The 9 Best Baby Thermometers (Ultimate review & Buyer’s Guide)

mom checking baby's temperature

Newborns, like young children, are prone to many illnesses that can trigger fevers. 

Let’s face it..

Keeping track of their health can be difficult! 

Luckily, though, baby thermometers simplify the daily life of parents by offering devices that collect the temperature at the level of the ear or the forehead.

Among the many baby thermometers available on the market, helps you choose the right thermometer for your child. 

Here you will find:

  • Why use a baby thermometer?
  • Types of baby thermometers and how to use each one
  • Best baby thermometers reviews
  • ..and a lot More!

We’ve reviewed the best baby thermometers based on our personal experience, product features, and parents’ feedback!

Soby taking one from our list, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality one.!

Let’s get started..


Why Use a Baby Thermometer?

Babies have many reasons for having a temperature. 

When it’s not because of a cold, it might be teething that will raise their body temperature. 

However, no episode of fever is to be taken lightly when it comes to infants. 

A temperature above 39 ° C should alert any parent..

That’s being said… thermometers are very precise and often include a memory of the last results. 

Having previous results allows you to follow the evolution of the state of your child’ health.

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The Difference Between a Baby Thermometer And an Adult Thermometer (Ordinary Thermometer)

Compared with ordinary adult thermometers, baby thermometers are different in shape and measuring time. 

Adults mostly use traditional mercury thermometers, which are almost always clamped under the armpit.

On the other hand, infant thermometers mostly measure the ears and forehead. 

Moreover, the measurement time in the baby’s thermometers is very short, and the result can be measured in a few seconds.

Of course, ordinary thermometers can also be used for babies! But when dealing with a crying baby, speed is a key! 

Above all..

..many thermometers can measure while the baby is asleep, which is convenient for mothers to cope with sudden fever and other situations!

What Type of Baby Thermometer To Choose?

Depending on the temperature measurement methods, the baby thermometer will not be the same. 

Their characteristics diverge and may more or less suit you!

Take a look at the common thermometer types:

The Medical Thermometer

In appearance, the medical thermometer resembles the classic mercury thermometer, it is the one we spontaneously think of. 

Fortunately, though, 

Manufacturers now are replacing mercury with carbon for the safety of the children.

As mercury thermometers are vulnerable to get broken in kids’ mouths. 


A medical thermometer is completely safe, it can be used by anal or axillary plug, ie under the armpits.

To have a reliable result, you need to wait for approximately three minutes. 

In other words:

You need to keep your sick baby calm and relatively still during this time to get an accurate temperature reading. 

The Forehead Thermometer

A forehead thermometer looks like a plastic bar, which can be affixed to the sick baby’s forehead. 

It is, therefore, a non-restrictive method for taking the temperature of an infant, who will often not notice the presence of the thermometer on his forehead. 

Technically, this instrument is very easy to use!

It suffices to pass the tip of the thermometer over the forehead and the temperature is displayed instantly.

keep in mind that the result you obtain should be taken as an indication and will not have the degree of reliability that you can get by other means of taking temperature.

The Ear Thermometer

As the name suggests, an ear thermometer takes temperature by placing it on the ear. 

In doing so, the instrument will measure the temperature of the child’s eardrum, which is a very reliable method

Indeed, the temperature of the eardrum is equivalent to that of the brain.

The result is particularly precise due to the absence of disturbing factors such as movement or drafts.

For an ideal and optimal use, it is sufficient that the ear is free and that the thermometer is correctly oriented in the direction of the eardrum. 

If these two conditions are fulfilled, the baby ear thermometer offers a precise result that is not very restrictive for the baby. 

The handling time is reduced to a few seconds and the display is done electronically, for better readability!

The Non-contact Thermometer

The non-contact thermometer measures the baby’s body temperature without any physical contact. 

It offers the maximum convenience and comfort for the child


Its advantages are easily guessed since the child will not experience the slightest discomfort when taking his temperature!

Moreover, there will be NO need to clean the instrument after use.

mom and grandma checking on baby

Let’s face it now..

This modern technique has lower reliability than other methods!

Because there is NO bodily contact, the temperature is not entirely accurate.. 

It is generally recommended to add a degree to the number obtained. 

Overall, it is an easy to use indicator that gives you the first information on the severity of the baby’s fever.

The Electronic Thermometer

The electronic thermometer includes various types of models that allow you to take the temperature orally, anally, or axillary.

These instruments take advantage of modern advances in technology and can include many functions!

For example, an electronic thermometer has the possibility of signaling by means of a “beep” exceeding the optimal temperature.

In addition, the battery in the device offers the advantage of saving previous temperature readings to easily track your kid’s symptoms.

These electronic thermometers, for the sake of modernity and practicality, often use olive tips!

They are safe and specially designed for infants!

The Pacifier Thermometer

It is an original variant of the electronic baby thermometer!

As its name suggests, the pacifier thermometer acts as a measure of the child’s temperature when it is placed in the child’s mouth. 

In this case, the temperature taken is of course oral.

Taking the temperature in this method is far from being invasive, the thermometer will on the contrary be comforting and soothing for the sick child.

The pacifier works with a battery and the result is obtained quickly.

You will get the results digitally without the pacifier having to be removed from the child’s mouth. 

Plus, using it will give you a continuous measurement as long as the baby keeps the pacifier in the mouth.

The Different Ways Of Measuring Your Baby’s Temperature

Just like in adults, there are various ways to take temperature for babies and it depends on the type of the thermometer. 

It can thus be done by oralaxillary or rectal route.

Let’s take a closer look now.. 

Oral Temperature Measurement

Intuitively, taking a temperature by mouth may seem the most obvious. 

The process is simple: just place the thermometer under the baby’s tongue at the back of the mouth. 

To get a reliable results, you must ensure meeting a set of conditions: 

External Disturb: make sure NOT to distort the process by external disturbances, this will artificially increase or decrease the temperature of the baby.

Hot or cold drink: the consumption of a cold or hot drink by the baby can interfere with the temperature reading, if it took place shortly before the reading. 

Breathing: simple breathing through a baby’s mouth can affect the accuracy of the thermometer. 

Under these circumstances, there may be a deviation of one degree from the actual temperature, which must be added or subtracted as appropriate.

Axillary (Armpit) Temperature Measurement

The axillary temperature is taken under the arms of the little one, which is more pleasant for the child than a mouth or rectal plug. 

This method allows you to quickly check if the baby has a fever with the minimum of stress. 

However, you test the temperature that is only at the surface of the skin.

In another way:

An axillary thermometer does not provide information on the core temperature.

In some cases, there may even be a mismatch between the temperature measured via the axillary route and the actual core temperature.

hands holding a thermometer the skin surface temperature seen by the axillary thermometer may rise more slowly and go unnoticed. 

Rectal Temperature Measurement (the most reliable)

A traditional method for obtaining a child’s temperature, rectal taking is very reliable and is still commonly practiced. 

Its main drawback is that the way it works is uncomfortable and a source of discomfort for the baby. 

The baby may struggle when taking the temperature and therefore injure himself.

Needless to say..

This method of taking temperature offers perfect reliability, since it gives a real overview of the core temperature.

All things considered, With this use, it is always necessary to scrupulously respect the rules of hygiene by washing the thermometer after each use.

1 – Braun Thermoscan 7 Digital Ear Thermometer

Best Overall Baby Thermometer

Braun Thermoscan 7 Digital Ear Thermometer

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Braun
Type: In Ear
Speed: 1-2 Seconds
Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA)
Color: Black
Weight: 10.4 ounces
Dimensions: 5.4 x 2.7 x 8.2 inches

Bottom Line: You can use this baby thermometer in any situation. Accurate and fast, with young and old alike.


It’s great precision

Comes with a preheated and disposable tips

It has an ExacTemp innovation, colored-light indicator, and a sound alert

An indication of normal temperature depending on the age of the child.

Can be used at night


The price is higher than other options

Not super easy to change the age

Might be difficult to use for kids 3 years an up

In terms of innovation in the thermometer market, Braun is making its mark here with the Thermoscan 7. 

Embedding the latest innovations like ExacTemp, Age precision, multi color backlighting. 

Indeed, this baby thermometer is at the cutting edge of technology and is intended to be even suitable for babies.

High Quality with a great design!

As usual with Braun, the quality and assembly of the parts is impeccable. 

Its design is rather sober and timeless. 

Getting started is easy and we note that the display is quite large and backlit. 

Performance and precision

Thanks to the ExacTemp patent, the probe is preheated to induce as little disturbance as possible during the measurement. 

Precision and speed are essential… 

This probe is also designed for better guidance in the ear canal. Very useful for taking temperature in infants.

Hygiene is always a must!

The infrared probe is protected by disposable tips! 

Well, some will see it as a source of additional costs. In any case, it is quite possible to disinfect the tip as many times as necessary.

Here is what you will appreciate.. 

This thermometer gives you a complete fever alert!

You will get an alert based on the age – Age Precision.

Plus, the backlight of the baby thermometer changes color (green, yellow, red) if the presence of fever is suspected. 

It really becomes child’s play! 

It is also small enough to accompany you on the go or to find its place in the baby kit.

2 – NURSAL Touchless Infrared Body Thermometer for Fever

Best Touchless Thermometer For Babies and Adults

NURSAL Touchless Infrared Body Thermometer for Fever

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: NURSAL
Type: Touchless
Speed: 1 Second
Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA)
Color: White
Weight: 4.16 Ounces
Dimensions: 5.55 x 1.93 x 1.85 inches

Bottom Line: This is an affordable thermometer that combines precision, speed, and functionality.


Simple and easy to use

Has an auto-shut feature after 15 seconds

Big screen for easy reading

Has light indicators 


Less accurate than other options

Not super easy to change the age

This Nursal thermometer rubs shoulders as being one of the best thermometers with its great value for money ratio. 

Its price is affordable, yet has the most needed features. 

Good quality and basic design!

The assembly is of quality and we were able to verify it, and the design is original or we can say atypical.

On the other hand, there is nothing to say about ergonomics, the Nursal thermometer will adapt to all hands. 

The LCD display is backlit and the numbers are perfectly contrasted and visible to suit all users.

Within the average performance.. 

The precision of the temperature measurement is average, but the measurement  time is just a second, which is faster than other options.

We especially like the fever detection indicated by a change in screen color. 

Green if all is well, orange if fever is suspected and red if it is true! 

What you will appreciate in this device is the record storage capacity for the last 55 temperature measurements.

Plus, it has an automatic shutdown and a 1-year warranty top it off.

As you probably know…

Like all forehead thermometers, there is no contact so the temperature will be taken in total safety with respect to the person being measured.

Indeed, at this price, there are few brands that offer such a compromise between precision, speed, and functionality.

 3 – Braun ThermoScan5

The Best Value For Money

Braun ThermoScan5

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Braun
Type: In Ear
Speed: Few seconds
Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA)
Color: White and blue

Bottom Line: This is the best choice if you are looking for an ear thermometer for your family. It is fast and gentle so suitable for infants as they become restless quite quickly.


Perfect for babies, children, and adults

Easy and quick to use

Precise measurements

Additional caps provided


Missing the mute mode option 

No backlight

Also by Braun, this other model also remains a reference for the medical profession and users.

The detector is infrared for good precision of the temporal temperature. 

Preheated tip is a plus!

Clinically tested professional precision guaranteed thanks to the patented preheated tip to ensure accurate and consistent measurements.

It has an ExacTemp guidance system that confirms position and accurate reading in seconds

Most importantly,

The thermometer records most of the previous readings so you can easily track temperatures.

The best part?

It comes with 20 quick, soft, and easy to use Hygienic disposable lens filters (tips) that are BPA and latex free!

The lens filter prevents infection from spreading from child to child and keeps the thermometer free from wax residue that could lead to inaccurate readings.

Practical and user-friendly design!

The Braun ThermoScan5 ear thermometer beeps to alert you when the temperature measurement is complete. 

Most parents appreciate the design, as it is comfortable on the ear and easy to hold. 

In addition, it gives you the freedom to choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Here is how to use it:

Simply insert, place the clean disposable tip on the device, turn on the thermometer, place it in the hearing cavity, and wait for the beep in less than 5 seconds. 

The result is displayed on the backlit screen!

4 – iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

The Most Quiet Thermometer 

iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: IHealth
Type: Touchless
Speed: 1 Second
Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA)
Color: White
Weight: 4.59 Ounces
Dimensions: 1.54 x 1.34 x 5.39 inches

Bottom Line: This is a thermometer that works for the whole family. With a vibration alert type for silent use when dealing with babies, a simple design, and an easy use!


Vibrate alert 

Easy to hold and use

Affordable price


Missing the light or beep alerts

At the end of the assessment, the measurements may be distorted if you do not aim exactly at the temporal region.

Doesn’t save the previous temperature readings

Unlike medical tools in the same category, this device is characterized by its infrared ray detection. 

It, therefore, reduces the inconvenience caused by direct contact with conventional thermometers.

Best part?

It works with a vibration alert..

You will be immediately notified when the baby’s temperature assessment is coming to an end through the broadcast of a gentle vibration. 

This option is particularly effective in not waking the child unexpectedly when you are monitoring the temperature.

Quick, Easy, and silent operation.. 

This thermometer collects more than 100 data points per second to assess your body temperature accurately and quickly. 

Most importantly,

A sensor is responsible for keeping the distance between the unit and the front less than or equal to 3 cm to get as accurate results as possible!

Also, climatic variations will not affect the accuracy of the analysis, because the system has been specially designed to bypass this kind of disturbance in real time. 

When it comes to its power supply, this thermometer gets its power source from 2 AAA type batteries.

Hygienic design..

Since no contact is required during the measurement, incidents related to contamination from one person to another will be effectively prevented.

Keep in mind that you need to place it at the center of the forehead to give you accurate results!

Last but not least..

This device is equipped with 2 very specific detectors.

The first detector takes care of the respect of the distance of 3 cm and the second one protects the system from external elements.

5 – Beurer Digital Ear Thermometer

The Most Versatile Baby Thermometer

Beurer Digital Ear Thermometer

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Beurer
Type: In Ear – Contactless
Speed: Few seconds
Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA)
Color: White and grey
Weight: 8 Ounces
Dimensions: 1.4 x 1.77 x 6.1 inches

Bottom Line: This non-contact thermometer works perfect for the whole family with a user friendly system and design.


It gives precise measurements

Easy to use and comes with extra caps

It alerts you when the temperature is very high with a continuous beeps

It saves the last measurements

It has an Auto-off feature to save the batteries


Missing light indicators

Might not always give accurate results

This baby thermometer is reliable as it operates by infrared. 

It is also a user-friendly design!

What you will appreciate in this device is the audible signal that alerts you to the possible reading of the temperature. 

Furthermore, you can use this device to measure ambient and objects as well.. 

Best thing?

It saves up to 10 readings to help you monitor the temperature during a specific period of time. 

In addition, the thermometer comes with a round shape storage base to help keep it in a place and good condition. 

Since it works by inserting it into the ear, you must always keep it clean. 

That’s said, 

This Beurer digital ear thermometer comes with 10 caps for extra protection!

6 – ELERA Ear and Forehead Thermometer

The Fastest Forehead Thermometer

ELERA Ear and Forehead Thermometer

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: ELERA
Type: In Ear – Touchless
Speed: 1 Second
Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA)
Color: White
Weight: 4.59 Ounces
Dimensions: 6.02 x 1.85 x 1.73 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a fast, silent, and easy to use forehead thermometer, look NO further.


Simple and easy to use design

Different modes are available; baby and adult frontal mode, ear mode, and object mode

You can use it on objects and the surrounding environment


The reading might not always be accurate

The batteries are not the best

You can use this thermometer in two different ways; In Ear or Touchless!

It has an infrared lens to detect any slight temperature variations.  

The best part?

The screen presents the result with 4 colors.

The blue display means that the device is being measured, green indicates a normal temperature, orange indicates a start of fever, and red indicates a high fever.

A mute option is a plus! 

Most new parents appreciate the mute alert type, where you can measure the temperature without waking the baby – in the middle of the night. 

With this thermometer, you will get the measurement results in just 1 second and you can easily choose your favorite temperature display type (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

However, you must keep the baby still while using the thermometer to give you an accurate temperature reading. 

Then again,

The best part about using the thermometer is to keep track of your baby’s temperature during a period of time. 

That’s being said, 

The memory mode in this device allows you to store up to 40 temperature readings and precisely track changes!

7 – Withings Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer

Best Smart Thermometer 

Withings Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Withings
Type: Touchless
Speed: Few seconds
Power Source: Battery Powered (2 AA)
Color: White and Green
Weight: 2.72 Ounces
Dimensions: 4.57 x 1.31 x 1.31 inches

Bottom Line: Big advantages of this product is that you can use it for any age with a smartphone application.


Practical design with LCD screen

Adapts to a person’s age – Family thermometer

Free smartphone application to synchronize measurements.

Free smartphone application to synchronize measurements.

The App gives health advice based on the duration of the fever and symptoms 


On the expensive side

Using the App is a must

Setting a Withings account might be challenging for some users

Might give different readings with different forehead distance

This practical Withings thermometer model allows you to take the temperature on the forehead with no skin contact. 

Easy to use design; just place the thermometer 1 cm from the forehead (without touching it) and the result quickly appears on the LCD screen. 

Best part?

This smart thermometer has 3 colors indicating whether the measured temperature is normal, high or very worrying, taking into account the user’s age!

This connected thermometer is linked to a smartphone application. 

Practical and very reliable device..

This thermometer can even be used at night while your child is sleeping. 

While using this device, you will get basic advice based on the recorded profile and the results of the last temperature measurements. 

That’s said, 

It is possible to save up to 8 profiles on the thermometer in order to follow the data of each one and to be able to share it with his doctor.

Plus, there are 16 infrared sensors which allows it to display a very precise result.

Android and IOS devices compatibility!

Since it is a smart thermometer, it comes with an app that is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones. 

The App is useful for viewing the temperature results directly on your phone. Plus, there is an option to get some health advice based on the results you got.

The Thermo thermometer is hygienic with a non-contact and painless temperature measurement system.

 8 – Femometer Thermometer for Baby Kids and Adults

Best Smart Thermometer 

Femometer Thermometer for Baby Kids and Adults

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Femometer
Type: Rectal, Oral, Armpit
Speed: 1 – 1.5 minutes
Power Source: 1 LR41 batteries
Color: White and green
Weight: 1.38 Ounces
Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.1 x 0.8 inches

Bottom Line: If you want a thermometer that you can trust its accuracy look NO further.


Perfect price

Super light and easy to carry around

Different moods of use

Has an auto-off feature to save the battery

Gives an accurate result


Takes longer time to get the result

Missing the colored light alerts

This is the traditional type of thermometer that most parents like to use due to its high precision. 

You can use it in many ways; rectally, orally, or in the armpit area. That’s why it is suitable for all the family – with different ages 

Easy to read indicator..

This thermometer uses letters to show you the status of the results: It shows “L” when the temperature is lower than 32 degrees and “H” if it is higher than 42. 

Keep in mind, though,

This typical thermometer saves only the last reading

So, once you turn it one, you will see the last reading on the display screen. 

Auto shutdown feature is a plus!

If you used the thermometer and left it behind, it will turn off automatically after 10 minutes of no-action period.

Most importantly, 

It is super easy to clean!

It has a waterproof tip that you can clean it easily after every single use to avoid spreading germs from one person to another. 

Last but not least..

Remember to always wait for a “Lo” sign to appear in the display screen before you start using it to get an accurate result.

 9 – Vicks Pacifier Thermometer

The Best Pacifier Thermometer

Vicks Pacifier Thermometer

Value For Money


Easy To Use


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Vicks
Type: Oral
Speed: 2 minutes
Power Source: Battery Powered
Color: White and blue
Weight: 3.36 Ounces
Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 2 inches

Bottom Line: This pacifier thermometer is the right option for infants and little babies


Perfect option for fussy babies

Easy to read and carry around

If used right, it will give accurate result


The pacifier size might be large for infants

Takes long to get a reading

Might be challenging to use for some parents

Works only for babies

Taking your baby’s temperature is not always easy!

The pacifier thermometer, therefore, has the advantage of allowing you to take your child’s temperature easily, quickly, and at any time of the day.

This nipple is for oral use only!

Oral temperature readings are usually about 0.2°F lower than rectal readings and 0.9°F higher than axillary (underarm) readings.

Thing to consider:

Drinking or eating before use may affect reading. Thus, the measurement should be done half an hour after eating or drinking.

Practical and easy operation system!

If you hold down the on/off button, the device will display only the last temperature reading.

Once you leave the pacifier for a few minutes (around 2-3 minutes), the buzzer will sound 10 times, indicating that the temperature is ready to be read. 

This reading reflects the child’s oral temperature!

Warming the nipple is key!

Since the nipple might be cold at the beginning, we recommend you leave the thermometer in your child’s mouth for 6-8 minutes to warm it and get a more accurate reading. 

This is necessary if the child is not comforted uninterruptedly.

Above all, 

This pacifier thermometer has an auto-off function!

So, if you forget to turn it off, the thermometer will automatically shut down after 10 minutes.

NOTE: If soothing is interrupted during use, repeat the process as needed.

Keep it clean and ready to use.. 

Even if you are using this thermometer for one baby, we recommend you clean it after every use. 

Soap with warm water works perfect for cleaning the nipple, then you can wipe dry with a soft cloth and cover it with the included storage box.

Do not boil or wash in the dishwasher!

Dishwashers ruin the device and make it unfunctional. Plus, you lose the warranty! 

Also, do not use any thinners or chemical solvents to clean the equipment.

Buyers’ Guide: How To Choose The Suitable Baby Thermometer?

a thermometer

We introduced the different types of thermometers, as well as the main temperature measurements..

Let’s now see the selection criteria:

The Precision (Accuracy)

Thermometers offer varying efficiency depending on the method of taking the temperature and the instrument itself. 

The most effective thermometer is the rectal method. 

It is the one that immediately provides information on the child’s core temperature!

An electronic thermometer also makes it possible to record the observed temperature.

This can be useful if the child is restless and you do not have time to observe the temperature read by the thermometer quickly.

 When using a digital display, there is no room for doubt! 

The axillary method can be a good compromise at first, especially when the child is resistant to rectal intake. 

This will give you a first idea of ​​the baby’s temperature. 

In case of the presence of a high temperature, to have an accurate reading it will suffice to use the rectal method.


Is the thermometer you use safe?

You don’t want to hurt your baby by checking his body temperature! 

Therefore, make sure that the design of the thermometer is secure for your baby. 

That being said..

This will mostly apply to rectal, oral and ear thermometers since they require some form of insertion into your baby to get the measurements.

a bear and a thermometer

We highly recommend you read the instructions before using them on your baby to make sure you are following the correct procedure.


The best baby thermometer should be ergonomic, practical and easy to use. 

For example, having a tip will allow you to hold the device correctly and obtain an accurate measurement. 

That’s said, 

Both the electronic thermometer and the non-contact thermometer are excellent choices.

Then again, 

Having a digital display makes getting the measurement quick and comfortable for the baby. 

Conversely, taking oral or rectal temperature can sometimes be uncomfortable for a sick child. 

Fussy kids can falsify the temperature reading or in the worst case, injure themselves.

However, the non-contact thermometer is not as precise as a rectal temperature measurement which directly reads the core temperature. 

So, the contactless method can appear as an intermediate method and to be favored initially because of its practicality. 

The Design

Medical thermometers have come a long way. 

The temperature sensor with a glass tube is no longer relevant!

Preferred are those which use infrared technology. 

Indeed, the baby thermometer offers a wide choice of design and manufacturing materials. 

a mom checking his child's temperature

While previously mercury thermometers made with glass were the most popular, today we are turning more to stainless steel models. 

Some even have a backlit display.

The price

Most types of baby thermometers are very affordable and you will easily find one that fits your budget. 

It can be so annoying when you panic and run to your doctor just to tell you that your baby’s temperature is fine and that he is not sick.

False readings are common with some types of thermometers!

Thus, opt for a kind that is reliable and practical at the same time. 

Taking care of babies and kids is already tiring!

The thermometers that work fine save you time and effort along the way..

Top Tips :

Here are some tips and tricks for a safe with your little one:

  • Do not take your baby’s temperature immediately after a hot bath, as the heat increases his temperature for about an hour. 
  • When using a multipurpose thermometer, use it for one location only for hygienic reasons.
  • You can consult with your doctor about the type of thermometer to use with your baby and how to use it if you have never used it before.
  • know when to see your doctor based on your baby’s temperature readings and any helpful tips for lowering the temperature before you get to the hospital or doctor.


Q1: What is the best baby thermometer?

The best thermometer is one that shows body temperature accurately and precisely. We must not limit ourselves to the brand but to performance. The best models have been clinically tested and comply with various standards. They can display a result in less than 15 seconds. Most of the higher quality models are versatile. They can have three measurement modes: oral, rectal and armpit. They are easy to read (thanks to a color coding system). A good thermometer is durable, strong, soft and flexible. It is sweat and water resistant. 

Q2: What type of thermometer to buy?

Prefer rectal thermometers, even if they are unpleasant, they are the most precise. Then come infrared thermometers, quite expensive but reliable. The least efficient ones are the axillary thermometers (under the armpit).

Q3: What temperature is considered normal for a baby?

As soon as your child goes over 38 ° c, you have to start worrying. If your baby reaches over 39 ° C, or even 40, you should take him to the hospital or contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Q4: How do I clean my baby thermometer?

The best way to clean it is to use a cotton swab or a tissue that you soak in medical alcohol (70 or 90%), then wipe the tip gently. Do this after each use.

Q5: How to dress baby with fever at night?

If your baby has a fever, we recommend you put him to sleep wearing lightweight clothes. Also, using a lightweight blanket is very recommended to keep his body cool and make him comfortable for better sleep. Doing the opposite may restrict the body from colling itself naturally.

Our Final Verdict: Best Baby Thermometer

Baby thermometers are not necessarily devices with specific characters. 

The models we reviewed prove that the models intended for family use are sufficiently elaborate to be used on the little ones.

Needless to say.. 

For the measurement to be as reliable as possible, certain criteria must be met. 

It all depends on the age of your child and the conditions under which you are taking the temperature measurement. 

In conclusion, we cannot say that there is a perfect model of baby thermometer. 

Your choice will also depend on the features you are looking for in terms of the values included, accuracy, ease of use, and speed.

Take a look now at the overall comparison results below..

ProductRating out of 5
Braun Thermoscan 7 Digital Ear Thermometer⭐ 4.5
NURSAL Touchless Infrared Body Thermometer for Fever⭐ 4.25
iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer⭐ 4.0
Braun ThermoScan5⭐ 4.0
Beurer Digital Ear Thermometer⭐ 3.75
ELERA Ear and Forehead Thermometer⭐ 3.5
Withings Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer⭐ 3.25
Femometer Thermometer for Baby Kids and Adults⭐ 3.25
Vicks Pacifier Thermometer⭐ 3.0

The NURSAL Touchless Infrared Body Thermometer comes at the top of the list as the Best thermometer to use for babies. Obviously, it is super easy to use and gives an acceptable accuracy result within only 1 second. 

Then come the iHealth, Braun Thermoscan 7, and Braun ThermoScan5 in second place with their excellent performance.

The Beurer and ELERA Thermometers reserve third place. While the Beurer gives less accurate results than other options, the ELERA thermometer gives an overall acceptable performance.

Withings, Vicks, and Femometer Thermometers come last. The Withings thermometer is a little bit challenging to use and doesn’t give accurate results consistently. While the other two take longer than average time to test the temperature!

Conclusion: Best Baby Thermometers

Dealing with a baby’s first fever can be quite intimidating, which is why you need to have the best baby thermometer in your first aid kit. 

In this article, we reviewed the top 9 thermometers that are perfect for babies, kids, and adults as well.


It is the time to reveal our Top Pick, Top Value, and Editor’s Choice.