Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Review 2023

Freshwave Odor Eliminator

So here comes your new baby, who brings many new norms to your life and the house.

And, of course, dealing with baby diapers is one of the main things you get to deal with quickly. Still, getting rid of the dirty ones remains the parents’ most significant concern!

The simplest way to dispose of your baby diapers is to through them in the trash can with a disposal bag (if you have ones)!

However, it is advisable to empty the bin regularly because after a few days, despite the dirty diapers being enclosed in an airtight film, the smell could still escape, thus causing unpleasant odors inside your home.

The good news is that there is a more efficient way to lock the odor inside.. Using diaper pail odor eliminators!

Previously, we reviewed the Top-selling 5 diaper pail odor eliminators and covered helpful information to deal with the odors effectively. 

But in this article, we are explicitly talking about the Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Packs and why they fit the bill right!

Scroll down to know more about this odor eliminator…  

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Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Review

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator
Freshwave Natural Odor Eliminator
  • Non-toxic and all-natural.
  • The pack includes 12 bags and a plastic container.
  • Works for different types of diaper pails.
  • Work for small spaces.
  • limited area of coverage.
  • A strong adhesive might be required to stick it tightly inside the pail.

Regarding this item, Fresh Wave Packs are odor removers and air fresheners for wastebaskets, closets, and other places. 

Place them where you detect scents and let them restore a fresh scent to your living areas. It functions as a garbage can odor-eliminator and a closet/drawer deodorizer, making it ideal for tiny rooms. 

They are also used as automobile air freshener packs, thus, you can use Fresh Wave Packs while you are away from your house. They effectively eliminate offensive gym odors and deodorize lockers. 

Simple, pure, and natural substances are used in Fresh Wave products to eliminate odors. Non-GMO and risk-free. Safer for humans, animals, and the environment. No phthalates, alcohol, harsh chemicals, or artificial fragrances. 

They are made in Rising Sun, Indiana, in the United States. Pine needle, lime, clove, anise, cedar wood, and lemon oil are among the plant-based components of Fresh Wave. 

As the Packs’ odor-removing ingredients spread throughout the air, the natural aroma of these plants will disappear, allowing your room to smell clean and fresh.

Why Parents Should Get Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Packs

Parents should use these Lavender Odor Eliminating Packs because they are simple to locate air fresheners. 

This Products that eliminate odors are a fantastic choice for new parents! 

They are valued because they often have low costs, are easy to use, and have a range of smells. Besides, the crystals are lightly scented, making them appropriate for those sensitive to fragrances.

Freshwave Natural Odor Eliminator Top Features

Value for Money

Make sure you shop around in as many marketplaces as possible to compare costs to ensure you receive the greatest bargain.

You may use this to obtain a general sense of the market’s situation. 

The packs are effective for a month to two. However, you can always get fresh wave refill packs whenever you consume the first pack. 


Each house -especially with little kudos- has unpleasant odors… and what you desire is a product that lasts as long as you need it. 

Products with a continuous aroma, such as gels and plug-ins, might endure for weeks or months. Although air purifiers may survive many years, most will need a filter replacement every few months.

Deodorizing chemicals are included in many odor eliminators, which aid in eliminating unpleasant odors long after the aroma has faded. 

Ease of use

Fresh Wave Stench Absorbing crystal works by dispersing more Fresh Wave molecules into the air than there are molecules responsible for the unpleasant odor. 

That’s said, additional Gel containers could be required to neutralize stronger scents.


Simple, pure, and natural substances are used in Fresh Wave smell-absorbing pack products to eliminate odors. 

Non-GMO, non-toxic, and non-dangerous, safe for humans, animals, and the environment. No phthalates, alcohol, harsh chemicals, or artificial fragrances. 

Pine needle, lime, clove, anise, and cedar wood are among the plant-based components in Fresh Wave, as well as essential lavender oil for our lavender packs. 

The Packs naturally smell like these plants, but as the Packs’ odor-removing chemicals spread through the air, the aroma will disappear, leaving your area smelling only clean and fresh.

Keep in mind that the fresh wave odor remover has a light lavender scent that lasts shorter than other options! However, those who like milder fragrances could prefer a product that disappears rapidly.

Fresh Wave Odor Remover Alternatives

Munchkin Arm & Hammer PUCK Diaper Pail Baking Soda Cartridge

Munchkin Baking Soda Cartridge
Munchkin Baking Soda Cartridge

These diaper pail deodorizer pucks are pre-filled, easy to use, and super efficient in eliminating the odor caused by dirty baby diapers. 

Most of all, its lavender scent is powerful enough to keep the lock inside and refresh the area around. 

Top Features:

  • Super easy to install.
  • You can use it for any trash can style and model.
  • It contains baking soda that is natural and powerful.
  • The discs are reusables and serve for a long time.
  • Each disc works for 2-3 months. 

Purifyou Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag
Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

These bags are filled with Bamboo charcoal, rich in charcoal, and have the characteristics of a fine and porous, hard texture, good air permeability, and good water permeability and retention. It has strong adsorption, also known as bamboo charcoal activated charcoal.

Top Features:

  • Multifunctional deodorizing bags.
  • Effective in removing the moisture.
  • You can reuse them by exposing them to the sun every 2 – 3 months.
  • They effectively absorb and remove harmful odors, allergens, and pollutants.

Air Wick Stick Ups Air Freshener

Stick Ups Air Wick Odor Eliminators
Stick Ups Air Wick Odor Eliminators

Stick’up by Air Wick.. these are the ideal solution for big odor problems in small spaces, like diaper pails!

These convenient air fresheners fit tight locations to provide a fresh scent throughout your house. They are also long-lasting and freshen your environment without igniting any fires or electric plugs. 

In addition, they work on a wide range of scents, including those caused by dogs, smoking, fish and other cooked food, restrooms, shoes, sporting goods, musty air, vomit, and paint.

Top Features:

  • Adjustable fragrance intensity.
  • Multifunctional; you can use your attic, crawlspace, RV, kitchen, basement, bathroom, bedroom, automobile, office, garage, changing room, and more.
  • 2 in 1 function: Neutralizes odors and Perfumes.
  • Scented with Essential Oils.

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator FAQs

Q1: Are Fresh Wave Lavender Odor Removing Spray Safe?

The EPA has awarded Fresh Wave Sprays with a Safer Choice label! They are non-hazardous, non-GMO, non-toxic, and safe for humans, animals, and the environment. The box is recyclable, and the non-aerosol spray is biodegradable.

Q2: Will this fit in the Diaper Genie diaper pail?

Yes. You can use these crystal odor-eliminating packs inside the plastic holder (which comes with it) and place it inside any trash can you use, including the Diaper Genie diaper pail. 

Q3: Is the scent of these bags too strong?

The FreshWave odor eliminator packs are lightly scented. However, they absorb the odor smell from the diapers and lock the stink inside the pail. 

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Packs

Fresh Wave Lavender has the same odor-removing effectiveness as Fresh Wave but with the addition of lavender oil. 

Lavender, which has relaxing qualities, is an excellent addition to our tried-and-true Fresh Wave top sellers. Now that lavender essence is long-lasting and calming, that helps the smell be eliminated. 

As always, there are no harsh chemicals or distracting odors! 

It contains strong odor-absorbing crystal beads that have been infused with lavender oil. It eliminates smells using only safe, natural components and no harmful chemicals or synthetic perfumes.

Not only that…

These odor-eliminating packs are perfect for garbage cans, diaper pails, gym bags, shoes, vacuum cleaners, and automobiles. 

Place a pack of enduring lavender essential oil where there is a need and enjoy a fresh scent all the time.

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