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Smooth like Baby’s Buttcheek: 5 Best Baby Wipe Warmers and Dispensers

newborn baby sleeping next to her teddy

Keeping tiny tushies warm and clean during change time needs a little help from time to time.

This article is a complete package of rounded up guide and review of why Baby Wipe Warmers and Dispensers are things that are not to be missed.

We’ll be giving you a quick overview about:

  • The importance of Wipe Warmers and Dispensers
  • What to look for before buying
  • 5 of the Best Baby Wipe Warmer and Dispensers (Product Review)
  • And a whole lot more…

Are you ready for the most comfortable Diaper Session your baby’s about to have?

Now, let’s have a look at what’s in store.

Have you ever enjoyed a nice restaurant and mid-way through the meal your waiter presents you with a towelette to dry off? Or have you ever been to get your nails done, and their service includes a warm towelette pressing against your hands after a soak? This kind of treatment can be seen as a luxury.

But is it?

Having something that has enough moisture to help you clean your hands can be great. It is an added plus if it is also warm. Especially for newborn babies who cannot regulate their temperature well. And things with different temperatures or small changes can be alarming for them. Technology has gone so far today, and creating comforts at home is not as crazy as it used to be. In the world of baby products, baby wipes warmer dispensers can be an affordable perk. They will make cleaning messes more of an enjoyable feeling.

What The Heck?

Before you completely write off a dispenser for baby wipes, hear us out. You may think that these are ridiculous, or a waste of money. Why the heck would you need something like that?

A big issue with baby wipes is that they do not provide a tight enough seal to keep moisture locked inside. Oftentimes, this is due to packaging with a sticky, resealable lid. Alternatively, they use hard plastic lids to try and keep moisture in. Both of these work. Sometimes. 

Most of the time, they end up drying out and getting stuck to each other and separating them becomes an issue. It can tear, or you end up pulling too many out. Even on a changing table, in the comfort of your own home, this can be cumbersome when trying to clean up a wiggling baby.

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What To Think About

So what should you think about when you are purchasing a baby wipes dispenser? Consider the following when you are first setting out to get one.


The tradeoff with baby wipe packaging is often for convenience of travel. No one wants to carry a tub around all day in their diaper bag. Or what if even your counter space on your changing table is still pretty small? You need one that can hold a good amount. Consider the height so it can hold say maybe 100 wipes instead of 20. 


When you have a wiggling baby, how you can reach for that baby wipe becomes pretty important. Is it quick and convenient? Sometimes, we find ourselves with only one hand available to both grab everything.

Some questions to ask yourself when buying one may be:

Does the lid stay open when you are using the dispenser? Or does it fall back closed?

If the lid snaps shut, how much force will you need to get it open?

How well does the dispenser separate wipes from one another?

Usually, rubber teeth do not separate water wipes as well unless there is a lot of water.

Having a Warmer Is an Added Plus!

Diaper changes as a parent are not the best. But if you think about the process of a diaper change from a baby’s perspective, it really is not great. Someone is basically all up in our business and it has to be a strange feeling.

On top of that…

If the wipe is wet (because sometimes, it is more effective that way) it could also be cold too! If your child is normally not fussy, but hates diaper changes, it is possible that they are uncomfortable with the whole process. Baby wipes warmer dispenser is one way to help make the experience more gentle and soothing.

baby nursery

Some dispensers on the market have an added warmer, a huge plus for your baby if they are fussy. The heating design of a warmer should warm the baby wipes throughout the whole box, from top to bottom. Sometimes, the heater is at the top of the dispenser, or the bottom. It should not get too hot or only heat up the bottom and leave the top wipes cold still. Should you find that they are still cold, give it some time to distribute the heat. A dispenser will not overheat and go over a certain temperature, so do not worry.

Then again…

There are situations where your baby wipes dry out or start turning brown. Be sure to look for sturdy locks on the side for a tight seal. If you find that your baby wipes start browning at the top and drying out, be sure to keep the lid on it closed. These dispensers have two lids, one lid with teeth for pulling out single wipes, another to put one in bulk. Make sure these are not open when not in use, otherwise you will find them browning and drying out quickly.

More often than not…

Sometimes you may find that your baby wipes are dry coming out of their original packaging. A great tip is to pour a tablespoon or two of water inside the dispenser. This helps to keep everything moist. Sometimes, dispensers come with a sponge or “pillow” at the bottom to help keep things moist as well. This may be something you want to leave at the bottom of your dispenser if you prefer a wetter wipe.

Below are 5 of the best baby wipes dispensers for all sorts of occasions. Some have added perks to them. All help to keep your baby wipes wet without concerns of drying out.

Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser 

This dispenser and warmer by Hiccapop comes in two colors. The top lid is silicone meant to provide a tight enough seal to stop evaporation. Their chamber for folding wipes fits most all brands of baby wipes. It measures 10.50”  x 7.50”  x 5.00”, and weighs 2.14 pounds. They need to be plugged in for use. The Hiccapop brand warmer and dispenser does not come with a pillow for moisture.

The teeth that catch the baby wipes could be firmer to help grab and hold the baby wipe. Distributing the individual sheets is sometimes a hit or miss, depending on how thick or gauzy your baby wipe is. This includes a small night light that casts a soft glow, and comes in handy for night time changes. The clear plastic in the center is helpful to see when your wipes are empty. Or if the chamber needs cleaning or airing out when too much condensation gets on the sides.


  • Night light for easy changing
  • Clear plastic window helps for changing and refilling
  • High-capacity case that works with most wipes


  • Teeth on dispenser is not the most firm
  • Requires some maintenance
  • Needs to be plugged in

Hiccapop Baby Wipe Dispenser 

This is also brought to you by hiccapop. This design does not include a warmer. This is a hard plastic dispenser. Instead of a silicone lid, it includes a silicone gasket that seals in your wet wipes’ moisture. Like their other dispenser and warmer. This design includes clear plastic on three sides so you know just when to replenish the dispenser.

Most of all…

What big advantage this has over other dispensers is that this dispenser has a weighted top. It helps dispensing wipes individually much more easily. This dispenser is small enough for a compact changing table at 8.5” x 5.5” x 4.3”. It is quite light as well, coming in at 1.8 pounds. The lid has a flip open top, rather than a button, but is easy to use one-handed and snaps closed when done.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to use one-handed
  • Dispenses wipes individually and without tearing


  • Not a warmer
  • Weighted top can be top heavy if empty

OXO Tot On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser

These are a must for parents that are on the go.

This dispenser has a compact design, and has an added bonus of a loop for a loop to hold and hang your dispenser. We found this super helpful for when we are using the stroller. The OXO Tot has a button that lifts the lid for your added convenience. This is super light, weighing in at 5.6 ounces, and 9” x 5.7” x 1.2”.

This is a hard body with a silicone loop attachment. Their plastic is phthalate-free and BPA-free. So no worries when leaving this in the car or warm environment. This dispenses individual wipes out well, and does not get caught on each other. These do not work as well if you stuff them to the top, so we recommend filling it up but leaving some room at the top. We did not find any issues with this product drying out.


  • Hard plastic body for protection
  • Dispenses wipes individually and without tearing
  • Easy to use one-handed


  • Not a warmer
  • Do not overstuff

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

This dispenser is also a baby wipe warmer. It is 10” x 7.4” x 5.4”. It includes a light at the front that casts a soft glow for night time use. It also has a timer, and will turn off after you turn off the machine. It is lighter than the Hiccapop dispenser, weighing in at 7.7 ounces. The warmer is at the top of the dispenser, and has a clear plastic flip top lid. This may not be as convenient for some people. The teeth that separates the wipes are rubber, and are not as useful in separating the wipes from each other.

To fill in the warmer, there is a lid and locks to keep it in place after refilling. This warmer is rather tall, and can hold up to 100 standard sized baby wipes. We also really appreciate the clear plastic in the front so we know when it needs refilling. If wipes are a little drier coming out of the packaging, we found that adding a few tablespoons of water. It helps re-moisturize the wipes and help with separating.


  • Holds 100 standard baby wipes
  • Clear plastic to see inside
  • Light-weight for added portability 
  • Includes a nightlight


  • Made with rubber teeth, which do not separate individual wipes as easily
  • Requires some maintenance
  • Warmer at top of the wipes

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer with an Integrated Nightlight

This dispenser is a warmer and is 10” x 6.75” x 4.5” and 1 pound. We appreciate the sturdy design of this warmer. The dispenser at the top is a thin slit made of hard plastic, helping to separate individual baby wipes. The snap lid of the Prince Lionheart is sturdy, but not recommended for one-handed use. It includes an antimicrobial “pillow” and sponge at the bottom to keep wipes moist.

We recommend to switch or clean the “pillow” every three months. The added pillow helps them dispense individual wipes. And the slit helps separate each one. Unlike other dispensers though, there is no window or clear plastic to see inside. Unlike other warmers in this review. The warmer is at the bottom of the packaging. This helps to warm your stack of wipes evenly and thoroughly.

We found it to be the best baby wipe warmer because of its unique design.


  • Lightweight
  • Includes a nightlight
  • Sturdy teeth for separating baby wipes
  • Comes with “pillow” to keep wipes moist


  • Cannot see inside the dispenser
  • Requires some maintenance


It all boils down to this…

There are some great options for parents out there so they do not have to worry about dry wipes. And sometimes, you may even want to use one if your child is especially sensitive to the cold. The kind of dispenser you may want to consider should be sturdy. And it should easily separate out baby wipes from each other and also keep moisture locked in.

Some dispensers with more added perks will need some more attention. Like ones that are warmers. But the benefit to them really shines when it comes to changing and cleaning your baby’s mess. Because they end up enjoying the process more. In the long run, this will cut down on time dealing with the mess. That is so that next time, you can find yourself quickly and easily grabbing wipes for big messes. 

Now are you convinced?

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