VTech Safe And Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor Review 2024

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If you don’t want to spend too much on a video monitor for your child, you can always settle for an audio monitor.

In a previous article, we reviewed the top 10 baby monitors that include video and audio monitors to meet different parents’ needs.

This article will present an in-depth VTech safe and sound digital audio baby monitor review with its unique and different features for the whole family to enjoy.

we will cover:

  • Upgraded VTech dm112-2 audio baby monitor features
  • Parents opinions and feedback
  • Pros and cons
  • ..and a lot More!

The VTech upgraded audio baby monitor that does not require hands and feet for crystal clear sound for sound monitoring.

It comes with many exciting features that make it stand out as one of many parents’ most favored audio monitors.

Keep reading to know more…

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VTech Safe And Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

VTech Safe And Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor


Battery Life

Sound/Picture Quality

Value For Money

Overall Score
Manufacturer: VTech
Alert Type: Audio
Color: Silver
Power Source: AC Power, Battery

Bottom Line: This audio detector has a 5-level sound indicator, 1,000 feet of range, and a digitized transmission at an affordable price.


Reliability and consistency alerts

Very easy to use

Affordable price

Has a visual sound indicator


Fewer values

It runs out of batteries fairly quickly

Our Verdict: Best Audio Baby Monitor

If you need a baby monitor without any fancy features, this VTech DM112-2 audio baby monitor is your best choice!

It is a good audio monitor that is also affordable for many parents who prefer using a simple way to monitor their kids.

When you purchase a cheap baby monitor, the first concern that arises is usually the sound quality. 

However, this audio monitor is good in quality and gets the job done.

Regarding security, this audio monitor uses a privacy guaranteed DECT 6.0 technology that delivers clear transmission, eliminating any annoying white noise you might hear from other analog monitors.

You get an extended range of 300 meters, which equates to approximately 1,000 feet, and is comfortable in most configurations. 

The Vtech DM112-2 is designed to be easily moved from room to room with its built in rechargeable battery.

This monitor includes one baby unit and two parent units with arrow keys that go up and down to offer different sound alerts based on the situations needed.

When your baby moves or makes noise, you will be reminded through the parent unit to deal with it.

It works like this: 

You are supposed to plug it in most of the time, but thanks to the battery powered operation option. With two AAA alkaline batteries, rest assured that they can work anywhere you go and use them in the portable operation mood. 

However, we recommend you reconnect it if you have the possibility; in fact, the device can run out of batteries fairy quickly (in a few hours). 

Moreover, the alert tones are easily controlled by pressing the arrows on the parents unit.

A belt clip is included to make it even easier to carry; you can thus directly attach it to your belt. 

The installation is effortless; plug it anywhere in the child’s room and keep the receiver close to you. 

Besides, you can adjust the speaker volume, and even better, you can keep the unit muted and still know if there is noise in the baby’s room. 

Indeed, Vtech has five led lights in the parents’ unit to indicate the sound level. It’s simple, smart, and convenient to visually monitor noise level.

Above all, the parents unit emits different alert tones for some situations; it gives two beeps for low battery status and three beeps when the device is out of range.

When the device is on mute, it will flash in green if the baby unit is not connected to the parent unit.

The biggest downside about this monitor is that it does NOT have a two-way communication option to talk to your kid.

Yet, it is not a must have feature..

But still, some parents rely a lot on talking to their kids – especially when they are crying!

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

Performance Comparison 


Now, let’s talk about how long you can use this audio monitor..

It is not surprising that this monitor is less durable than other advanced monitors.

As we stated before, it is on the affordable side and gets the job done. However, the overall quality is average.

Some parents said that it didn’t last for too long. Turning it off and on becomes a little annoying and might take more than the usual time.

The parents unit cord is not the best, and some parents considered it to be short.

As you can see,

This video monitor came up at the bottom of the list. 

Compared to the other reviewed monitors, it is not that durable, but it is good if you know how to deal with it properly.

Battery Life

The monitor works with a built in rechargeable battery and two AAA alkaline batteries.

It works perfectly when it is plugged in. However, it becomes less portable!

If you unplug it and use it with the batteries, make sure to have a couple of them as a spare. 

The batteries don’t last for too long..

baby looking at the camera

Based on the results above… 

The battery service life of this VTech audio monitor is not the best. It came out at the bottom of the list in this segment too besides the Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor . 

However, this monitor works perfectly if you keep it plugged in! 

Sound/Video Quality

Although this audio monitor is supposed to eliminate all the white noises from getting into the parents unit, it doesn’t do this all the time!

Some parents don’t mind it as long as they can hear their children’s voices.. But this is not the case all the time.

But the overall sound performance is acceptable.

baby smiling while laying on his tummy

As per the comparison results.. 

the sound quality of this audio monitor is perfect to detect any noise that the baby makes!

It performed just like other more advanced monitors, like Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor and Hello Baby-US Baby Monitor with Remote Control.

Value for money

We can say that this monitor offers good values compared to its affordable price.

It gives the parents the option to stay connected with their kids all day and night long without spending too much money.

baby held by dad

The Upgraded VTech DM112-2 Audio Baby Monitor came up as a top performer besides the Eufy monitor.

If you compare their prices to the values they offer, you will notice that they both have same value for money ratio. 

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Q1: What is the range of a VTech baby audio monitor?

This VTech audio baby monitor covers up to 1,000 feet. You can keep an ear on your child while roaming around the house and get a reliable sound alert for any noise or movement inside the kid’s room.

Q2: What are the VTech DM112-2 pairing instructions?

First, you need to press on the baby’s unit and keep holding until the Power lights are off, then repeat until the lights are on. You need to do the same steps on the parents unit as well. Just give it 1-min to link to each other, and then you are good to go.

Q3: Does VTech DM112-2 audio baby monitor have a two-way communication option?

No, this simple audio monitor offers only a base unit (the parents’ unit) to receive the alert without the option to talk to your baby.

Q4: How do I turn off parental audio on VTech baby monitor?

There are two buttons your parental control with up and down arrows which are used for lowering, muting, and raising up the voices. There is also an led indicator for checking the volume as well on the top.

Q5: Why is my VTech audio baby monitor beeping?

The VTech audio baby monitor only beeps when it has a low battery indicated on the parental control unit, or when the devices are out of signal range.

Conclusion: Upgraded Vtech DM112-2 Audio Baby Monitor

The Vtech DM112-2 is designed to move from room to room, and it’s best to keep it plugged in when possible so as not to drain the batteries.

The installation of this device is simple and easy to implement in the shortest possible time, with a convenient clip for easy use!

What you should keep in mind when using this audio monitor is the possibility of hearing white noise. Most users reported having this issue, but you can easily hear the baby’s sound anyway.

Since there is no video monitor, it can be used for slightly larger children, not newborns.

But it remains a portable and convenient tool, which allows parents to live their lives stress-free. 

Illuminated noise alerts are an excellent idea for audio monitoring…

We hope that you find this article helpful for you. You might also want to check the Best 5 Humidifiers For Babies