Discover The 9 Best Crib Sheets For a Comfortable Night Sleep

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Besides having a comfortable crib, the choice of crib sheets is also essential if you want your baby to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Using crib sheets protects the mattress from getting dirty and facilitates the cleaning process.

Some parents even use them as changing pad covers!

In addition, sheets with different patterns and colors can also bring different scenery to the baby’s crib.

Read this article to know more about:

  • The best crib sheets to get for your baby
  • How to choose the proper crib sheets
  • Detailed buyers’ guide
  • ..and a lot More!

With whatever option you go for, always make sure that the sheet is fitted on the crib mattress to keep your little one comfortable and safe.

Let’s get the crib wrapped and ready for a tight night.. 

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Babies absolutely don’t care about the look and feel of their crib sheets (as far as we know), but parents do for sure. 

In terms of decoration, adding a cute crib sheet to the crib mattress is a way to add color and design to your baby’s nursery. 

Basically, all baby sheets’ brands are designed to fit most standard size cribs and be elastic wrapped to avoid any suffocation risk scenarios.  

However, they differ in the overall performance. 

That’s being said; there are many different options for crib sheets on the baby gear sections online and in the market, which can be overwhelming sometimes!

So, to help you narrow your choices down, we’ve rounded up the top and most recommended crib sheets that bring style and comfort to your baby’s room.

Let’s dig in now…

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1 – LifeTree Crib Sheets for Baby Boys Girls

Best Bamboo Crib Sheets

LifeTree Crib Sheets for Baby Boys Girls




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Brand: LifeTree
Material: Cotton, Bamboo
Color: Rainbow Pattern
Item Weight: 11.8 ounces
Item Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 9 inches

Bottom Line: Most parents prefer these cute crib sheets because they are durable, soft, and keep the baby comfortable all night long.


It is a silky soft fabric

Hypoallergenic fabric

Breathable and lightweight


Fewer patterns available

This muslin sheet by LifeTree store combines bamboo and cotton to create this fabulous fabric. 

It is soft enough for babies with sensitive skin and is moisture-wicking for a comfortable sleep.

The best part?

It is suitable to use all year round, as it keeps your baby cool during hot nights and warm during cold ones. 

It is good to know that the sheet’s unique patterns are part of the earthy tones collection.

Above all, the sheet size is perfect to fit the standard crib mattress size or toddler bed, with a snug fit feature.  

Last but not least, you have a 30-day warranty, so you can try the sheet and get your money back if it doesn’t match your expectations. 

When you want to clean, make sure to wash it on cold with gentle and low dry settings.

2 – Amazon Basics Fitted Crib Sheet

Best Cheap Crib Sheets

Amazon Basics Fitted Crib Sheet




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Brand: Amazon Basics
Material: Cotton jersey knit fabric
Color: Dark Gray
Item Weight: 11.2 ounces
Item Dimensions: 9.45 x 5.91 x 1.57 inches

Bottom Line: This sheet offers a t-shirt like touch, making it soft and comfy for babies to sleep on throughout the night.


Comfortable and stretchy

Good value for money


Might have some lint balls after many washes

Less durable than other options

This cotton jersey sheet by Amazon basics gives a t-shirt soft touch for optimal comfort while sleeping. 

The sheet is stretchy enough to snuggly fit most 6″ crib mattresses, with elastic edges to prevent it from getting slippery. 

In terms of cleaning, you can machine wash the sheet but dry it on low settings to prevent any miss-shape scenarios. 

The available colors are solid and have a nice heathered effect that makes them stain resistant. 

3 – Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Crib Sheet

Best Organic Crib Sheets

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Crib Sheet




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Brand: Burt’s Bees Baby
Material: Cotton
Color: Cloud White
Item Weight: 4.8 ounces
Item Dimensions: 58 x 28 x 5.5 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a premium quality fitted sheet that is also comfortable, look no further.


Premium quality fabric

Comfortable and super soft

It fits snuggly on most mattresses


Solid colors might be see-through

Not stretchy 

Easy to stain 

This burt’s bees baby organic sheet is super soft on the baby’s skin, even the sensitive and irritated one. 

Most importantly, the edges of this sheet have a premium elastic to fully cover the crib mattress and stay in place all night long. 

The best part?

This sheet is super durable due to the fabric type. It is ring-spun and combed to offer the softest touch and prevent any pill after many washes. 

That’s why it comes up at the top of many baby registries! 

And, remember, that you can always find a matching one among the different options available as they come in sold colors to suit any baby’s nursery theme.

4 – Aden And Anais Crib Sheet

Best Muslin Crib Sheets

Aden And Anais Crib Sheet




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Brand: Aden + Anais
Material: Cotton
Color: Natural History
Item Weight: 10.2 ounces
Item Dimensions: ‎8.9 x 6 x 2 inches

Bottom Line: This cotton muslin sheet is breathable, soft, and cute, making it suitable to use all year round.


The fabric is breathable and super soft

Cute colors and patterns are available


Some parents said that they shrunk after a few washes

Less efficient elastic

This Muslin fitted sheet by Aden + Anais is super soft to touch and offers cute patterns that suit boys and girls. 

The best part?

Muslin’s open weave allows good airflow, making it super breathable and cozy. 

That being said, your little baby will be warm during cold nights and cold during hot ones. 

Truly, you can use this sheet all year round!

Furthermore, the sheet gives a tight-fitting over the crib mattress for a safe night’s sleep, and they stay soft and in shape after many washes.

5 – American Baby Company Fitted Crib Sheet

Softest Crib Sheets

American Baby Company Fitted Crib Sheet




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Brand: American Baby Company
Material: Jersey, Cotton
Color: Taupe Feathers and Triangles
Item Weight: 1.01 pounds
Item Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 5 inches

Bottom Line: These two sheets are soft, cute, and comfortable.


Soft shirt-like fabric

Unbeatable price

Cute patterns available 


On the thinner side 

Less durable after a few washes

Some parents said that they stain easily

These two pack fitted crib sheets set by the American Baby Company have a unique texture similar to the regular shirt that your baby wears. 

The jersey cotton fabric makes these sheets lightweight, stretchy, and warm enough to keep your little one comfortable. 

In terms of the colors, you will always find a cute one that matches your baby’s room decorations. 

The secure fit feature is the best!

These sheets go 9″ deep around the mattress to ensure a proper fit, with a latex-free elastic trim to stay in place despite your baby moving or rolling during the night. 

Most importantly, they are safe to use in the washing machine and dryer.

6 – Trend Lab Winter Forest Deluxe Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet

Best Flannel Crib Sheets

Trend Lab Winter Forest Deluxe Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Brand: Trend Lab
Material: Cotton
Color: Winter Forest
Item Weight: 12.8 ounces
Item Dimensions: ‎7 x 10 x 1.5 inches

Bottom Line: If you prefer crib sheets that keep your baby warm all night long, then this flannel sheet is suitable for you.


Soft and cozy fabric

Good quality 


Some parents said that it might get loose after a few washes 

This Flannel crib sheet is perfect for keeping your little one warm and cozy all through the night. 

It is made out of 100% Cotton Flannel, making it soft to touch your baby’s delicate skin. 

With 10 inches deep pockets, rest assured that the sheet will stay in place no matter how wiggly your baby is. 

Above all, it offers a snug fit on almost all standard crib mattresses to keep the baby safe. 

This sheet is machine washable. However, make sure to wash on cold with no bleach, line dry it or use low dry settings, and avoid dry cleaning or ironing it to save its shape and softness.

7 – TILLYOU Stretchy Jersey Knit Pack and Play Mattress Sheet Set

Best Mini Crib Sheets

TILLYOU Stretchy Jersey Knit Pack and Play Mattress Sheet Set




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Material: Microfiber Polyester
Color: Navy Blue & Lt Gray
Item Weight: 11.7 ounces
Item Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.97 x 2.24 inches

Bottom Line: These 2-pack sheets get the job done at an affordable price, and they fit mini cribs and pack & play mattresses.


Affordable option and comes in 2-pack

Soft and silky


Lint balls are expected after a few washes

Less in quality than other options

Too thin 

First thing first..

These 2-pack jersey crib sheets are multifunctional, and you can use them for a mini crib, playpen, and Pack & Play mattresses.

The material used to make these sheets is the stretchy jersey, making it flexible and practical, and the soft microfibers make these sheets super soft and silky.

Above all, the corners of these sheets have an elastic band that goes all around the sides, so they fit snuggly and stay in place over any type of mattresses you use.

In terms of comfort, rest assured that these breathable crib sheets keep your baby tightly sleeping throughout the night. 

Last but not least, there are more than 10 colors and prints available to match the different nursery themes.

8 – Makemake Organics Linen Chambray Crib Sheet

Best Linen Crib Sheets

Makemake Organics Linen Chambray Crib Sheet




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Brand: Makemake
Material: Organic Cotton
Color: Ginger Solid
Item Weight: 15.2 ounces
Item Dimensions: 10.16 x 9.69 x 1.61 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an organic, safe, and healthy crib sheet to use for your baby, look no further.


Organic materials and free of harmful toxins

Free of any restricted chemicals

Breathable fabric


Not that soft 

It might shrink after getting washed

If you are a fan of organic baby items, you definitely need to give this crib sheet set a try. 

The best part?

The fabric of this sheet is 100 percent organic cotton, and the materials used to make it out are free of any chemicals and toxins, making it a safer option to get for your baby. 

However, it is less soft than other materials…

The pillowcase that comes with the sheet is a plus for better matching décor. 

Above all, the Chambray linen is the quietest and coolest weave, promoting a healthy and noiseless sleep throughout the night. 

Being a fitted sheet means that the fit is snug all over the crib mattress. With the elastic edges and pockets that are 8″ deep, the sheet stays in place and fits well in any standard crib mattress.

In terms of cleaning, this organic cotton crib sheet is machine washable but in a cold and low dry setting. Another thing to mention here is that you need to follow the care instructions by using a mild cleaning detergent without bleach to keep it in shape.

Lastly, the sheet is available in more than 10 colors to match all nursery themes.

9 – Cozy Fleece Microplush Crib Sheets

Best Fleece Crib Sheets

Cozy Fleece Microplush Crib Sheets




Ease of Cleaning

Overall Score
Brand: Cozy Fleece
Material: 100% Polyester
Color: Blue/White With Moon and Stars
Item Weight: 1.41 pounds
Item Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 0.25 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for fleece crib sheets for winter nights, then these sheets are suitable for you.


Soft texture

Cute colors and patterns are available

Good value for money


Not stretchy

Not suitable during hot or warm nights

The elastic edges don’t keep the sheet in place

These micro plush sheets are what most parents prefer to use during cold weather to keep their babies warm all night long. 

The texture of these adorable fleece sheets is softer than any other fabric. 

Most importantly, the material used to make these sheets is free of latex, BPA, Phthalate, and Lead, making them safe for babies. 

Furthermore, they are effortless to clean. Just throw the sheets in the washing machine, and you are good to go.

However, we recommend you wash them separately to avoid getting fuzzies all over other clothes.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right Crib Sheets?

baby sleeping comfortably

Before we start talking about the criteria you need to consider when buying crib sheets for your baby, it is good to know that these pieces must be made of high-quality materials and fit the crib perfectly!

You might find everything you need when you buy crib bedding sets. However, extra fitted sheets are helpful to keep the crib clean all the time.

Material Type

The first thing to look for on the crib sheets is the material.

Nowadays, baby bedding fabrics are made from various materials. The thread’s composition and the fabric’s weaving way determine the overall sheet’s texture and condition.

The most popular types of crib sheets fabric are: 


Cotton sheets are preferred for many reasons; they cool the baby during hot nights, keep him warm in cold weather, have breathable fibers, stay in place, do not stick to the baby’s body, and are soft on the skin. 

Truly, you can use cotton sheets all year round…

Pure cotton is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for babies whose skins are prone to allergies or irritation.

Most parents like cotton sheets because they resist the weather and are super easy to wash. But, they wrinkle easily and might be a little stiff before getting washed.

Flannel sheets

This material is best for your baby if you live in cold areas. 

Flannel is a very warm texture ideal for the colder months and areas. It holds the heat and keeps your baby warm during cold nights. 

Depending on the manufacture, it can have a combination of cotton, wool, or synthetics.

Flannel is a light fabric with a soft touch and becomes softer with more washes. Remember to avoid washing them with hot water to prevent getting tears or misshapen. 


This is an excellent demi-season fabric. 

It maintains an optimal thermal regime all year round, preventing your baby from getting sweaty during the nighttime.

Linen fabric is durable and absorbs moisture more than other fabrics. However, it is less soft on the baby’s skin.


This fabric is getting popular nowadays, as many parents appreciate the overall quality and texture. 

Besides being very soft, bamboo material absorbs moisture well, is breathable, and has antimicrobial properties.

Bamboo fabric has only one drawback; higher in price!

Sheets Size:

When you choose the crib’s sheets, consider the sheets’ design and measurements so that they snuggly fit the crib mattress. 

Once you decide on the sheets’ fabric, you need to consider the size. To ensure a comfortable night’s sleep , it is necessary to get sheets that perfectly fit the mattress. 

Sheets Design:

Besides the measurements, we recommend you consider the sheets’ design to suit the overall nursery decoration.

The options available now on the market are various, making it easy for you to find a matching one. 

Kids get attached to their own things… So Make sure to get a matching one for each child to make them feel happy and special. 

Neutral tones are very common because they are ideal for boys and girls.


Q1: What fabric is best for crib sheets?

Cotton crib sheets are the most recommended ones when looking for a comfortable fabric. These sheets are more breathable than other options, making your baby feel cool during summer nights and warm during cold ones. 

Q2: Are crib sheets Safe for Babies?

Using crib sheets to cover the crib mattress is an optional thing to do. However, you must always find crib sheets that properly fit the crib mattress to avoid putting your baby in danger. Sheets with firm elastic edges stay in place without getting slipped in the middle of the night while the baby is sleeping.

Q3: Are quilted crib sheets safe?

Bedding pieces like baby blankets, pillows, and sheets come in different thicknesses, materials, and styles. For babies, it is highly recommended to avoid getting quilted crib sheets because they block the airway and cause serious suffocation danger, and increase the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) risk for babies less than one-year-old. 

Q4: How many crib sheets should I buy?

Usually, parents prefer to keep some spare sheets around in case of diaper leaks or any other scenarios where the sheet gets dirty. Getting two or three sheets is what most parents recommend so that you can change it quickly in the middle of the night (for example).

Our Verdict: Best Fitted Sheet For Crib Mattress

As you can see, choosing a suitable crib sheet is not an easy thing to do. 

However, getting a good idea about the main things you need to consider and look for before buying one is the best thing to do. 

Our babies deserve the best choices for better and healthy sleep!

That’s said, we reviewed the top crib sheets that most parents recommend and compared them based on the parents’ feedback, product descriptions, and our personal experience. 

The sheets’ softness, durability, comfort level, and ease of cleaning are the criteria that we use to compare the different sheet brands.

Take a look at the comparison results below and pick your favorite one..

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ProductRating out of 5
LifeTree Crib Sheets for Baby Boys Girls⭐ 4.5
Burt’s Bees Baby – Fitted Crib Sheet⭐ 4.25
Aden + Anais Essentials Classic Crib Sheet⭐ 4.0
Amazon Basics Fitted Crib Sheet⭐ 4.0
American Baby Company Fitted Crib Sheet⭐ 3.75
Cozy Fleece Microplush Crib Sheets⭐ 3.75
TILLYOU Stretchy Jersey Knit Pack and Play Mattress Sheet Set⭐ 3.5
Trend Lab Winter Forest Deluxe Flannel Fitted Crib Sheet⭐ 3.5
Makemake Organics Linen Chambray Crib Sheet⭐ 3.25

Conclusion: Best Sheets For Crib Mattresses

Finally, this is the final part of the article. 

We have reviewed 9 different brands and types of baby crib sheets to keep you up to date with the different options available on the market. 

But the best crib sheet is the one that matches your needs!

Now, it is time to present our Top Pick, Best Value, and Editor’s Choice options. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and find your favorite one that meets your expectations!

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