Keep It Under Wraps Top 5 Baby Changing Pad Covers

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We’ve got to admit, Loving babies is one thing but changing diapers is another….

Good thing Pad Covers make the experience bearable.

Welcome to my go-to-list for the top Baby Changing Pad Covers on the market.

In this all-new guide you’ll learn:

  • The basics of what Changing Pad Covers are for
  • What qualities to get a load of
  • Top 5 mommy-friendly Pad Covers
  • ..and a lot More!

You’ll love this stylish change to your everyday routine.

Let’s take a look now Mommies and Daddies…


Wondering if you need to get a changing pad cover for your baby’s changing pad? 

We’ve got you covered…

Let’s take a closer look to the function of a changing pad cover and how it makes changing your baby’s diaper much easy to do…

A changing pad diaper liner and cover help do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your changing area dry.

Liner or cover..??

Liners, whether they are disposable diaper liners or reusable ones, help to absorb anything wet that leaks out of a diaper.

While a changing pad cover prevents leaking through to your changing pad and helps prevent major stains from getting onto your changing pad.

You always cannot predict how big your baby’s mess is… until you SEE IT…!

This cover is super helpful in keeping everything clean and the changing station sanitary.

We used it a lot in our household, because we do not have a changing table, it could end up being any surface.

We looked in-depth into the world of changing pad covers. Here we listed the best changing pad covers for first-time parents.

Let’s dive in and make you baby’s place clean all the time…

1 – Babebay Changing Pad Cover

Best Breathable Changing Pad Cover

Babebay Changing Pad Cover



Water Resistance

Easy To Clean

Overall Score
Brand: Babebay
Material: Polyester
Color: Lt Grey & Navy Blue
Pattern: Minky dots
Item Dimensions: 32″×16″×5″ inches

Bottom Line: Ultra soft and comfortable changing pad cover.


Super soft, velvet, and polyester material with unique dot texture


Holes on the sides for safety buckles

It comes in several colors, each easy to hide stains


32″ by 16″ by 5″, may have more extra fabric than other changing pad covers

Different material that may not be for everyone

Fairly thin

Have you placed your baby in a soft cover that feels like a comfy blanket?

Here it is Mommy…

These Babebay Ultra Soft Minky Dots Changing Table Covers are exceptionally soft and thin. They have a soft velvet and polyester blend that provides comfort for your little one.

And surprisingly,

They do maintain their softness well after many washes! 

These covers can fit up to 32″ by 16″ by 5″ changing pads, making them very wide compared to other standard changing pad covers. 

They also have a unique textured, dotted design that adds to the experience of a changing pad cover.

Let me tell you more about it…

The colors available also help prevent staining and easy washing and come with holes on the side for safety buckles to loop through. Like other changing pad covers, they also come in a set of 2.

2 – Burt’s Bees Baby – Knit Terry Changing Pad Cover

Best Organic Changing Pad Cover

Burt’s Bees Baby – Knit Terry Changing Pad Cover



Water Resistance

Easy To Clean

Overall Score
Brand: Burt’s Bees Baby
Material: BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free
Color: Heather Grey
Pattern: Solid
Item Dimensions: 9 x 6.5 x 2 inches

Bottom Line: This is organic changing pad cover that is durable, colorful, and well-fitted.


100% organic cotton, environmentally friendly

Holes on sides for safety straps

Strong, durable, and stretchy elastic

It comes in a variety of color options


It may run small

Not as soft as synthetic fabricsD

Burt’s Bee’s changing pad cover features 100% organic cotton. It works best for a standard 16″ by 32″ changing pad. 

We found that some parents enjoy that this is 100% organic cotton. Yet, this does not always translate to a softer product. 

The color selection is pretty wide compared to other changing pad covers on our list, and they have darker options to avoid stains from showing up.

This cover is also a bit on the small side but works well for most situations. 

The elastic is very forgiving on this cover, and they only come individually packaged, which is not the best bang for your buck. 

This cover, like others, includes holes on the sides. This allows for safety straps to be easily accessible. 

3 – Ely’s & Co. Waterproof Changing Pad Cover Set

Best Waterproof Changing Pad Cover

Ely’s & Co. Waterproof Changing Pad Cover Set



Water Resistance

Easy To Clean

Overall Score
Brand: Ely’s & Co.
Material: TPU
Color: Taupe
Pattern: Striped
Item Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 5 inches

Bottom Line: Multi-purposes sheets that you can use as a changing pad cover and Cradle sheet as well


100% cotton jersey knit with a TPU lining underneath

Easy to hide stains with grey color patterns


No holes on the sides for safety straps

It may have some excess fabric.

Recommended not to wash in hot water

Don’t work with a contoured changing pad

This set of 2 is 100% jersey cotton knit. It is optimal for changing pads and cradles that are 36″ by 18″ in size. 

What is unique is that it comes with a TPU waterproof lining under the jersey knit to keep the changing pad dry. 

BUT, watch out Mommy…

because of the lining, You have to follow specific cleaning instructions to make it durable..! Oops!

This really does not do well in warm or hot water settings. While a little cumbersome, it is not the end of the world. 

Are you a fan of simple and basic designs? 

These do not have as many color or design choices available. BUT, the grey color they did choose makes it easy to hide stains. 


These covers don’t have holes on the sides for the safety loops to loop through. However, this can be a quick do-it-yourself fix.

4 – BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Covers for Boys Girls

Best Fit Changing Pad Cover

BROLEX Stretchy Changing Pad Covers for Boys Girls



Water Resistance

Easy To Clean

Overall Score
Material: Jersey
Color: Grey teal anima
Pattern: Animal Prints
Item Dimensions: 16’’x 32’’ inches

Bottom Line: These covers fit perfectly on most changing pads with very stretchy material.


Stretchy and soft

Comes with holes on the sides for safety buckles

Durable and stands up well to washing


The size might be too small for some changing pads

Square cut fabric, maybe looser on oblong-shaped changing pads

These changing pads by BROLEX work well for smaller-sized changing pads… 

They stretch to fit changing tables with the size 16″ by 32″ inches, made of 95% polyester jersey knit material, and come in a set of 2. 

Don’t forget the cuteness, though…

You will love the change pad cover pattern they come in; they are adorable!

There are holes on the sides for safety buckles to loop through. The design and material combined are why these are easy to clean. 

Then again, these are also square cuts. So if your changing pad is not a rectangular shape, you might find that you also have extra fabric with this fit.

5 – TILLYOU Jersey Knit Ultra Soft Changing Pad

Softest Changing Pad Cover

TILLYOU Jersey Knit Ultra Soft Changing Pad



Water Resistance

Easy To Clean

Overall Score
Material: Polyester
Color: Peachy Pink & Lt Gray
Pattern: Solid
Item Dimensions: 32 X 16 X 8 inches

Bottom Line: These covers are soft on the skin and comfortable that calm your baby during diaper changes.


Soft and stretchy material.

Comes with holes on the sides for safety buckles


Square cut fabric maybe not fit on all changing pads shapes

It may have some excess fabric.

A little bit thin

These TILLYOU covers are the best bang for your buck for changing pad covers.

Cute and soft…

They offer a variety of soft colors that will make the nursery looks colorful and much cuter… 

And the polyester jersey knit is breathable, soft, and thin. 

…and here is one more thing Mommy

They come in a set of 2 and work best for changing pads between 32″ by 16″ to 34″ by 16″.

If the baby bassinet is around this size, they work as a mattress sheet… Yay!

They include holes on the sides to slide safety buckles through to secure your little mover.

Check the shape first, Mommy…

These are square covers! So if your changing pad is any oblong or any other shape, it will have even more loose fabric.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For In a Baby Changing Pad Cover

shopping bag and mini cart

Here are some considerations for what to think about when getting a changing pad cover. 

Get Two, and Work Up!

Unless your baby is constantly getting into their poop, you only need -at least- two changing pad covers on rotation. 

When it gets soiled or dirty is when you should switch it out. 

You may find yourself in a situation where you got your changing pad cover dirty two days in a row.

Most moms and dads have been there!

In this case, it may be a note to yourself to try out some more.


Most changing pads will come in similar sizes to fit a standard changing table – some possibly smaller or taller. A standard changing pad measures 17″ by 33″.

This is not too much to worry about.

Most changing pad sizes will not deviate too far from this, or their heights may differ by a few inches.

We advise you to follow this old construction saying when buying things you cannot try on: measure twice, cut (or in this case buy) once. 

It cannot hurt to measure things out twice to ensure your cover will fit. If you have a slightly taller pad, that might be something to consider. 


As we said, covers are more to keep from staining a changing pad…

But it still helps to have a cover made of either an absorbent quilted material or a water wicking material. 

Something like a cotton and polyester blend can be helpful on days when you have huge messes. Oops!

Better Experience…

The material also adds to the experience of the changing pad for your baby.

Thicker and generally more vinyl-like materials are not as comfortable for babies.

Since you will be using it every time you do a diaper change for your little one, you want an absorbent material.


It will absorb the baby’s pee instead of keeping it and getting it all over the baby’s clothes, back, and bottom.

Made for Pads With Safety Straps

Changing pads come with safety features that you will appreciate.

If you are a new parent and think your baby will stay calm while doing a diaper change, then NO! 

You need to use the safety belt to keep your baby in place…

When looking for a cover, try to get one that has a slit on the sides. This slit allows the safety belt to slide through and buckle around the cover. 

To avoid covering safety grips, make sure to have one sized appropriately. This makes sure it does not cover the grips with extra fabric.


The design is the most significant appeal of changing pad covers…

Solid or with a Pattern? 

Most changing pads out there are neutral-colored and bland-looking. These simple and basic designs will match in most nurseries… The designed ones that have something colorful and fun adds to the appeal, help make something basic and turn it into something you will enjoy looking at.


Q1: Is using the disposable changing mat cover better than the washable one?

It all depends on what the parents prefer and see as an easy-to-use option, and of course, the cost matters. Yet, the disposable covers are suitable for on-the-go use.

Q2: How many changing pad covers do I need?

Accidents do happen, especially with kids. Thus, make sure to have a couple of changing mat covers to keep your mat clean and ready to use all the time.

Q3: How can I clean the changing pad cover?

Most of these covers are machine washable, and some need a special washing treatment like warm water temperature. Generally, most of the fabrics are easy to wipe. Ensure to check all the instructions before putting it in the washing machine.

Our Verdict: Best Changing Pad Cover

This article reviewed the five best baby changing pad covers that will make the diapering change so much easier…

They are all useful and protect the changing pad. However, some brands have specific features that suit the parents’ needs more than the others.


Newbabysmell comparison is mainly based on the standard features that parents are looking for when choosing a changing mat cover, which are:

  • Softness
  • Durability
  • Water Resistance
  • East To Clean

Now, we are presenting the reviewed changing mat covers based on their overall performance.. 

Let’s see the results…

ProductRating out of 5
Babebay Changing Pad Cover⭐ 4.5
Burt’s Bees Baby – Kit Terry Changing Pad Cover⭐ 4.25
Ely’s & Co. Waterproof Changing Pad Cover Set⭐ 3.75
Stretchy Changing Pad Covers for Boys Girls⭐ 3.5
TILLYOU Jersey Knit Ultra Soft Changing Pad⭐ 3.25

Conclusion: Best Changing Pad Covers

Here we come to the final section of the review…

For the most part, the best changing pads’ covers are meant for absorbing messes. See how much you end up rotating out, and buy accordingly. 

And remember,

It never hurts to measure things before buying. Sometimes, they can hinder some other features on your changing pad if they are too big or small.

Our in-depth review of the 5 best changing pad covers ended up having some brands that perform better than others.. 


it’s time to look at our top 3 picks out of these best covers…

We hope you find this article helpful in making the right choice and find the one that works good for you and your little one..