How To Choose The Best Toothpaste For Babies (Full Guide)

Baby toothbrush and toothpaste in a display rack

From the early days of the baby’s age, it is necessary to provide complete oral care. As soon as the child has the first tooth, you should immediately begin a preventive cleaning by brushing their teeth. 

Choosing only suitable children’s toothpaste avoids caries and other dental diseases in the future. 

Generally, kids’ toothpaste is “tasty“, natural, and safe!

There is unique children’s toothpaste for the youngest kids, as well as for older ones. 

They differ in composition, taste, and beneficial effects on delicate tooth enamel. 

Read on to know more about:

  • Why you must use an age-appropriate toothpaste for kids.
  • What to look for in children’s toothpaste?
  • A definitive review of the 8 Top-selling children’s toothpastes. 
  • ..and a lot More!

You can stimulate your child’s interest in dental care with toothpaste in several flavors and colors. 

The best toothpaste for children would make the child brush his teeth in the morning and night without much fuss.

Stick with us, and let’s get started with our definitive review.. 

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What You Should Know About Your  Babies’ Dental care

Taking care of the baby’s dental care is essential, especially during the first few months of the baby’s age, whether he is taking breast milk or powdered milkGood dental hygiene is crucial, and you need to keep your kid’s teeth clean all the time..

..although this is not always easy! 

If a baby falls asleep after breastfeeding at night, it is important to brush his teeth well beforehand. 

As tooth decay can occur with night gifts, dentists recommend all parents brush their babies’ teeth in the morning.

For an easy process, we recommend you restrain your baby in a lying face-up position, for example, on a changing table or in your arms.

Always remember to use a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. 

The appropriate amount corresponds to ¼ of the baby’s fingernail, and there is a high chance that the baby will swallow the toothpaste inside his mouth. 

It is essential to know that saliva production is minimal at night, which significantly increases the risk of tooth decay if you don’t take the proper dental care of your baby. 

Therefore, it is essential to brush your teeth before nightfall. When bedtime, it is good to brush your baby’s teeth before going to sleep and make this an everyday habit.

A Rule Of Thumb: Never give your child pure fruit juice or other sweetened drinks in a bottle, either at night or during the day, as the sugar damages the teeth and the fruit acid destroys the enamel. 

Milk and water are the only things that your child can drink from a bottle. 

In addition, avoid placing any sweets on the pacifier, as sugary foods and drinks damage the baby’s teeth. 

A child who knows nothing but a pure pacifier does not ask for anything else!

What Is The Best Toothpaste For Kids?

It is necessary to start brushing children’s teeth with a reasonable amount of fluoride toothpaste as soon as the first tooth is visible. 

You can choose your child’s toothpaste independently, but it is better to consider your kid’s dentist’s advice during the first visit immediately after the first tooth erupts. 

In the future, you need to visit a doctor every six months for checkups – as per your kid’s pediatrician.

Of course, it is not easy to teach a baby to brush his teeth! However, to encourage him to do it regularly, we recommend keeping him around when you brush your teeth. 

Remember: Children constantly repeat after their parents!

For kids older than 12 months, the composition of the paste should also be natural and safe. 

In these toothpaste tubes, components strengthen the protection of enamel from caries. 

How About Dental floss? Is It Necessary For Kids? 

Yes! Flossing is essential for proper dental and oral care. The toothbrush does not manage to clean the surface between the teeth. 

That’s said, you need to clean this surface with dental floss. It is advisable to start flossing at the age of, and you always need to help your kid with flossing to ensure a proper application.

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1 – Dr. Brown’s Baby Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Best Infant Toothpaste

Dr. Brown’s Baby Toothpaste, Strawberry Flavor

Dr. Brown’s Baby Toothpaste, Strawberry Flavor

Value For Money



Easy To Hold

Overall Score
Brand: Dr. Brown’s
Flavor: Strawberry
Age Appropriate: 0 – 3 years
Item Weight: 4 oz tube – ‎1.41 ounces
Item Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 5.8 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for natural toothpaste for infants, look no further.


Natural and safe to swallow 

Tasty flavor with a pleasant smell 

It doesn’t foam 


Pricer than other options

Worried about your little one swallowing the toothpaste while brushing his teeth? 

Well, with this non-fluoride toothpaste, worry not! 

It is a natural, safe toothpaste free of preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors. 

The strawberry flavor makes this toothpaste favorite for many kids and makes dental hygiene training easier for parents. 

This is a 4 oz tube that is easy to hold by the little hands and portable to carry wherever you want when not home!

Plus, it lasts for a good time since you just need to use a tiny drop each time around the size of a pea!

The formula doesn’t foam, which is easier for babies to deal with because they don’t know how to spit it out. 

You can use this fluoride-free toothpaste for kids from birth to three years old. 

Noting that the shelf life for this toothpaste is three years, and each package has an individual expiration date. So be aware to check it out before you buy it!

2 – Colgate Kids Toothpaste with Anticavity Fluoride Featuring Minions

Best Toothpaste For Toddlers

Colgate Kids Toothpaste Featuring Minions

Colgate Kids Toothpaste Featuring Minions

Value For Money



Easy To Hold

Overall Score
Brand: Colgate
Flavor: Bubble Fruit
Age Appropriate: 2 years and up
Item Weight: 4.6 ounces
Item Dimensions: 6.47 x 2.06 x 9.44 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for fluoride toothpaste for kids, we recommend giving this toddler toothpaste a try.


The top is flat to free-stand 

The tube is recyclable

Tasty and gentle formula

You get a pack of 4 tubes


The formula contains fluoride and artificial sweetener.

The gel is runny 

The Colgate cavity protection toothpaste formula contains fluoride that effectively fights cavities and strengthens kids’ teeth. 

That’s said, 

…you need to use a specific amount of the formula each time and ensure that your kid doesn’t swallow an excess gel amount. 

The taste is just the best!

..the mild bubble fruit is the favorite of kids of different ages!  

Besides, the Colgate cavity protection toothpaste tube features a Minions character that most kids and toddlers adore, making brushing their teeth a fun part of the daily routine. 

It is designed to suit kids ages 2 years and up, gentle on the enamel, and free of sugar and gluten. 

Furthermore, the gel’s color is green to appeal to little ones and encourage them to brush their teeth.

The last thing worth mentioning here is the cap design; it is flat and wide to allow the toothpaste tube to free-stand upright and minimize the mess. 

In conclusion: 

This fluoride toothpaste for toddlers is safe if used based on the direction mentioned on the package.

3 – RADIUS USDA Organic Kids Toothpaste

Organic Baby Toothpaste

Coconut Banana Organic Kids Toothpaste 3oz

Coconut Banana Organic Kids Toothpaste 3oz

Value For Money



Easy To Hold

Overall Score
Flavor: Coconut Banana
Age Appropriate: 6 Months and Up
Item Weight: 3oz
Item Dimensions: 6.31 x 1.5 x 1.88 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a toothpaste for 1 year old that has natural and organic ingredients, this one is right for you.


USDA Organic formula

All-natural ingredients


The gel is sticky

On the expensive side

If you are looking for organic toothpaste for kids, we recommend trying the RADIUS Toothpaste! 

Interestingly, the formula contains natural ingredients, including foam, making it safe if swallowed by babies. 

Furthermore, this toothpaste is free of toxic chemicals, Gluten, dye, GMO, BPA, and fluoride. 

Among the ingredients included in the formula, my favorite is the organic coconut oil… works as a gentle whitener that helps keep the gum healthy and fights against tooth decay naturally.

It is also good to know that this toothpaste is Cruelty-free and has the Leaping Bunny Certification. 

The RADIUS toothpaste’s flavor is fun and unique. However, it might not suit all kids!Last but not least, the formula is entirely free of any toxic chemicals that might cause health issues for kids.

4 – Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste

Best Natural Toothpaste For Kids

Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste for Babies

Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste for Babies

Value For Money



Easy To Hold

Overall Score
Flavor: Strawberry
Age Appropriate: 12+ months – 4 years
Item Weight: 1.76 oz. – 0.11 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 4.72 inches

Bottom Line: This is the best choice if you are looking for entirely natural toothpaste.


It fights tooth decay without the use of any harsh substances or additives

It has natural ingredients, safe if swallowed.

The formula is cruelty-free


Older children may not like its taste

First thing first..

..this Mamaearth Natural toothpaste doesn’t contain fluoride or SLS and effectively fights against plaque and cavities. 

It is an entirely natural toothpaste with xylitol, aloe vera, and stevia, among other ingredients that keep the teeth and gum healthy.

Best of all, the strawberry fruit flavor of the paste is so tasty and encourages your children to brush. It is perfect for children up to the age of five. 

This toothpaste effectively helps comfort kids with dry mouths because it contains Xylitol. 

In addition, the Aloe Vera gel helps make the baby’s gums strong and ready for new teeth. 

Besides making the toothpaste sweet and tasty, stevia helps stimulate saliva production. 

Overall, It effectively reduces bacterial regrowth, prevents plaque and decay development, and helps in softening sensitive gums!

5 – Orajel Elmo FluorideFree Training Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Babies Under 1

Orajel Elmo FluorideFree Training Toothpaste

Orajel Elmo FluorideFree Training Toothpaste

Value For Money



Easy To Hold

Overall Score
Brand: Orajel
Flavor: Berry
Age Appropriate: 4-24 months
Item Weight: 1.5 Oz
Item Dimensions: 1.56 x 2.19 x 5.19 inches

Bottom Line: This baby toothpaste is an excellent choice for training your little one to brush his teeth early.


Free from fluoride, artificial dyes/colors.

Suitable for infants 4 months and up.

The tube is easy to use and hold by little kids.


The screw cap is not practical.

The gel-like formula is too runny.

The Orajel training toothpaste contains a safe formula suitable for babies 4 -24 months old. 

That’s said, you can clean your baby’s mouth with this infant toothpaste safely and at an early age. 

Besides being fluoride-free, the formula also doesn’t contain alcohol, aspartame, sugar, parabens, gluten, dairy, dyes, or SLS, meaning it is safe if swallowed by babies, as long as you are using it as directed.

The best part? 

It has a light berry flavor that is super loved by infants and little kids.

Overall, this toothpaste helps remove plaque to keep the baby’s mouth and tiny teeth clean and healthy.

6 – Hello Natural Watermelon Flavor Kids Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Vegan Toothpaste For Kids

Natural Watermelon Flavor Kids Toothpaste

Natural Watermelon Flavor Kids Toothpaste

Value For Money



Easy To Hold

Overall Score
Brand: Hello, Oral Care
Flavor: Watermelon
Age Appropriate: Adults and children 2+
Item Weight: 2.2 Ounces
Item Dimensions: 1.5 x 5.6 x 2.13 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for vegan, natural, and fluoride-free toothpaste, look no further.


100% recycled cardboard boxes and printed with soy inks.

It is free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or gluten.

It is a cruel product – not tested on animals.

The formula is vegan, and Leaping Bunny Certified


The toothpaste is a bit sticky.

The scent is strong

This is one of the best toothpaste brands available for oral dental care for adults and kids. 

It is composed of quality elements such as sedative aloe vera, erythritol, and a silica mixture that gently brush and lighten your kids’ teeth. 

The best part?

Its natural watermelon flavor encourages your children to use it regularly, and the natural sweetener gives the toothpaste a pleasant taste. 

Not only that..

The toothpaste formula prevents cavities from developing and strengthens the enamel, making your kid’s smile even a cuter one. 

Besides, it is free of Phthalate, Fluoride, and SLS to keep your kid away from any toxic components. 

This toothpaste is suitable for kids and adults, but keep in mind that it is fluoride-free, which adults need for healthy oral care.

7 – Jack N’ Jill Natural Kids Toothpaste

Flavorless Toothpaste For Kids

Natural Kids Toothpaste

Natural Kids Toothpaste

Value For Money



Easy To Hold

Overall Score
Brand: Jack N’ Jill
Flavor: Unflavored
Age Appropriate: 6 Months and up
Item Weight: 1.76 oz
Item Dimensions: 1.18 x 1.77 x 4.88 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a hypoallergenic toothpaste that is also natural and organic, look no further.


Organic and hypoallergenic toothpaste

Free of harmful chemicals – safe if swallowed.

It is formulated with natural ingredients.

It doesn’t contain fluoride.


Small tube for the price.

If you are looking for a Flavorless toothpaste for your kids, we highly recommend giving Jack N’ Jill Natural Kids Toothpaste a try! 

You will admire it!

It has no flavor. Thus, it works perfectly for picky kids and toddlers who don’t like fruity, minty, citrus, or any other flavor!

Plus, it is entirely safe if swallowed by your kid as it contains all-natural ingredients specially added to keep the young teeth healthy, shiny, and clean!

Among the included ingredients, Xylitol and Calendula are the main ones that fight cavities, soothe the kids’ gums, and prevent decays from developing

Also, it is worth mentioning that this toothpaste is Vegan, free of Gluten, Fluoride, Cruelty, Dairy, and SLS.

Best of all, it is hypoallergenic toothpaste!

The package is recyclable and free of BPA, and you get a 30-days guarantee to make sure you are satisfied with your choice.

8 – Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Kid’s Toothpaste

Baby & Adult Toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Kid’s Toothpaste

Value For Money



Easy To Hold

Overall Score
Brand:  Tom’s of Maine
Flavor: Orange Mango
Age Appropriate: Adults and kids above 2
Item Weight: 0.96 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 2.38 x 4.5 x 6.75 inches

Bottom Line: This is a fluoride toothpaste that is a little minty with a citrus flavor for the whole family to enjoy.


Works for kids and adults.

Fights against cavities and keeps the tooth healthy.


The minty and citrus flavor might be strong for toddlers.

The toothpaste texture is very runny.

The formula is not SLS free.

If you want fluoride toothpaste for children, we recommend you give the Tom’s of Maine Children’s toothpaste a try!

It is FDA approved, with excellent reviews, and offers your child delicate care packaged with a new and innovative flavor.

It is a family toothpaste!

Tom’s is a natural toothpaste for 2 year old kids and up, which can be used successfully by adults

The best part?

It does not contain artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives, or ingredients of animal origin. 

Remember, though, that the protection it offers against cavities is due to its fluoride content. 

Tooth cleaning is done using a low-abrasive ingredient, calcium carbonate, and a cleaning and polishing agent, a silicon compound. 

Furthermore, mango’s pleasant and innovative aroma is very popular with children who prefer the citrus and minty flavor.

The tube has a free-standing screw cap that helps keep the sink less messy! 

It is also essential to know that it has not been tested on animals.

Buyer’s Guide:

How To Choose The Proper Toothpaste For Kids

Baby looking at a toothbrush given by her mommy


The first thing to consider when choosing a toothpaste for your kid is his age. Each company produces a line of baby kinds of toothpaste targeted at specific ages, ranging from a few months to 14 years

This is primarily because babies might swallow it and their teeth are more gentle than adults’.

  • Up to three years: 

For such small children, it is often sufficient to brush their teeth with a damp brush. 

But if you are worried about tooth decay, it is a good idea to choose toothpaste either without fluorides or with amounts up to 400 ppm fluorides. 

Note: You will find the fluoride amount mentioned by the manufacturer on the toothpaste package.

  • Four to six years: 

It is safe to use toothpaste with more fluoride at this age because your kid’s milk teeth are getting replaced constantly.

Using toothpaste with relatively higher fluoride amounts helps protect the sensitive tooth enamel of freshly cut teeth.

  • Seven years and up:

Your kid will probably know how to spit out the toothpaste while brushing his teeth, and the tooth exchange process is still going on, so you can choose a paste with more fluoride at this age. 

Also, you can go ahead and choose a new, different toothpaste flavor that is more refreshing than tasty. 

In the end, your kid should switch to the adults’ kinds of toothpaste for extra tooth protection, and those for adults don’t focus much on the flavor!


Always read the information on the packaging…

Since the task of toothpaste is to gently clean teeth from plaque, the following criterion for choosing the baby’s toothpaste is its type and including abrasive components. 

If the composition contains calcium carbonate (chalk) or sodium bicarbonate (soda) as an abrasive, it will be too aggressive for the enamel of milk teeth or recently erupted molars. 

Instead, choose a toothpaste that uses titanium or silicon dioxide as an abrasive component. 

The abrasiveness coefficient (RDA) should not exceed a specific value (0-3 years – no more than 30, 3-14 years – no more than 50).

Ingredients To Avoid In Children’s Toothpaste:

  • Fluoride
  • SLS : Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 
  • Essential oils 
  • Abrasive and harsh ingredients

NOTE: For certain diseases, the dentist may prescribe a toothpaste with chlorhexidine, triclosan, or metronidazole; you cannot start using medications independently.


Fluorine is not safe for the child’s body, but it helps to strengthen tooth enamel. Children 3 years and under swallow most of the paste. Thus, we advise you to get toothpaste without fluoride.

Otherwise, excess fluorine in the baby’s body can cause fluorosis. Small amounts of fluoride up to 500 ppm are allowed for older children.

Foaming Texture:

It is desirable that the kids’ toothpaste contains foaming agents (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium Laureth sulfate) in minimal quantities or not at all. 

Besides, you must pay attention to thickeners used in the toothpaste, as they must be of natural origin (pectins, resins, or agar-agar). 

The preservatives amount should also be low!

Tasty toothpaste is the best for babies and little kids. Still, it is better to choose a product that uses natural substances, such as menthol, mint, eucalyptus, and vanillin, as flavors and is free of saccharin.


Q1: Why choose toothpaste according to age?

Your baby’s teeth grow and get stronger over the years, and each developmental stage has its specially formulated toothpaste. Usually, manufacturers divide the formula into 3 different ones based on the user’s age:
Toothpastes for 0 to 3 years old aim to maintain the babies’ oral health. They do not contain abrasive particles that can damage the enamel and dentin of freshly erupted teeth. And since babies swallow the toothpaste and don’t know how to spit it out while brushing their teeth, these kinds of toothpaste are harmless to the body.
Toothpastes from 3 to 6-7 years old contain gentle abrasives and components that effectively clean the kids’ milk teeth. 
Toothpastes for children 7 years old and up contain fluoride to clean, fight caries and gum disease, and restore the enamel of their permanent tooth, but make sure it is in small quantities.

Q2: Is fluoride free toothpaste good?

Usually, people with fluoride allergy or have dental fluorosis and whose kids swallow the toothpaste while brushing their teeth prefer to use a non-fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride free toothpaste for kids helps get a fresher mouth, remove any buildups, target the mouth’s bacteria with the other components, and whiten the teeth. 

Q3: How should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

You can start with oral care from the early day of your baby’s life. Before having any teeth, it is better to use a damp cloth to wipe the baby’s mouth after every feeding to maintain a healthy mouth, prevent the baby bottle tooth decays, and introduce them to this habit. Avoid brushing and cleaning their mouth while laying down to prevent the gag reflex scenario.

Our Verdict: Best Baby Toothpaste

As you can see, 

Children’s toothpaste tubes are available in different formulas, designs, and flavors. So finding a suitable one that matches your requirements and suits your baby’s age is not an easy thing to do! 

That’s why we reviewed the 8 Top-Selling baby toothpastes and reviewed each one based on their values included, including designs, flavors, and scents. 

Besides, we highlighted the ingredients included in each toothpaste to keep you on the safe side when choosing your favorite one.  

Our comparison was based on the product’s description, parents’ feedback, and our personal experience as parents. 

All you have to do now is go through the review results and choose the one that fits the bill right.

Below, you will find the comparison results ready for you…

ProductRating out of 5
Dr. Brown’s Baby Fluoride-Free Toothpaste⭐ 4.5
Colgate Kid’s Toothpaste with Anticavity Fluoride Featuring Minions⭐ 4.25
Mamaearth Natural Berry Blast Kids Toothpaste⭐ 4.0
RADIUS USDA Organic Kids Toothpaste⭐ 3.75
Orajel Elmo FluorideFree Training Toothpaste⭐ 3.75
Hello Natural Watermelon Flavor Kids Toothpaste and Mouthwash 3.5
Jack N’ Jill Natural Kids Toothpaste⭐ 3.5
Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Kid’s Toothpaste⭐ 3.25

Conclusion : Best Toothpaste For Kids

This is the last part of the review..

Each of the listed toothpastes is safe and suitable for kids. Howeverthey serve different age groups. 

That’s said, considering your baby’s age is the first thing you need to do when looking for a baby toothpaste. 

Finally.. is time to present our top pick, best value, and editor’s choice options.

We hope you find a toothpaste that works well for your little one and keeps his teeth shiny, healthy, and clean.

Good luck with your choice, Mommies, and Daddies…

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