Nooie Baby Monitor Review 2023

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Choosing a baby monitor might sometimes be challenging, especially if this is your first time looking for one.

But, don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered.

In a previous article, we reviewed the top 10 monitors that you can safely and efficiently use to monitor your kid. We included different types of monitors to satisfy various parents’ needs.

This article will find an in-depth review of a specific baby camera: the Nooie baby monitor.

You will find everything you need to know about this camera, including:

  • A detailed Nooie baby monitor review with its special characters
  • Parents opinions and feedback
  • Pros and cons
  • ..and a lot More!

Keep in mind, though; you can use this camera not only to keep an eye on your baby but also to monitor your pet or nanny!

Indeed, it is an affordable and practical monitor.

Let’s now dig deeper…

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Nooie Baby Monitor

Nooie Baby Monitor


Battery Life

Sound/Picture Quality

Value For Money

Overall Score
Manufacturer: Nooie
Alert Type: Motion and Sound
Zoom Type: Tilt zoom
Color: White
Power Source: Corded electric

Bottom Line: This is an indoor security monitor with Night vision and easy Wi Fi control. You can use it to keep an eye on your baby, per, nanny, or elderly people.



It works with Alexa

Wifi remote control

Affordable option


Not the best picture quality

It doesn’t pick up all sounds

The cord is short

Our Verdict: Nooie Baby Monitor Wifi Pet Camera Indoor

The Nooie cam itself is a simple-looking device that can undoubtedly attract people’s attention.

The tiny LED indicator is the only indicator to turn on the power.

Nooie Baby Monitor With Camera

The motion tracking feature provides 1080P full HD live streaming to check your home anytime you want.

In this way, the camera can track activities around the baby room.

In short, you are unlikely to miss anything!

Nooie Baby Monitor App

At the same time, Nooie Cam provides a mobile app that you can use with the camera.

The Best Part?

You can use this App to share your baby happy moment with your family members. Once you share it, they can have access to the live stream and video recordings.

There is no way to access the feed from the PC. However, Android and iOS users can use the App and directly control the camera. Pan and tilt controls allow you to watch the room in high-definition video.

It also has built-in motion and sound detection functions so that the application can send real-time notifications to the phone immediately to ensure house security. Note that you can disable motion detection if needed.

Plus, it has a clear two way audio feature, allowing you to talk to anyone the Cam is observing or your pets directly.

You need a Nooie app to make it work, and the App requires permission to access the device’s microphone. 

Nooie has adopted anti-noise technology and high sensitivity sensors to provide the best audio quality for this.

How To Set Up Nooie Baby Monitor

The Nooie baby monitor setup is simple, and you must do it through the mobile App.

Nooie Baby Monitor Instructions

Here is how to do it:

  • Once you plug the camera in, it will start with a flashing red LED.
  • To manage the synchronization with the wireless network: click + camera, select the model and enter the wifi credentials.
  • It will take some time to sync the camera to the mobile App and make settings on the network.
  • The Cam can be easily mounted anywhere.

Keep in mind, though, this camera is not for external use, and you should not install it in a place prone to moisture.

Now, this camera is designed to automatically record video clips for your reference and save large videos…

For storage, you can insert a micro SD card or subscribe to cloud storage, so you will no longer worry about losing any moment, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, although the micro SD option is cheap, you need to be equipped with a top-level memory card and a large-capacity memory card. Otherwise, it will not retain too much material.

On the other hand, the paid option allows you to access the material as needed.

Again, this Nooie Cam is super easy to use.. 

If you place the camera where wifi is sturdy enough, it should be responsive and reliable. In addition, the only real problem is that the power cord has a limited length and is not suitable for outdoor use.

Besides, this is a good choice and much cheaper than most high-definition baby camcorders.

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Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

Performance Comparison 


The camera is light and has a cute design with a 3M sticker for easy use. 

The sticker is so hard that some users couldn’t even move it for adjustment after placing it in place. When they removed it, the adhesive took some of the wall paints off. 

Some users experienced difficulties while using the mobile App, as it kept disconnecting and giving a delayed output after just a few months. 

Besides, the Cam keeps cutting out and disconnecting randomly! 

The overall durability performance is not the best.

Battery Life

Well, it is a corded camera, which means that you need to keep it plugged in while using it. 

It doesn’t work with a rechargeable battery or any other type of battery. 

So, it performed well in this area!

baby and a stuff toy

Sound/Video Quality

This camera detects motions and sounds within the area it covers. It offers a two-way communication feature with a night vision motion as well. 

However, the communication is not clear, as some users experience delays in the output. 

Besides, the night vision is not as crystal clear as it is supposed to be. 

Unfortunately, based on the customers’ feedback, it performed less than average in this segment..

toddler on a bed

Value for money

This camera is affordable and comes at a good price to suit most parents. 

You can use it for many purposes, like keeping an eye on your baby, pet, or nanny! 

However, the biggest issue while using this Cam is the connectivity; you need to ensure that your wifi is good enough to keep the connection on. 

Plus, you need to place it next to the plug, as it has a short cord. 

Since it is a cam that must be connected to a mobile application, it works only with smartphones! 

Overall it has an average value for money ratio!

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Q1: What is the best use of the Nooie baby monitor wifi camera?

With this wifi safety cam, you can choose several ways to use it. For example, you can place it in any house room to observe doors, windows, corridors, and other border crossings. The infrared function means it works in the dark and can immediately notify motion detection.

Q2: How can I view the Nooie baby monitor 360 feed on a mobile device?

To view Nooie baby monitor 360, you need to install a mobile app. Android and iOS users are supported here, and the App is easy to use. The camera receives regular updates, and the App completely controls the device. Dragging your finger on the screen allows you to rotate the camera, tilt it up and down, and roughly view the area. Clearing the menu will enable you to switch settings. You can view the live streaming with a single tap, allowing you to quickly check what is going on in front of the camera.

Conclusion: Best Smartphone Baby Monitor

If you like the idea of using a smartphone App and Camera paired (wifi setting) instead of a dedicated monitor, then this Nooie Camera is a good one to consider. 

Besides, it can save recorded videos – if you want to. 

Some baby monitors are suitable to watch over babies and watch over caregivers and pets, and this Cam by Noonie is NO exception!

Some users use it as a home security camera, and since it is affordable, you can install more than one to cover different areas, rooms, or doors.

Compared to a dedicated pet camera or a long-term care watching camera, it has the minimum functions. 

The disadvantages are that network settings are required, and if communication becomes unstable, you may not connect!

Another thing to consider about this camera is that only one user at a time can open the application, view a live stream, or control it. 

It does not have other functions such as temperature detection and lullabies to soothe a crying baby. 

Still, it is attractive for its speaker and microphone, storage of microSD cards, and affordability.