Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor Review 2024

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Baby monitors are not the same; some are simple while others are more advanced.

If your child is not a newborn and you want to keep an eye on his room while sleeping or playing, we recommend you get a simple monitor to get the job done without any hassle… 

But if you are a new parent, we highly recommend you get an advanced type. 

With that being said, 

We have already reviewed 10 different types of video and audio monitors that meet various uses, based on the baby’s age and parents needs. 

This article will specifically review the Philips avent dect baby monitor and talk about its basic and practical design, including:

  • The monitor’s main features
  • Pros and cons
  • Parents feedback and opinion
  • ..and a lot More!

This audio monitor is affordable, effective, and perfect to use while travelling. As it is light in weight and doesn’t take much space.

Stick with us to know more…

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Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor

Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor


Ease of Cleaning



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Philips AVENT
Alert Type: Audio Only
Color: Blue
Power Source: Electricity Cord + Batteries

Bottom Line: This is one of the best audio only baby monitors that focuses only on the basic features, yet, very efficient to hear your baby anytime.


Good price

Good coverage operating range

Very easy to handle

Reliable connection


Some extras are missed

The simplest audio model

Our Verdict: Best Travel Audio Baby Monitor

The Philips Avent is a basic audio baby monitor, which allows only the audio connection with the child and has only one communication channel.

You can only hear the baby’s cry through the parent unit, without the option to calm him down from a distance with a microphone. 

Therefore, it is not suitable for new parents who are confronted with a newborn for the first time, it is more for those who already have some experience with children. 

With this type of baby monitor it is therefore essential that the parent can clearly hear the baby’s voice and the noises of the room.

That’s said,

The ability to adjust the volume is, therefore, an essential function in these devices, and the Philips Avent does not disappoint you here!

The operating efficiency of the baby monitor varies depending on the factors that affect the signal. An excellent feature in this model is that the audio connection uses DECT technology, which offers a double advantage:

  • It is a technology guarantees zero interference with other appliances (like cell phones).
  • It ensures a secure and private connection. 

In this way the audio will always be crystal clear and monitoring the child will take place in complete safety.

Surveillance Level is not the best..

…and this could be a source of anxiety for new parents who fear that the baby monitor is not effective enough! 

In fact, not only is the baby unit not equipped with a camera, but there is not even a light that signals suspicious noises in the baby’s room.

Instead, there are LED indicators that light up progressively according to the intensity of the noises detected.

It is a useful feature that should not be underestimated because it also allows you to visually check if the baby is crying.

The signal range is excellent..  

The Philips Avent receives a very high rating for this factor; although a simple device, it is in fact an efficient and reliable model.

This baby monitor offers up to 50 m indoor range, while in outdoor spaces it even reaches 300 m. 

The wide range makes this monitor suitable for those who have a large house, a garden, or large terrace.

In any case, we recommend you always ensure that the two units are connected by checking that the appropriate light located on both units is green.

Another point to cover about this audio monitor is the nightlight.

On the baby unit there is a soft colored light that should serve to calm the baby if he were to be afraid of the dark.

Compared to many other even more essential models, the presence of a comforting night light is still an added value to soothe and calm babies with a warm tranquil glow during bed time.

But we remind you that, unfortunately, it is not possible to activate it from the parent unit, as it turns on automatically when the baby unit is switched on.

Also, the device doesn’t come with a belt clip, which makes it more uncomfortable to carry.

Last but not least…

The parent unit can be powered either by cable or with AA R6 alkaline batteries.

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

Performance Comparison 


This is a plastic, thin, and lightweight device, but it performs well in terms of durability.

Even if you always use the cable option, it doesn’t stop working or losing its functionality like other baby monitors. 

Overall performance is just perfect… 

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Battery Life

The parent unit comes with a cord to plug it in or alkaline batteries for a portable use. 

If you use the AA batteries they will run out really quick, reducing its performance to below average!

Yet, this device offers the option to turn on Smart Eco mode to use less battery while placing the device closer to the baby unit.

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Sound/Video Quality

This audio monitor is one of the best performers in terms of sound quality. 

The DECT technology guarantees zero interference, so you can hear the baby crying in a crystal clear sound.

The sound level lights indicate different noise intensity based on the detected sound level, which are useful if you want to keep the parent unit mute..

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Value for money

First of all it must be said that we are talking about a classic baby monitor that is equipped with a single parent unit and a single baby unit.

It has 5-level sound indicators on the parent unit and a night light on the baby unit. 

It gets the job done with minimal features!

The price is affordable and the device is practical for most parents.. 

Overall it has an average value for money ratio.

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Q1: What is Avent DECT baby monitor?

The Avent audio baby monitor uses the DECT technology to ensure zero interference from other surrounding transmitting devices, such as other monitors or cordless and cell phones. Besides, it makes the sound crystal clear allowing you to hear your baby’s voice clearly.

Q2: Can DECT baby monitors be hacked?

Well, no one can guarantee a 100% hack-free monitor. DECT technology can be hacked by any hacker who has enough proper equipment.

Q3: Should I leave the baby monitor on all night?

Most new parents leave the monitor on during the night – where it is the most important time of the day where you need a monitor. However, once your kid is around 4 months old, his sleep schedule should be set to sleep (deeply) all night long.

Q4: What is night mode for Philips Avent DECT baby monitor?

Philips Avent DECT baby monitor has a button to turn the night mode one. Once you touch it and turn it on, the monitor will dim its lights and lower any sounds that come out of the device. This night mode ensures a quiet night and comfortable sleep for your baby.

Q5: What model is Philips Avent DECT baby monitor with temperature sensor and night mode?

Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor with Starry Night Projector SCD730/86 is the model that combines a temperature sensor and night mode.

Conclusion:Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor

It is an audio baby monitor, which allows transmission only audio and not video. 

Even though it belongs to the classic type, it differs from other models in the same category for the quality of the audio transmitted.. 

Thanks to the DECT technology, the sound is always clean and clear, without interference from other transmitting devices.

The range of the signal is also very wide, and this makes it suitable for use also in large houses, including those with a terrace or garden. 

The unique Smart ECO mode automatically minimizes the power usage and increases the battery lifetime to a certain degree.

However, we pointed out that it is a very simple model, with only a few integrated functions.

So, this model is more suitable for parents with older kids than for new parents…

For those who have newborns or little babies and prefer to see and hear the baby, we recommend instead turning to models with a camera.