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Fancy Schmancy: Best Potty Training Pants

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Are these Diaper Pants, or pants into diapers? I don’t know but it sure sounds doable!

This article introduces some of the best Potty Training Pants that’ll help you on your way to be 100% diaper free!

We’ll be giving you all the nuts and bolts about:

  • What Potty Training Pants are
  • Its qualities and functions you should look out for
  • 5 Product Reviews of the Best Potty Training Pants
  • And a whole lot more…

This is certainly a groundbreaking invention.

Let’s find out more.

Your little one is finally learning to become more independent, but it takes some baby steps (pun intended) for them to finally hit that milestone.

One of the greatest feats they will overcome is potty training. There are bound to be some hiccups along the way. To ease the mess and stress, potty training pants are a great transitional point. It will help them to reach their “I did it” moment. I reviewed some of the best potty training pants. These are for the caretakers out there who want to make this transition smoother and fun for everyone.

But first, let us talk about what makes Potty Training Pants so great. Then I will give you a rundown of some of my favorite picks.

What are Potty Training Pants?

You can think of Potty training pants as a hybrid of a diaper and actual underwear.

They feel like underwear, but typically have a water-absorbent material to prevent leaks. A lot of parents choose to go with this route to allow their children to relish in their accomplishments. While it still allows them the comfort and freedom for play. The toddlers who wore them were already introduced to the potty. They also had some familiarity or interest in being potty trained.

With that said, these are not diaper replacements.

They feature a design that makes your child feel slightly uncomfortable. If they do pee or poop themselves it helps to encourage them to make it the bathroom. Now not all potty training pants are the same because not all children are the same. Potty training pants are like the next level up from pull-ups. Potty training is a long journey and this is just one step of it. There are many different types of potty training pants.

So let us think about some factors you should take into consideration when buying for your child.

Design and Function

First, how it looks and how it works.

As I stated earlier, these are not diaper replacements. You may not love that they leak during the middle of the night or that they are damp on the outside. In reality, that is in their function. They are absorbent to an extent, but their job is not just to capture pee and poop. Their job is to hold it until your child can make it to the potty.

This can help to motivate them to not want that feeling and to alert you that they need to go Potty.

When they are dry, they are flexible and comfortable for your baby. They are great enough to play around and chase your toddler in. They can even withstand a dance party. When they have a bowel movement or pee themselves, it can become quite uncomfortable. They learn that since it can be uncomfortable to go in them, they should use the bathroom. If anything, training pants give parents a peace of mind.

You can be sure there will not be a mess, just in case they do have an accident. 

Material and Your Child’s Sensitivity 

If your child is prone to rashes, then material may be a big factor.

When deciding which potty training pants to buy, make sure to look at the different materials. Many feature materials such as 100% cotton, but those tend to be the reusable ones. If you want disposable diapers, then you can expect companies to try to mimic that 100% cotton feel. These feel just like a disposable diaper. I would recommend unscented training pants for caretakers who want disposable pants.

This is also great for children with sensitive bottoms. For those who go the reusable route, applying a nice thick cream will alleviate potential rashes. You know your child’s body best, so you can make the trade-off when picking. Note that sticking to your usual cream routine should give you the same results. Even when switching over to potty training pants.

Size and Stages of Potty Training

Every child’s personality is drastically different. They are unapologetically themselves when it comes to their personality and their shape.

We love it.

Some children take interest in potty training earlier. Some get nervous around the toilet. With that said, it is important to take into consideration the size of your child. Also consider the stage of potty training they are in. If they are extremely reluctant, making this leap may not be such a good idea. If they show interest and have tried to sit on the potty, then a subtle change can go a long way.

When it comes to buying for your child, size is crucial. Let us face it, they are growing more than we realize. An elastic waistband is a must. I would highly recommend buying one with adjustable waist sizes. Specifically for reusable training pants. This is because a reusable one is truly an investment. It is a great way to save money, and a way to be environmentally conscious.

So to get your money’s worth with reusable potty training pants, adjustability is the way to go. If you are going the disposable route, then this may not entirely apply to you. Just ensuring you get a snug-fitting size is good for the short term use of the training pants.

Lastly, this is a fun learning experience for both you and your child.

A big factor is a stage of potty training they are in and their age. You might find that they will learn much more quickly or slower than others. Do not worry about this. As parents, we cannot help but compare. Although it seems counter-intuitive, the younger ones who take an early interest usually take longer. While the late bloomers tend to learn much more quickly. So I recommend a pack size of 6-10 for the younger ones. Pack size of 4 for the older ones who can communicate more clearly with you should be sufficient. Now onto some reviews!

BIG ELEPHANT Unisex Toddler Training Pants Underwear

This 6 pack of cotton training pants by Big Elephant are cute, comfy, and efficient. They consist of 100% cotton and are pretty absorbent. They are on the pricier side, but prove their quality at first use. They are soft enough for the more sensitive bottoms. They are also flexible enough for the most energetic toddler. These training pants consist of 6 different layers.

This makes these much more absorbent than other training pants. The inner lining has padding for those small accidents. It helps to contain the leakage. These training pants also hold up really well in the washing machine. If you want something that saves you time and money, this long term investment is a good way to go. 


  • Absorbent enough to handle urine or bowel movement within a 30 minute time frame
  • The soft material and edge design prevents leaks 
  • Reliable and durable enough for long time use
  • Your child will definitely be comfy running around the house with these on


  • These training pants do run a little small 
  • They are on the pricier side of potty training pants, yet they are pretty high quality.

Disney Girls’ Minnie Mouse Multi-Pack Potty Training Pant

If your child is familiar with Disney, they may love the character design of these Disney Minnie Mouse packs of potty training underwear. Your child will love to slide in these and run around the house. The 100% cotton material makes it comfy for the more energetic ones. The material is perfect for those with sensitive skin. They are sure not to cause any irritation.

A great feature that sets these training pants apart is the polyester mesh. It surrounds the outside layer. This lets your child know and act upon small leaks. It is a cute and fun way to get your child towards independent bathroom use. I recommend these to children who are almost done with training as they are not as absorbent. They get the job done, just better for the more advanced children.

Overall cute design and great material.


  • Cute design and familiarity with a character on the training pants 
  • They come in a 7 pack or weeks worth
  • Polyester mesh helps alert child


  • The color of the pants fade easily through typical washer and dryer wash
  • The disney character also becomes flaky and can tear off
  • Leaks can happen if your child has a big “accident”

Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants  for Girls and Boys

The disposable Easy Ups Training Pants by Pampers are the only disposable potty training pants from our reviews. They come in various sizes and in bulk. You can expect a break from potty training pants shopping duties for a while. These are also great for on the go. If your child is familiar with cartoons or movies like Trollz, they will be so excited.

They will run to try on these cute training pants with their favorite characters on them.

The material is also better than other pull ups and I know some can be quite irritable to sensitive skin. Even though these may be disposable, the material feels like cotton. I also love the fact that it does not have velcro flaps. It does not feel like a comfortable diaper that your child may be used to. This helps make the transition to using the bathroom much easier. 


  • They are disposable, so you do not have to worry about messes
  • They come in packs of over 100
  • They can feel like a big kid with their easy to pull off and up design


  • They are not as absorbent as other products on this list and will probably leave a mess at night
  • They are not the best for children with very sensitive skin
  • Not as eco-friendly

U0U 4 Pack Toddler Potty Training Pants Layered Cotton Training Underwear for Toddlers Girls Boys

You have to love the affordability and look of the U0U Toddler Potty Training Pants. They come in many different patterns and are just adorable enough to let you little one run around the house. They contain 4 different layers to reduce leakage and they do well with some tinkles. They may hold less urine, so I would recommend these to more advanced children.

What I would stress about these is the comfort.

They are soft on the inside and out, so sensitive bottoms will feel hugged and snuggled with these on. They also look like regular underwear, so it can help your child transition easier. I know with mine, they felt much more motivated to go. We like to call these her big girl pants. These are great transition pants that feature the cutest designs.


  • Cute and comfortable! 
  • They are very soft and friendly for the more sensitive bottoms
  • The 4 layers definitely make them feel thick and sturdy
  • These most energetic of toddlers will love to run around the house with these on


  • They are not as absorbent
  • A better lining at the edge of the pants would help contain the mess

Skhls Baby Toddler Thick Absorbent Potty Training Pants Underwear

Our last review is on Skhls Thick Absorbent Potty Training Pants. They come in many different designs and themes that work for the different seasons of the year. These are also reusable and made of 100% cotton, so of course they will save you money in the long run. You can also rest easy knowing that this is an eco friendly option.

They definitely give your baby’s bottom some breathing room.

This can help with the dreaded diaper rash. They are also comfortable for daily use. The elastic waistband gives you some leeway in case your child goes through a growth spurt. Overall a great and high-quality product. I think it is more catered to older children whose main concern is just making it to the potty in time.


  • Easy to pull up and down
  • Comes in cute and festive designs
  • Very comfortable, great for sensitive bottoms


  • Not the most absorbent, but can handle accidental tinkles
  • Can leave a damp exterior


Bottomline, potty training pants is an exciting step for your young ones.

They finally get to experience their “big kid” moment. You as a caretaker can relax knowing you save time cleaning up a big mess. I hope this advice and these reviews will help you take that next step with your baby. Taking on the potty doesn’t need to be hard or scary.

With the right tools and can-do attitude, Potty training will be a highlight in your growth and your child’s growth. 

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