Looking For A Bathtub Toy Organizer? Here Are The 9 Best Bath Toy Storage Ideas

bath tub with baby bath toys

Bath time is a fun way to bond with your baby while ensuring they’re clean from head to toe.

But how frustrating is it to see baby bath toys scattered everywhere in the bathroom?

To solve this unpleasant scenario, invest in a Bath Toy Organizer!

Hitting two birds with one stone – is something every on-the-go parent will appreciate.

However, to maintain a safe and healthy space for you and your baby, it’s essential to make sure everything your baby uses, including bath toys, remains clean and organized.

Read this article to know more about:

  • Why bath toys make bath time better.
  • Why you should dry bath toys after use.
  • The 9 Best Bath toy storage ideas.
  • How to buy the right bathtub toy organizer.
  • ..and a lot More!

Many bathtub storage ideas apply to almost all bathrooms, but make sure that when not in use, bath toys are kept clean (meaning washed and sanitized), dry to prevent mold, and organized to avoid clutter and accidents.

That’s said, 

..bath time can be safer and more accessible for both parents and kids with these bath toys organizers.

Read on to how to store bath toys for better bath time..

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The main priority of bathing your baby is to practice good hygiene. 

Bath time can be a bonding session between baby and parent, extra playtime, and a way to help develop language and counting skills.

You can take the time to talk and sing lullabies while gently massaging the baby. This way, you help ease any initial fear of water and assure the baby that it is in a safe space with you. 

You can also turn shampoo bubbles into different shapes to help develop your child’s imagination.

Nowadays, there are plenty of toys and play kits to choose from. 

And because babies are curious creatures who enjoy playing regardless of the time or place, there are toys specially made for bath time. 

During bath time, babies can be less fussy and have a better experience accessing their toys. Bath toys make for a good bath time learning session that promotes your kid’s motor skills and sensory development. 

Not only that, but babies can also develop their communication and counting skills!

All things considered, 

…keeping the bathtub full of toys without proper storage will turn the situation over and make the bathtub and the toys vulnerable to mold, dust, and other dirt.

Thus, investing in a bath toys organizer is key to ensuring a clean tub and easy bathtime! 

Importance Of Drying Baby Bath Toys

Like with any toy or baby product, it’s essential to ensure that everything is clean and safe to use. 

The truth is: Mold can grow on toys that are kept in water or a wet environment. 

Mold exposure can cause allergic symptoms ranging from watery eyes to difficulty breathing. Mold can negatively affect your child’s health, especially if they’ve developed a mold allergy or weak immune system. 

Regardless of your child’s age and overall health, it’s best to thoroughly clean and organize toys effectively to ensure your family’s health and safety.

Since mold can grow in a wet environment, it’s essential to ensure that bath toys are clean and have space to dry when not in use. 

Depending on the material, you can clean toys using natural cleaning agents. 

Besides, you can sterilize the toys by throwing them in the dishwasher, or if you don’t have access to a dishwasher, you can soak toys in warm water with baby-friendly dishwashing soap

A Rule Of Thumb: Don’t forget to wipe toys or store them somewhere where they can dry. 

The key is to keep them clean and dry so the toys are ready for the next bath time.

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Bath Toys Organizers Types

Hanging Mesh Organizer:

This storage idea is best to avoid using up floor space. You can hang this at the back of your bathroom door or the side of a bathroom counter.

Because it’s made from a mesh material, toys can easily drip and dry. 

Mesh organizers usually have different pockets so that you can store toys depending on their type or shape. 

Besides, this type of storage makes toys visible, eliminating the need to take everything out before finally finding the toy your baby wants to play with.

In-tub Caddy:

Bathtub caddies are a great way to store bath toys while still keeping them accessible for the next bath playtime. 

Because they’re designed to fit most bathtubs, you don’t have to worry about wet toys dripping and causing a slippery bathroom floor. 

These caddies can also be placed on top of sinks depending on the size. Make sure that the bath toys are stacked and stored neatly, though, since you can quickly end up with a mountain of toys waiting to get toppled when not appropriately organized.

Bath Toy Baskets:

You can store bath toys in toy baskets placed on the floor or bathroom rods. 

Bathtub toy baskets can help you get organized… 

You can have two to three shower baskets depending on how many bath toys your baby has and the space you have in your bathroom. 

Having more than one bath toy basket can help you stay organized. You can classify toys by color or type, so you can easily pick out your baby’s bath toy of choice for the day. 

Make sure that you choose toy baskets made of mesh or plastic (with holes at the bottom) to ensure circulation, allowing the toys to dry correctly.

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1 – LUFOFOX Bath Toy Storage Organizer Basket

Best Bathtub Storage Baskets

LUFOFOX Bath Toy Storage Organizer Basket
View On Amazon

Value For Money




Overall Score
Material: Plastic
Color: Multicolored
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Item Weight: 1.46 pounds

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a bathtub storage container that holds a lot of toys and items, look no further.


Well-made and durable

It holds so many items and toys.

Super cute and functional design

Easy to clean


They take space on the wall

These colorful storage boxes combine practicality, functionality, and cuteness at a time. 

The baskets are appealing for kids and parents, as they are an educational element to teach kids the colors, shapes, and organizational skills while taking a shower!

They come with a large opening design to make it easy for kids to use, plastic material that is durable and easy to clean, and ventilated bottoms to allow the air to circulate.  

Keep in mind, though, 

..if you plan to store dry items, put them in the first box and the wet ones –like toys, in the bottom one. 

Furthermore, the boxes’ edges are smooth for a safe shower time, and the sides have decorative ears that work as hangers for towels or bath sponges. 

The best part?

These multifunctional storage baskets work for different rooms, such as the kids’ room, kitchen, and bathroom.

2 – Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Storage for Baby Bath Toys

Best Mesh Net Bathtub Toys Holder

Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Storage for Baby Bath Toys

Value For Money




Overall Score
Brand: Tub Cubby
Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Color: White
Mounting Type: Suction mounted
Item Weight: 2 Ounces

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an affordable bath tub toy holder with ample space, look no further!


Works for textured and smooth surfaces

Super easy to install – suction and adhesive hooks

You get a lifetime guarantee

Roomy storage space

Affordable option


The suction cups are not the best 

The larger bag is ideal for most bath toys, with four compartments to fit the different sizes and shapes. 

…and the smaller pockets are suitable for storing the baby’s soap and shampoo.

The best part?

The caddy has two mounting methods and comes with two sticky hooks and two suction cups hooks to suit the different surfaces. 

The material of this toy storage is mesh, which allows the toys to dry out quickly and prevent the mold from developing. 

Furthermore, it is a safe material free of BPA or toxic components. 

The design is well-made with double stitching to give it extra durability. It is multifunctional to store different items in other rooms – not only for the bathroom or bath toys, and the caddy is machine washable.  

Plus, you get a mini rubber duck as a bounce with this storage caddy!

3 – KidCo Baby Bathtub Organizer

Best Adjustable Bathtub Organizer 

KidCo Baby Bathtub Organizer

Value For Money




Overall Score
Brand: KidCo
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Mounting Type: Free Standing
Item Weight: 15.2 ounces

Bottom Line: This adjustable bathtub organizer suits almost all bathtub designs and holds many toys and shower items.


Adjustable to suit most bathtubs

Large storage capacity


Challenging to clean

It gets flimsy with heavy weighted items 

When you place this organizer inside the bathtub, kids can enjoy all their toys up close while taking a shower.

The design is a favorite of kids and parents..

..the wide plastic organizer fits most tubs and keeps toys close at hand to reduce the risk of slipping.

The organizer is made from plastic and allows you to dry and store bath toys simultaneously. 

The best part? 

It is adjustable and makes it possible to extend the storage! Especially since you add style by inserting an adjustable divider to make things even more organized!

It has three adjustable compartments and two trays suitable for small to medium-sized toys.

Interestingly, the drain holes are throughout to eliminate standing water and help air dry.

The organizer holds lots of items, including heavy ones!

The maximum weight you can add to this bathtub organizer is around ‎96 pounds, more than all the other mentioned options.

We recommend placing it in front of the tub spout to avoid injury!

4 – OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin

Best Bath Toy Bints

OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin

Value For Money




Overall Score
Brand: OXO Tot
Material: Plastic, Adhesive Pads
Color: Teal
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Item Weight: 0.9 Pounds

Bottom Line: If you need a small basket to store the bath toys and other shower essentials for your kids, this bath toy scoop is right for you.


Compact size – portable

It has handles to scoop the toys out of the water 

Dishwasher safe 

Sturdy design


It doesn’t hold many toys

A little challenging to install 

Cleaning it up is not easy 

The adhesives are not the best 

This oxo bath toy bin is suitable for storing the toys inside the bathtub and keeping them handy during shower time. 

This bathtub toy holder has holes on the bottom to drain the water and dry out the toys and comes with a handle to scoop the toys out of the water for easy use. 

It is good to know that you can mount this bath toy holder on the wall using adhesive tape and keep the toys out of the tub floor or keep it standing up on its flat bottom. 

The compact size and shape make this bin perfect for small bathrooms. 

Keep in mind that the capacity of this bathtub toy holder is only 5 lbs, so make sure not to exceed this limit when storing shampoos or other bath essentials. 

5 – FishMM Hanging Mesh Shower Caddy

Best Hanging Shower Caddy

FishMM Hanging Mesh Shower Caddy

Value For Money




Overall Score
Brand: FishMM
Material: Metal & mesh fabric
Color: Black
Mounting Type: Hanging
Item Weight: 0.44 Pounds

Bottom Line: This is a lightweight hanging bath toys storage that offers a large capacity for different toy sizes.


Lightweight, portable, and sturdy design

Multifunctional mesh storage

Affordable option


Not as big as the picture

This small mesh baby bath caddy is perfect for storing your kids’ bath toys and other bath items that you use with every bath to keep them handy. 

It comes with a hook to hang on the shower curtain rod, on the shower door, or even on the back of the bathroom door. 

The best part?

It is a lightweight, small, portable shower caddy with sturdy material.

At the bottom of this shower caddy basket, you will find a hook to hang another caddy or a bath sponge.

Indeed, baby bath caddies are a fun and easy way to keep the bathroom tidy and well-organized! 

6 – ULG Over The Door Hanging Organizer

Best Over The Door Bathroom Organizer

ULG Over The Door Hanging Organizer

Value For Money




Overall Score
Brand: ULG
Material: Metal & Fabric
Color: Gray
Mounting Type: Over the door
Item Weight: ‎2.44 pounds

Bottom Line: This is a big bathroom door organizer suitable for storing bath toys and necessities and keeping them handy.


Offers a hug storage

Works for different purposes and in any room


Not suitable to store heavy items

This huge organizer works for any door, including the bathroom door, and offers ample storage space. 

It has four big clear pockets with ten mesh ones on the sides suitable for small items and wet toys to dry them quickly.

The best part?

The pockets are made of a breathable, durable, moist-resistant, and odorless fabric. 

..and the metal holes are well-made and wear-proof to offer a long service life. 

Besides, the compartments’ bottoms are made of cardboard that stays in shape well. 

Last but not least, this bathroom toy storage is available in two colors, gray and beige, to suit different tastes. 

7 – Shower Curtain Rod Liner Hanging Organizer

Best Curtain Rod Shower Caddy

Shower Curtain Rod Liner Hanging Organizer

Value For Money




Overall Score
Brand: Bsagve
Material: 100% Polyester
Color: White
Mounting Type: Hanging
Item Weight: 4.2 ounces

Bottom Line: This is a space-saver bath toys organizer that is lightweight and has many storage pockets.


Easy to assemble and use

Good storage capacity

Works for toys, shampoos, and different items


Suction power is not the best

Less durable than other caddies

This multifunctional storage caddy is perfect for hanging in different places, such as the curtain rods, doors, and walls. 

In this caddy, you get six pockets to store the different items; each caddy has three pockets with ample storage space. 

The best thing about this caddy is the material; it is made entirely of Polyester that dries out quickly and easily. 

It is lightweight and portable.. 

Since it is suitable to store different items, make sure to adjust the installation based on what you plan to keep. 

For example, heavy shampoos need a sturdy installation, thus, screwing it is the best option in such scenarios! 

The package comes with 2 caddies and eight metal hooks for hanging it. 

8 – Mesh Shower Organizer Hanging

Best Multi-Pocket Hanging Mesh Shower Organizer

Mesh Shower Organizer Hanging

Value For Money




Overall Score
Brand: Pengxiaomei
Material: Polyester
Color: White
Mounting Type: Hanging
Item Weight: 1.06 ounces

Bottom Line: This bathroom storage mesh bag is a space-saver, practical, and economical option to keep the bath toys clean and tidy.


It has six compartments to keep the toys organized

Keeps the toys dry and organized

Multifunctional and works in different rooms


Not that sturdy

Less durable than other options 

Do you have so many bath toys and items in the bathtub that you want to organize? 

If yes, we encourage you to give this shower organizer a try!

Here is why…

You get six pockets to fit most items, including toys, shampoos, sponges, etc. 

Its material is breathable and dries out quickly. Thus, there will be no chance for the water and moisture to stick to the toys and develop mold!

Feel free to wash it regularly but dry it at a low heat temperature to save its shape for cleaning. 

The installation is pretty straightforward.. 

You need to put the rust-proof hooks that come with it in their place and hang it on the shower rod.

Last but not least, this mesh organizer is multifunctional and suitable for bathrooms, gyms, dorms, and other places to organize different items. 

9 – MiniOwls Bathtub Toy Storage Hammock

Best Bath Toy Storage Hammock

MiniOwls Bathtub Toy Storage Hammock

Value For Money




Overall Score
Brand: MiniOwls
Material: Crochet
Color: White
Mounting Type: Hook
Item Weight: 3.2 ounces

Bottom Line: This is a crochet hammock to store toys and other bath essentials that keep them dry and mold-free.


Cute and multifunctional design


It doesn’t stick well on the surface

It doesn’t hold many toys

This crochet toy storage is suitable for storing many toys, big and small, in different rooms – not only the bathtub. 

It comes with three suction cups to stick to the surface, and the hooks are available in a plain, whale, and duck shapes to appeal to kids of different ages. 

However, it only sticks on smooth surfaces, like mirrors, glasses, and tiles!

The interesting part?

The netting design is perfect for drying out the bath essentials, including the bath toys, draining the water down, and preventing the mold and mildew from developing in the items. 

Plus, it comes with a toothbrush holder and a lifetime guarantee to return it.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Buy Bath Toys Organizers

baby bath toys on display

Bath toy storage is not only about keeping things away but also organized and clean as well. 

Here are the main things to look for when looking for storage options:


Opt for storage that has ventilation and room to dry.. Bath toys should only be wet during bath time!

For example, the mesh material and baskets’ holes are perfect for getting the air in, thus, drying out the toys and minimizing the mold scenario! 

Also, make sure to choose a multi-functional toys organizer. 

For example, you can use the toys box to contain other useful bath accessories like sponges, shampoo, shower gel, comb, etc.

Therefore, we recommend you check its capacity!


Plan according to your available space.. 

Identifying a space for your baby’s bath toys will give you a clear idea of the type of storage you should use.

Also, you must consider the size and quantity of the toys that your kid plays with during bathtime. 

For example, if he likes big and bulky toys, the small storage organizers don’t work in such a scenario!

Tip: Consider downsizing to make organizing the toys easier. It can be challenging to organize after bath time when you’re in a rush. Minimizing the number of toys can shorten clean-up time and allow your child to focus on the toys they like.

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Q1: How do I organize my bath toys?

Organizing the bath toys starts with putting them away from the sink by storing them in special tools made for water toys. If your kid has different toys, you can organize bath toys based on their size; store the big ones on one side and the smaller ones on the other side of the storage basket. If you like to be extra organized, you can invest in a bath toy storage holder with many pockets to store each size or type alone. 

Q2: How should I store my baby’s bath toys?

Storing bath toys is essential to keep the bath toys clean, dry, and free from any mold or mildew. You can store the baby water toys in storage bins, caddies, or special organizers that are made to dry them out by draining all the water away and making them ready to use for the next bath time. 

Q3: How do I keep my bath toys from getting moldy?

Mold develops in a wet environment, which you can avoid by completely drying the bath toys out after each bathtime. Also, it is essential to give the bath toys a clean-up every once in a while with suitable soap and water, dry them out, and store them in a dry place. Doing so will give the bath toy extra durability and make them long-lasting! 

Our Verdict: Best Bathtub Toy Organizer

Bath toys help turn bath time into a fuss-free bonding time with your baby. 

Like with every other baby product, you should ensure that bath toys are safe for your baby. 

This article reviewed the top-selling bath toy storage solutions to help you make the right choice. 

We considered the products’ most rated features by the parents, including the value for money, capacity, sturdiness, and durability.

All you need to do now is pick the toy organizer that fits your bill right. 

Take a look at the comparison results below..

ProductRating out of 5
LUFOFOX Bath Toy Storage Organizer Basket⭐ 4.5
Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Storage for Baby Bath Toys⭐ 4.25
OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin⭐ 4.0
FishMM Hanging Mesh Shower Caddy⭐ 4.0
ULG Over The Door Hanging Organizer⭐ 3.75
KidCo Baby Bathtub Organizer⭐ 3.5
Shower Curtain Rod Liner Hanging Organizer⭐ 3.5
Mesh Shower Organizer Hanging⭐ 3.25
MiniOwls Bathtub Toy Storage Hammock⭐ 3.0

Conclusion: Best Bath Toy Storage Solutions

This is the final part of the review.. 

As you can see, the listed bathtub organizers help make the bath toys organized and handy for the next bath time. 

However, each has unique features that bring something special to the table to suit the different bathtub designs and various parents’ needs.  

With that being said,

..it is time to present our top pick, best value, and editor’s choice options.

The advantage of having all the toys grouped in one place without seeing them in disorder makes the baby bath toy organizers and boxes a great gift idea for new mothers.

Make bath time better with safe and clean bath toys every time!

Good Luck with your choice, Mommies & Daddies… 

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