occur..

..and this is where you need a door stopper!

When it comes to secure doors to prevent children’s accidents, you will find all kinds of safety locks. 

It can be difficult to know which one is the best until it is already installed in your home. 

That’s said.. 

To prevent a child from opening a door, you can install a safety lock or block access with a baby gate. 

Children’s locks are mounted on cupboard doors and drawers. 

These types of security locks must operate only by an adult and require minimal dexterity to open. 

Baby safety gates will allow you to protect your child from dangers and thus limit the risk of accidents!

Especially on the stairs, on your balcony, or at the entrance to your kitchen.

The advantage for parents is that this type of gate is suitable for regular use.

You can open and close your security gate ten times a day without any problems. Generally, the opening and closing system of these barriers is very easy to use for adults. 

In this article, we compared the 7 top models of baby gates by analyzing in detail their characteristics and their performances.

But before we dig in, let us introduce the common types of Baby Safety Gates

Types of Security Baby Barriers?

Pressure Mounted Gates

Pressure mounted gates do not require drilling or using any type of wall cups,  tension rods, or wall mounts.

They assemble and disassemble quite easily, and are therefore suitable for occasional use or when living in rental.

As a rule, pressure mounted baby gates are quite stable, provided that the walls where they are mounted are strong enough to support them.

However, we don’t recommend using them for the stairs! 

Some brands have these baby gates with a built-in extension and some offer extension kits, but usually sold separately.

Hardware Mounted Gates

These are the type of baby gates that screw into the wall. 

Needless to say,

In most cases, they provide better protection (than the pressure mounted gates) because they are hard for your baby to push them. 

Once securely attached, you can have a complete peace of mind.

That’s said, 

This type is the best for stairs! 

toddler on a bike

Roll-up Safety Gates

These barriers include a retractable mesh part that can be unrolled with one hand. They also have an automatic locking system!

More aesthetic than traditional barriers, they are nonetheless reliable: they adapt to all types of opening.

Usually, people with pets tend to prefer this gate type.

1 – Regalo Super Wide Configurable Baby Gate

Best Extra Wide Baby Gate

Regalo Super Wide Configurable Baby Gate



Easy To Use

Easy To Assemble

Overall Score
Manufacturer: Regalo
Material: Steel
Color: White
Weight: 0.352 ounces
Dimensions: 76 x 1 x 30 inches

Bottom Line: This baby safety gate meets your expectations perfectly by adapting to the most complex openings. It is a very good option for an affordable price.


Dual locking system


Covers any type of opening

Suitable for dogs


May scratch your floors

Medium quality bindings

Might be challenging to install for some users

This baby safety gate comes with three 61cm (24 inch) panels that are easy to assemble and attach to walls. 

It suits different openings.. 

Whether you have a wide opening or with particular angles, this product fits perfectly. 

So that you can cross the barrier with ease without having your baby following you!

This Regalo gate has a sliding lever with double locking on the access door.

Most importantly, you can move from one room to another while keeping the baby safe.

Bear in mind, thought, your smartest toddlers could easily figure out how to activate this locking system if they see you using it. 

So make sure that they don’t notice a thing when you enter the room or when you leave!

The height of the barrier has been designed to prevent your toddler from climbing it. 

The portal can be used for your baby from 6 to 24 months, but also to prevent your medium or large dogs from accessing the kitchen.

The Regalo Flexi Extra Wide Baby Gate is made of steel, so you can use this gate for many years, especially if you have multiple children.

A thing to remember: 

When you use this sliding baby gate, place a support under it to avoid leaving any scratch to your floor. 

Its assembly and disassembly are simple.

However, a minimum of assembly is necessary. 

You will get all the tools to attach your gate to the walls, as well as a detailed instruction manual with the product. 

You will surely go a little faster using your own tools.

Overall, extra wide baby gates are a perfect option for rooms with wide entrance and hallways.

2 – Regalo Easy Fit Plastic Adjustable Extra Wide Baby Gate

Best Plastic Baby Gate

Regalo Easy Fit Plastic Adjustable Extra Wide Baby Gate



Easy To Use

Easy To Assemble

Overall Score
Manufacturer: Regalo
Material: Plastic
Color: Gray
Weight: 4 pounds
Dimensions: 42 x 3 x 23.5 inches

Bottom Line: The lightest and most affordable pressure mounted gate. Plus, its installation is simple and without tools.


Inexpensive gate


Tool-free assembly

Portable gate


Small height

Challenging to install and use

Not as reliable as other gates

Do you need a baby gate that will protect your baby foolproof, but at the lowest possible price? 

If yes, this adjustable baby gate from Regalo is both practical and robust!

Although this baby gate is made of plastic, it is very strong and sturdy, withstanding the energy of your little ones. 

It is also very light and does not require a tool to install it like other gates.

This Regalo expandable baby gate is composed of a pressure wall mount system. fit openings ranging from 71.12 cm (28 inches) to 106.68 cm (42 inches). 

You see..

The Regalo extra wide baby gate is a great gate that fits narrow opening and wide ones as well – works for any type of door frames in the house!

Above all,

Rubber bumpers allow you to secure the barrier without damaging your walls. 

Plus, you will have no trouble crossing the barrier, you just have to slide it to pass. 

To block it, adjust the size of the gate when opening. Slide the central bar lock towards the middle, clip then screw.

Keep in mind not to force too much to avoid damaging this system.

With a height of only 58.42 cm, or 23 inches, you also have the option of crossing the barrier by straddling it, without having to open it.

Only, once your children get older, they will also be able to get over it easily.

Best part?

This sturdy baby gate is also perfect for your pets, cats or dogs, to prevent them from throwing their muzzle in the kitchen for example. 

Its honeycomb structure will not let your cats pass! 

Oh, and most of all,

..with its very affordable price, you can get several barriers of this model to secure the different sensitive parts of your home!

Parents use this gate for the kitchen, the stairs, garage entrance, or the attic.

3 – Munchkin Auto Close Modern Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

Best Auto Close Baby Gate

Munchkin Auto Close Modern Pressure Mounted Baby Gate



Easy To Use

Easy To Assemble

Overall Score
Manufacturer: Munchkin
Material: Wood
Color: Dark Wood / Silver Metal
Weight: 16.37 pounds
Dimensions: 2 x 40.5 x 29 inches

Bottom Line: This baby gate is accessible for a median budget. It offers two installation options for more convenience; you can use it with hardware or pressure mountings.


Has different door orientations

Double Locking system

Closing effortlessly

Easy installation


Small width

Loud closure

The Munchkin baby gate has an Auto Close Design that makes it  elegant and easy to use. 

Indeed, its gravity hinge system automatically closes the door when you release its handle. 

Thus, all the adults present at home will know how to use it easily.

Most importantly,

The baby gate is designed with a dual lock system for extra security!

The closure can be quite noisy, however!

The best part?

third locking system is located at the bottom of the equipment, it allows you to choose the opening direction of the barrier gate.

No tools required..

The installation of the Munchkin Auto Close Designer is quite simple and does not require any tools. 

Once the gate is assembled, use the suction cups (latex free) on each side to attach it to the walls of your openings.

Stylish and durable..

The U-shaped structure of the gate is made of steel, while its bars are made of wood, to provide durability, strength and aesthetics. 

Its composition makes it quite heavy for its size, it weighs about 7 kg (15.43 pounds).

The Munchkin Auto Close Designer stands 73.66cm tall, or 29 inches. 

It fits openings ranging from 74.93cm (29.5 inches) to 102.87cm (40.5 inches) wide, which is a bit limited compared to other models.

This gate is considered as a heavy duty pet gate as well. 

4 – Retractable Baby Gate – Momcozy Mesh Safety Gate

Best Freestanding Baby Gate

Retractable Baby Gate – Momcozy Mesh Safety Gate



Easy To Use

Easy To Assemble

Overall Score
Manufacturer: Momcozy
Material: Mesh
Color: Gray
Weight: 4.4 pounds
Dimensions: 34.5 x 4.6 x 3.35 inches

Bottom Line: This mesh baby gate is the perfect alternative for the traditional ones and work as an outdoor retractable gate.


No hard materials

Can be used outdoors

Takes up little space

Secure locking


DIY and some drill holes are needed

Medium quality hardware

If you prefer soft materials to block access to certain parts of the house instead, then this retractable hardware mounted baby gate from Bily is the best option.

This mesh gate provides its safety function for children from 6 to 24 months, for a reasonable price.

Made from a flexible and durable mesh.

This baby gate is designed for use anywhere in the home

Besides, it can also be used outdoors (in a play yard), on your terrace, your veranda, or at the entrance to your swimming pool.

That’s said, 

..if you are looking to secure your stairs, place the gate on the first step from the bottom or at the top of stairs. 

If you place it upstairs, be sure to install the equipment 20 cm or 7.87 inches from the first top step. 

Above all, it is easy to use!

To unlock the barrier, press the button, turn it clockwise, and then start unwinding. 

Once past, pull the mesh, then hook them in its latches. 

Most importantly, It is a one touch release lever! can do this with one hand, if you are holding a baby in one arm.

Thus, the opening system is not easy for your toddler to understand. 

However, the manufacturer reminds that as soon as your child is able to climb the barrier, it is then no longer useful – except possibly for your pets.

The Momcozy is quite difficult for your little one to climb, with a height of 33 inches. 

This retractable barrier adapts to large openings. 

Its installation is simple, but requires some DIY.

The best part?

The flexibility of this barrier makes it space-saving if you want to leave your space accessible. 

The maintenance of this product is also very simple, you just need to use a soft and damp cloth and then let it dry.

All the parts to attach the barrier are provided as a set, however feel free to use your own tools if you have them.

5 – BABELIO Metal Baby Gate with Wood Pattern

Best Wooden Baby Gate

BABELIO Metal Baby Gate with Wood Pattern



Easy To Use

Easy To Assemble

Overall Score
Manufacturer: BABELIO
Material: Wood, Metal
Color: Wood Pattern
Weight: 13.62 pounds
Dimensions: 32 x 29 x 2 inches

Bottom Line: This is an adjustable and walk-thru baby gate that is sturdy, practical, and looks great.


One-hand opening with a hand-free closure

Dual locking lever

Versatile design

The extension kit is included


High price for a modest budget

The metal bar at the base is tricky sometimes

The BABELIO Decorative Gate is your ideal solution if you are looking for a baby gate that is versatile, good quality, and efficient. 

This walk thru baby gate is usually used for the family room.

If its price is a bit high, it is still quite reasonable for what the product offers.

One of the strengths of this baby gate is its design. 

Most baby gates come with a single material, but this one is unique…

It mixes a stable metal structure and a sturdy wooden gate in a rather elegant design, which can have a wooden pattern finish for even more style.

And One More Thing…

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the BABELIO Anywhere Gate meets your expectations by effectively securing access to different rooms of the house.

With its extensions, the product can cover openings up to 40 inches.

To install this baby gate, you can do it with no hassle. It’s pressure mounted system allows you to prevent causing any damage to your walls or your baseboards. 

Keep in mind, though, 

The door swings only in one direction.

Also, if you are not careful, you may come across the small metal bar at the gate’s base.

6 – Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

Best Metal Baby Gate

Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate



Easy To Use

Easy To Assemble

Overall Score
Manufacturer: Munchkin
Material: Metal
Color: White
Weight: 14.55 pounds
Dimensions: 32 x 30 x 3 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a bottom of stairs baby gate, this is the right option for you.


Has a pressure indicator

It is a NO drill baby gate.

The gate door opens in both directions

Affordable option


The mounting pads can leave marks on your walls

No automatic closing for the door

This Maxi-Secure Safety metal gate is one of the best baby gates to keep your child safe. 

Easy and practical design..

This pressure mount gate is characterized by a particular design on the wrists, an opening and closing system, and locking buttons. 

This baby gate opens by squeezing the wrist and lifting it up, making it easier for adults to open, yet challenging for kids! 

It also has a second lock at the base of the gate for better security.. 

The best thing?

..the gate can open in both directions. Thus, it works perfectly at the bottom of the stairs or at the top. 

In order to fix it firmly, this barrier is equipped with a U frame with 4 pressure points. 

Most importantly, 

..there is a pressure indicator to ensure a correct installation.

In case you want this gate for a wider space, you can purchase an extension to cover up to 35″. 

7 – Toddleroo by North States

Best Walk Throw Baby Gate

Toddleroo by North States



Easy To Use

Easy To Assemble

Overall Score
Manufacturer: Toddleroo
Material: Metal
Color: Bronze
Weight: 9.29 pounds
Dimensions: 30.5 x 2 x 29 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a durable bronze steel baby gate that fits broad areas and any stairs, look NO further.


Perfect for stairs and wide openings

Simple one-handed opening with dual-lock system

JPMA certified

The needed hardware wall mounts are included

Adjustable baby gate to cover up to 47.85 inches


It opens in one direction only

Challenging to install and needs some DIY

The plastic top latching plate is not that durable 

This North States Easy Swing & Lock Gate is manufactured using a solid metal type that is durable and long-lasting. 

This Toddleroo gate is a hardware mounted gate that is perfect for vast areas and stairways

Most importantly, its walk through door design doesn’t have a threshold at the bottom, making it safe to be placed on the top of stairs!

The best part?

It has a one handed opening system. You can easily open it while holding your baby in the other hand and close it with just a gentle push!

Plus, it has a fancy finish with an elegant bronze color that is durable and complements your house decor.

Usually, hardware mounted baby gates are strong, and this is NO exception!

One thing to consider about this baby gate is the swing direction!

The gate door swings only in a single direction to offer more security when used for the stairs. For some users this is a con more than a pro!

Besides, the baby gate installation might be challenging for some. But some DIY steps will not hurt!

Buyers’ Guide: How To Choose The Right Baby Gate?

baby in a walker

As soon as the baby begins to move, it is essential to adapt to the house in order to guarantee his safety. 

Socket covers, corner protectors for tables, cabinet locking system, etc. 

You have to think of everything! 

…and the baby gate is no exception. 

Well, mainly parents install baby gates to block access to the staircase (if you have any) or to any specific room in the house. 

That’s said, it remains an essential item for many parents, and its quality should not be neglected!

Although the choice of a baby gate may seem easy, we advise you to pay attention to the below parameters:

The Installation System:

You usually have the choice between a hardware mounted system that needs some screwing in the wall, or a four-point pressure mounted type.

The pressure mounted gate works with a U-frame. Thus, we don’t advise placing it at the top of stairs to avoid having a trip hazard over the bottom bar!

But, you can always use it at the bottom of the stairs or in a door frame.

When securing your stairs, make sure to use two gates; at the top and bottom.

It is strongly recommended to place two stair gates: one at the bottom of the steps and one at the top. 

Bear in mind, though

We recommend you avoid choosing a barrier with a floor threshold for the top side.

There is a risk of your feet getting stuck in there, and you fall down the stairs! Oops! 

Most importantly,

When installing the gate, make sure NOT to leave a large space between the gate and the floor to prevent your Child’s head, neck, or legs from getting stuck.

The opening/closing system

This is a parameter that generally varies from one brand to another!

But it is not a big deal… 

The main thing is to see whether it is possible to open the barrier with one hand.

..probably you will always have full hands while taking care of a baby!

baby looking outside


This is an essential element, on which many users tend to be wrong. 


..measure the space that the barrier must occupy before making your purchase! 

The good news?

You might find long baby gates too.. 

Some are supplied with extensions to adapt to different spaces! However, these sometimes have to be purchased in addition. 


always check what is included in the package before proceeding with payment.

baby playing outside

The Material

You will find different options available for the baby gates. Even within the same brand. 


..if you are worried that the baby gate will ruin your home decor, worry not!

With many materials and designs available, you will always find a matching piece!

Here are the common types:

  • Wood: Wooden baby gates are more aesthetic, this material is also robust. So, investing in a wooden fence is a wise choice.
  • Metal: Metal is also known for its strength and durability. It is the ideal material for a fireplace or stove barrier.
  • The Net: If the barrier is made with strong fabric, it is interesting. They have the advantage of being less bulky, but are also, sometimes, less solid.

DIY Baby Gate:

If you are looking to craft a baby gate from scratch, you need to follow these steps:

  • Start by assembling the mounting block
  • Use the drill to make holes in the mounting block
  • Prepare the gate slats in the measured size
  • Assemble the slats and gate frame firmly
  • Prepare the mounting hinges by filling them with fillers
  • Do the final touches and finishes to make it look nice, smooth, clean, and safe.
  • Evenly and firmly mount the mounting block
  • Mount the finished gate to the block.
  • Install the latch properly and attach it to the gate
  • Finally, install the gate stop to make it baby-proof.


Q1: When do parents need a safety barrier?

The use of a safety baby gate is recommended when your baby begins to move around on his own. This is the case when he is 4 or 5 months old.

Click here to know more about Baby Basic Stages Of Developments

Q2: When does the child no longer need protective barriers?

If your child is already aware of the dangers that await him when venturing into certain parts of the house, you can remove the safety gates. Normally, this big stage can take place when he is between 3 and 4 years old.

Q3: Where to put the stair gate, up or down?

In general, most people prefer to install 2 barriers for the stairs: at the top to prevent falls and at the bottom to block access. The usefulness of the bottom lies above all in teaching the little one to climb the stairs without venturing far

Our Verdict: Best Baby Gate

As you can probably guess.. 

Choosing the right gate is mainly based on your exact need, budget, and situation!

Each reviewed gate has specific features that are different from the competitors. 

Fortunately, though, you will always find one that meets your needs and matches your home decor as well… 

To be clear, review is based on our personal experience, as well as other users’ feedback and opinion. 

The main features that we considered for the comparison are the Strength, Reliability, Ease of use, and Ease of installation. 

These are the things that matter the most!

Take a look at the final comparison results below.. 

ProductRating out of 5
Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate⭐ 4.5
BABELIO Metal Baby Gate with Wood Pattern⭐ 4.25
Toddleroo by North States⭐ 4.0
Munchkin Auto Close Modern Pressure Mounted Baby Gate⭐ 3.75
Retractable Baby Gate – Momcozy Mesh Safety Gate⭐ 3.75
Regalo Super Wide Configurable Baby Gate⭐ 3.5
Regalo Easy Fit Plastic Adjustable Extra Wide Baby Gate⭐ 3.0

As you can see, 

Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate came up as the best performer baby gate at the top of the list. 


Its metal is durable and robust and serves for a relatively long period. 

Besides, it gets the job done perfectly and easily – even without an auto-closing system. A very light push will close it tightly!

The only thing to consider here is that the mounting pads might leave some spots on the wall. 

The BABELIO Metal Baby Gate reserves second place. Some users found it less robust than expected. 

Next comes the Toddleroo by North States gate. It performs well as a solid and reliable baby gate. But the assembly is challenging and needs a few DIY steps. 

And here comes the Munchkin Auto Close Modern Pressure Mounted Baby Gate with its versatile and good-looking design. The reason for being in fourth place is the reliability, as most users said that it is less reliable than other gates. 

The Momcozy Mesh Safety Gate reserves the fourth spot as well. Since the material of this gate is mesh. It is, therefore, less robust and less reliable than traditional baby gates. 

The Regalo Super Wide Configurable Baby Gate comes next as the best value for money option. It is affordable, easy to use, and fits broad areas, but not as solid and reliable as other options. 

Unfortunately, the Regalo Easy Fit Plastic Adjustable Extra Wide Baby Gate comes at the bottom of the list. It is less functional compared to the other reviewed gates.

Conclusion: Best Baby Gates

The safety gate is essential if you have small children. 

It makes it easy to block access to a staircase and protect your baby from the dangers of the house. 

No drilling, sliding, extendable, or flexible.. choose the gate that best suits your needs and home decor!

Here we are at the end of our baby safety barrier comparison. Take a look at our Best Value, Editor’s Choice, Top Pick options.

  • The Best Value goes to: Regalo Super Wide Configurable Baby Gate
  • The Editors’ Choice goes to: Munchkin Auto Close Modern Pressure Mounted Baby Gate
  • The Top Pick goes to: Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate

Now, you have all the cards in hand to make a smart purchase!