5 Best Bumper Cars For Kids (New Guide)

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Do you like to excite your kid and encourage him to try new things and games? Or, are you looking for a safe and fun way to keep your toddler occupied and at the same time happy?

Well, if the answers are “YES” to one of these questions, then we highly encourage you to take him for a ride in a Bumper Car!

Yes! Bumper cars are safe for kids, even little ones!

you will be amazed by the unique features these cars have to keep toddlers and older kids safe and entertained. 

Read on to know more about:

  • Why are bumper cars fun for kids of different ages?
  • The 5 Top-selling bumper cars for kids.
  • What to look for in kids’ bumper cars.
  • ..and a lot More!

Buckle your kid up, and let’s take a ride, Mommies & Daddies..

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As an entertainment item, bumper cars are here to entertain the whole family members…

It’s pretty a fun and exciting activity loved by people of all ages, from kids to the elderly. 

..especially the big kids’ bumper cars.

It can’t only efficiently strengthen parent-baby interaction and feelings but also improve the entertainment way of life amongst family, friends, classmates, and relatives. 

As all of us know, 

..this recreation is the maximum densely populated area of ​​the park, with a wide variety of vacationers ready in line in front of this device. 

And we need to admit that bumper cars are an outstanding investment. 

Are you interested? 

Get now and right here NewBabyWish shopping website will educate you on ways to shop for the maximum suitable bumper car to your park and what to be aware of while shopping for a bumper car.

with that being said, 

..let me introduce you to the Top-Selling Bumper Cars in the market today. 

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1 – Baby 6V Bumper Car For Sale With Remote Control

Best Designed Bumper Car

Baby 6V Bumper Car For Sale With Remote Control

Pink Bumper Car

Value For Money



Battery Life

Overall Score
Brand: TOBBI
Color: Pink
Material: Plastic
Speed: 1.86 mph
Weight Capacity: 66 lbs
Recommended Ages: 3 to 8 years old

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a bumper car for your kid with a perfect design and performance, look no further.



Works on all types of floors

Spins for 360-degree

It comes with a colorful nightlight


It comes with only 2-point safety straps.

It comes unassembled

This bumper car is compact and can easily carry around wherever you go. 

The best part?

There is a flashing nightlight LED that makes riding this car gorgeous during summer nights.

In terms of its power, rest assured that this car is superior with its dual-motors feature, making it perfect for indoors and outdoors use!

That’s said, 

your kid can enjoy riding this toy on different floors, including the wooden, asphalt, brick, and stone roads, offering smooth maneuverability with 360-degree  rotation for a fun ride. 

The car’s speed goes up to 1.86 mph (3KM/HR) maximum and holds up to 66 lbs load capacity. 

Furthermore, this car has a 6V rechargeable battery that you need to plug in for 18 hours the first time; it takes only 5 hours to recharge it for the next rides. 

..and it doesn’t end there!

Your kid can control it by himself, and there is a 2.4GHz remote control for parents to manipulate the kid’s direction while moving around to keep him safe and in the right direction.

Besides, it comes in two colors, pink and blue, to suit boys and girls and has anti-flat tires for a comfortable ride.

Last but not least, this car is suitable for kids 37- 96 months old.

2 – Kidzone Electric Ride On Bumper Car

Best Dual Motors Bumper Car For Kids

Kidzone Electric Ride On Bumper Car

Green Bumper Car For Toddlers

Value For Money



Battery Life

Overall Score
Brand: Kidzone
Color: Green
Material: Plastic
Speed: 0.75mph (1.2km/h)
Weight Capacity: 66 lbs
Recommended Ages: 1.5-6 years

Bottom Line: This is a cute and well-performing bumper car that comes in two battery options; 6V and 12V.



 DIY stickers for kids to apply and flashing nightlight

Comes assembled

Available in many different colors 


It comes with only 2-point safety straps

Kidzone bumper cars are one of the most popular toys for children of different ages, as it is suitable for toddlers ages 1.5 up to 6 years old. 

This amazing kidzone ride on a bumper car rotates fully in 360-degrees to make the riding journey fun and exciting. 

Now, if you are wondering How fast kidzone bumper cars go, rest assured that the max speed of this car is 1.3mph, and the lowest one is 0.75mph, making it safe for little riders to control.

Another common question about this electric kidzone car is: Does the kidzone bumper car play music?? 

..the quick answer is Yes, and they play music through Bluetooth!

The battery operates for 1-2 hours, which is perfect for a fun ride around; it comes with powerful dual motors and a rechargeable 12V battery that takes 5 hours to fully charge after being charged for 12 hours for the first time. 

Note: This car is available in 6V and 12V battery options.

3 – BROAGE Kids Race Toy 6V Electric Ride On Bumper Car Vehicle

Best Big Kids Bumper Car 

BROAGE Kids Race Toy 6V Electric Ride On Bumper Car Vehicle

White Bumper Car For Kids

Value For Money



Battery Life

Overall Score
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Speed: Max 0.75mph
Weight Capacity: 66 lbs
Recommended Ages: 3 to 8 years old

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a bumper car for big kids, ages 3 to 8 years old, this one is right for you.


It moves smoothly and nicely

It comes with advanced features

It grows with your kid until he is eight years old


The safety harness is only 2-points 

This is a big kids’ bumper car that is sturdy, easy to use, and comfortable to ride on. 

It is more suitable for big kids than little ones, as the age recommendation is between 3 and 8 years old. 

The best part about this car is the foam bumper around the frame. It makes using it safely for the furniture, walls, and the ridding kid. 

Keep in mind, though, 

..the maximum speed for this car is only 0.75mph. Howeverit guarantees the utmost fun.

The spinning car rotates 360-degrees, and your kid can easily control it using the joysticks. At the same time, it comes with remote control for the parents to control whenever there is a need to. 

Some of the features that you will admire in this ride-on car are the music, 2-points safety harness, and charging indicator. 

Last but not least, it comes with assembles and all you need to do is just connect the battery after fully charging it.

4 – Flybar Electric Ride On Bumper Car Vehicle for Kids and Toddlers

Best Bumper Car With Fixed Speed

Flybar Electric Ride On Bumper Car Vehicle for Kids and Toddlers

Blue Bumper Car for Toddlers & Kids

Value For Money



Battery Life

Overall Score
Brand: Flybar
Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Speed: Max 1 MPH
Weight Capacity: 66 lbs
Recommended Ages: 18 months – 4 years

Bottom Line: This is an electric pumper car that is easy to use and move by toddlers using two joysticks.


No assembly is required

Comes with a foam bumper all around


2-points safety harness

It doesn’t come with a parents’ remote control

Slower than other options

This 6v flybar bumper car is easy to use with two joystick controls to rotate and direct the car. 

 Plus, it rotates up to 360-degrees to maximize the fun!

The max speed that this car can reach is 1 mphwhich is less than other cars, but this speed guarantees the child’s safety all the time.

Besides, there is a night flashing light all around the car to make playing in the dark fun. 

The best part?

when you see your kid roaming around the house with this car, rest assured that your walls and pieces of furniture are protected by the foam bumper that goes all around the car frame. 

The tires are anti-flat, and the plastic is made to last. 

Also, the car is appropriate for kids of different ages, ranging from 1.5 years old up to 4 years old, with a maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs. 

Then again, it’s a 6V battery-powered car, but it also comes with a 120V wall charger.

5 – Bumper Buddy Ride On Electric Bumper Car for Kids & Toddlers

Best Advanced Toddlers Bumper Car 

Bumper Buddy Ride On Electric Bumper Car for Kids & Toddlers

Blue Bumper Car with 5-Point Safety Harness

Value For Money



Battery Life

Overall Score
Brand: Bumper Buddy
Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Speed: 0.75-1.25 mph
Weight Capacity: 45 lbs
Recommended Ages: 18 months – 8 years

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a bumper car that is advanced and comes with a 5-points safety harness, look No further.



It has a 5-points safety harness


Louder motor

Average performance

Less weight capacity than other options

This toddler bumper car is super performing, with advanced features that make it a giftable option for some parents. 

The electric ride on bumper car comes with a 5-points safety harness to keep the kid secure while moving around, as it rotates 360-degree to maximize the fun and enjoyment. 

Besides, there is a parents’ remote control to help toddlers stay on track and an anitiflat tiers to maximize the comfort while riding. 

Some of the included features that most parents appreciate are the 12V rechargeable battery, flashing lite, music option, remote control mode to take over the car, stickers, and ease of use. 

In terms of speed, this fantastic car offers two speeds; 0.75 and 1.25 mph.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right Kids Bumper Car

man riding a bumper car

First of all, consider the playing area: 

There are distinct fashions and types of bumper cars on the market, and you will find them in different dimensions and sizes. 

Choose a bumper vehicle primarily based totally on your site. If the area where your kid will ride the car is small, pick medium and small-sized cars. 

And if the ground area is big enough and you have more than one kid, we recommend you pick a combination of various sizes to maximize the fun! 

Kid’s Age:

The weight capacity for most –not all-of these cars is around 66 lbs. and suitable for toddlers 18 months old and older. 

That’s said, make sure you read the manufacturer’s details before you buy or use the bumper car.  

Power & Speed: 

Parents ought to apprehend the energy of the bumper car, the first-class of the motor, the existence of the battery, the operating time, the charging time, etc.

These bumper cars have the speed that varies from 1 mph to 2 mph, which are still relatively slow. However, these speeds are the safest for toddlers and little kids. 

It is sensible to pick a bumper vehicle with adjustable speed. Drivers can accelerate or slow down as they wish. 

Also, you might find some bumper cars that have only one fixed speed instead of dual speeds. 

Safety Performance:

To protect your kid, you must ensure that its design contains all the safety features to keep him safe and protected from any unexpected scenario! 

For example, the safety harness. Make sure it is adjustable to tighten it around your kid and secure him. Also, a 5-points harness offers complete protection and helps keep the rider in the place. 

Go for the option that is ASTM-certified. These pass the safety standards and give you peace of mind. 


Q1: What’s the factor of bumper cars?

The fundamental factor of bumper cars for adults and youngsters nowadays is to hit different individuals as regularly as possible. The unpredictable motion of the bumper car before and after the collision provides pleasure and fun at some point in the ride.

Q2: Why do bumper cars stop after a collision?

Typically, cars flow because the kinetic energy that they’d earlier than a collision is preserved. In this case, kinetic energy isn’t always conserved, so they stop moving. Kinetic energy may also be transformed into thermal energy.

Q3: What age are bumper cars for?

There are many bumper cars available for toddlers to enjoy some fun time. However, the proper age for using bumper cars is five years old and older. Kids at this age can control their body movement and enjoy the ride safely. 

Q4: What is the weight limit on kids’ bumper car?

Usually, bummer, cars have a weight limit of 66lbs. Especially those that are manufactured with a 360-degree spinning wheel. 

Q5: How do you charge a car bumper?

Bumper cars come with rechargeable batteries that are super easy to use. You need to plug it in for around 8-12 hours to make sure it’s fully charged, and ensure that you don’t exceed 20 charging hours as this will damage both; the car and the charger.

Our Verdict:

As you can see, you cannot find a bumper car in a size-fits-all option. 

…and different brands bring unique features to the table to satisfy the different needs. 

That’s said, we reviewed the 5 Top-Selling kids and toddlers bumper cars based on their performance and the features that most parents are looking for.

The choice is yours!

You need to go through the comparison results and pick your favorite accordingly!

here are the results… 

ProductRating out of 5
Baby 6V Bumper Car For Sale With Remote Control⭐ 4.5
Kidzone Electric Ride On Bumper car⭐ 4.25
BROAGE Kids Race Toy 6V Electric Ride On Bumper Car Vehicle⭐ 4.0
Flybar Electric Ride On Bumper Car Vehicle For Kids and Toddlers⭐ 3.75
Bumper Buddy Ride On Electric Bumper Car for Kids & Toddlers⭐ 3.5

Conclusion: Bumper Cars For Kids

This is the last part of the article, 

Bumper cars are a fun alternative to some other toys and games that you can entertain your kid with during the day. 

we recommend you go through the car’s features before you make your buying choice to get what maximizes the fun as much as possible. 

Now, it is time to present our Top Pick, Best Value, and Editor’s Choice options.

you can find these cars in different stores and online!

NewBabyWish Amusement has different bumper cars, which could alter the velocity to satisfy all customers’ wishes.

We hope you find this article interesting and helpful in making the right decision. Best Of Luck…. 

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