8 Kids Bubble Makers The Best Bubble Machine Is One Click Away

A lot of bubbles outdoor

All parents know that soap bubbles are fun at parties and an excellent pastime for entertaining children.

Fortunately, though..

..different brands provide unique designs, features, and types of bubble machines, making it easy for you to find one that matches your child’s favorite. 

This article will introduce you to:

  • The benefits of bubble playing for toddlers.
  • The 8 best bubble machines for kids (definitive review)
  • How to choose the best bubble machine for your child.
  • ..and a lot More!

We all agree that watching soap bubbles is fascinating for all children, creating them is exciting, and trying to grab them is an irresistible temptation.

Stick with us, and let’s enjoy a bubbly day out… 

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Why You Must Encourage Bubble Playing:

Improves the visual skills:

If your child is still a baby, we highly recommend introducing the bubble toys as one of his outdoor or indoor activities. 

Watching the bubbles moving and flying away develops your baby’s visual skills. He will follow the bubbles, track the movements, focus until they are gone, converge, react with a blink, and so on…

These skills are essential, and you need to develop them daily!

Bubbles catch the eyes and move in slow motion, a great game to help your baby use and develop his eyes.

Develops the gross and fine motor skills

Tummy time is challenging for most babies… However, looking at and following moving bubbles will make it a happy time!

While doing so, your child will move his head, hands, and whole body. Therefore, his balance skills and muscles will develop naturally. 

The head movements toward left and right, up and down, develop your little one coordination abilities. 

While your baby is walking, running, and trying to catch flying bubbles outside on a sunny day, he improves his fine motor skills. 

Hand and foot-eye coordination skills

Nothing beats popping moving bubbles after many ups and downs.. 

Yes! Your kid will do the impossible to make this happen. He might use his fingers, hands or feet, or even a single toe to see the bubble popping. 

Whatever he uses, these movements develop his hand-eye and foot-eye coordination abilities. 

Developing the oral-motor skills

Kids need to learn how to blow to make out the bubbles. It is just like blowing on a birthday candle… He imitates your lips movements, thus, developing his oral-motor skills to get the job done. 

Language and hearing skills development

Bubble play will naturally introduce your kid to the ‘buh’ and ‘puh’ sounds while talking about the bubbles. 

You might unintentionally see yourself talking to your kid about the bubbles, creating basic vocabularies and terms related to this game. 

Encourage body awareness

Playing with bubbles is a great way to increase your child’s awareness about his body parts; their names, where they are, and how they move!

Words like the look, catch, follow, or stomp on are simple yet create a foundation for future complex games.

Enhance the communication and social skills

If you let your kid play in a bubble group game with his siblings, friends, or cousins, it will allow him to participate in a group talk and encourage him for further discussions.

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1 – Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower

Best Professional Bubble Machine

Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower

Professional Bubble Machine

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Brand: Zerhunt
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Age Appropriate: 3 years and up
Item Weight: 2.27 pounds
Item Dimensions: 10 x 6.4 x 6.2 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for bubble machines for parties where you can see a steady stream of bubbles flying around, we recommend you try this one.


Works for kids’ and adults’ occasions

Portable and professional bubble maker

Excellent performance with a large reservoir

Adjustable speed settings


You need to use a good amount of soap and keep the tank full.

This Zerhunt portable and professional bubble machine makes a steady stream of thousands of bubbles in a minute. 

The soap tank capacity in this bubble machine is 400ML, making it able to blow more than 4800 colorful bubbles in a minute with its dual motors. 

The best part?

The design considered the user’s safety; if you or your kid touched the fan blade accidentally, it would stop moving immediately. 

The design is super convenient…

With the adjustable handle, you can carry the machine comfortably wherever you go and adjust it to suit your kid’s little hand. 

Besides, it is portable and has two-speed settings.

There are two ways to charge this machine; either by batteries (you need siz ones) or by a plug. Thus, it works indoors and outdoors. 

The max working period with batteries is 30 minutes.

2 – Joyin Toy Big Bubble Wand Assortment

Kids Bubble Sticks

Joyin Toy Big Bubble Wand Assortment

12 pack 14″ Big Bubble Wands

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Brand: JOYIN
Material: Plastic
Age Appropriate: 12 months and up
Item Weight: 3.75 pounds
Item Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 3 inches

Bottom Line: These large bubble sticks are perfect for kids and adults and come in a value pack to enjoy all summer days.


Easy to hold and use design

It blows so many bubbles with one blowing


They don’t stay upright

You need to keep the solution amount around the top to make bubbles

There is only one opening in the bubble stick

These colorful wands are perfect for enjoying sunny days with lots of fun each summer.

A colorful and endless number of bubbles at a time… 

In this pack, you get a dozen 14’’ wand sticks with six different colors that are all exciting for kids to play with. 

The included solution is 0.4 Fl Oz and safe on the kid’ faces and siks. 

The best part?

They work for many different occasions, and most parents use them to stuff their kids’ Easter Baskets. 

You will admire the way these sticks work…

If you or your kid don’t like to blow to create bubbles, you can just wave around with the bubble stick and see the magic bubbles coming out!

3 – Lydaz Bubble Lawn Mower For Toddlers

Best Bubble Lawn Mower

Lydaz Bubble Lawn Mower For Toddlers

Bubble Lawn Mower For Kids

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Brand: Lydaz
Material: Plastic
Age Appropriate: 18 months and up
Item Weight: 2.51 pounds
Item Dimensions: 2.63 x 14.25 x 9.5 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for the best bubble machine for babies that blow many bubbles of different sizes, this bubble mower is right for you.


Sturdy, durable and robust design

Perfect for walkers and big kids

Great as gift


The solution container is not covered.

The soap gets used quickly.

This automatic bubble machine is easy to operate, just pour a few drops of the bubble soap solution in front of the bubble machine fan, turn on the switch and spin it into action. 

And watch lots of beautiful bubbles spreading everywhere… 

Safety always comes first!

lydaz bubble mower is environmentally friendly and safe, sturdy and durable. The soft rubber fan will not hurt children.

Most parents agree that this push mower toy is a great bubble toy gift for birthday parties, Christmas, Children’s Day, Halloween, or any kids’ related occasions. 

Babies love bubbles…

Nothing is cuter than non-stop bubbles moving and flying around. This bubble blower has eight rotating rods and can produce up to 600 bubbles per minute. Your little ones will have a great time in such a bubble paradise!

Furthermore, you will get an extra two bottles of 118ml bubble liquid and a mini screwdriver.

4 – Gazillion Bubble Machine

Hurrican Bubble Blower For Toddlers

Gazillion Bubble Machine

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Brand: Gazillion
Material: Plastic
Age Appropriate: 3 years and up
Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
Item Dimensions: 9.15 x 6 x 7.5 inches

Bottom Line: This is a great bubble blower that is efficient and gets the job done at an affordable price.


Hanging spill-free handle

Quiet spinning wands

Affordable option


Less quality than other bubble machines

Lightweight and the stability is not the best

Hurricane design with impressive results… The gazillion bubbles machine has bright colors that appeal to children of all ages.

The design is child-friendly and super easy to use! just pour the bubble solution into the front of the machine, press the button and get amazed with the magic bubbles. 

Besides, it is made of high-quality non-toxic ABS plastic for superior strength and rust protection, and the edges are rounded to keep kids safe while moving around.

Keep in mind, though; it requires four AA batteries, which are not included. 

It comes with one gazillion bubbles refill and a hanging handle for more convenience, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor activity.

The best part?

This gazillion bubble generator has a low noise electronic motor; it can make thousands of bubbles in a short time but makes less sound than usual. 

Plus, it comes with one gazillion refill bottles.

It can produce large quantities of bubbles anywhere, a beautiful design for your festival, birthday party, weddings, barbecue, and an excellent gift for children.

5 – Bump & Go Bubble Blowing Farm Tractor Truck

Interactive Bubble Truck

Bump & Go Bubble Blowing Farm Tractor Truck

Bubble Blowing Farm Tractor Truck

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Brand: Prextex
Material: Plastic
Age Appropriate: 3 years and up
Item Weight: 1.41 pounds
Item Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 7 inches

Bottom Line: This is a bubble truck that lights up and sings while moving around. Great as a gift for boys.


Cute packaging – perfect gift for boys

Interactive design that triples the fun


You cannot control the sound’s volume or turn it off

The blowing power is not the best – bubble don’t go up in the air

If your kid is a fan of cars and trucks, we recommend you get him this bubble blowing tractor. It expands his imagination to a higher level.. 

Nothing beats moving a toy around with bubbles getting all over the place! It is enjoyable!

The best part?

The overall design is fun and appealing for little children and big kids. 

The bubble truck is attached to the bubble soap holder, making it look like a real truck pushing a wagon full of some stuff. It is also detachable for more convenience. 

Besides, the truck makes cute sounds and lights while moving and making hundreds of colorful bubbles! 

It is battery-powered with 2 AA batteries. However, they are not included in the package – they are sold separately.

6 – WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wand Kit

Giant Bubble Maker

WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wand Kit

Giant Bubble Wand Kit

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Material: Plastic
Age Appropriate: 6 years and up
Item Weight: 0.035 pounds
Item Dimensions: 17 x 2.76 x 1.46 inches

Bottom Line: This is a set of 4 items to make monster bubbles and tons of fun for everyone.


Fun and creative activity for kids


A pricey option

It is a little hard for kids to do it by themselves

The solution doesn’t last

This Mega Bubble Kit contains the bubble-making tool: two bubble wands connected with a string, a small plastic container, and a couple of pouches filled with WOWmazing soap solution.

Plus, a small booklet for first-time users!

The mechanism is efficient.. 

Just pour the mixture into the bowl, immerse the rope, and let the magic begin! The liquid is concentrated; you need to add 1 quart of water for each pouch to dilute.

The best part?

The bubble solution is USA-made, biodegradable, and safe for children and the environment. 

Giant bubbles are a fun activity in the backyard, beach, or a park to double the fun. Plus, it is a creative way for teachers to teach kids lessons.

7 – Kidzlane Automatic Bubble Maker For Kids

Animal Shape Bubble Machine

Kidzlane Automatic Bubble Maker For Kids

Dolphin Shape Bubble Machine

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Brand: Kidzlane
Material: Plastic
Age Appropriate: 36 months – 3 years
Item Weight: 1.96 pounds
Item Dimensions: 9.02 x 9.02 x 7.01 inches

Bottom Line: This adorable sea animal-shaped bubble maker produces up to 500 bubbles per minute.


Super cute design

Easy to operate


Some users reported frequent soap leakage

It has a short service life

This bubble machine has a dolphin design that is adorable and super cute. It adds fun and joy to any kid’s outdoor and indoor activities.

While the overall design is simple, it is also efficient…

The base of this dolphin is stable and has no tips to prevent any leaks and soap spills from happening. 

It is super easy to operate– even by little kids, and blows up to 500 colorful bubbles in a minute. 

It is a battery-operated bubble machine; you need to use 6 AA batteries sold separately. 

With this dolphin bubble machine, you get 8 oz bubble soap but keep a refill around, as it gets used in 10-15 minutes.

8 – Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler

No Spill Bubbles Tumbler

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler

Three No Spill Bubbles Tumbler

Value For Money

Easy To Use



Overall Score
Brand: Fubbles
Material: Plastic
Age Appropriate: 3 years old and up
Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
Item Dimensions: 2.25 x 3.5 x 4.75 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for leak-proof bubble toys that don’t spill, this no spill bubbles tumbler is right for you.


No-spill and leak-proof design

Easy to operate and refill


Makes little bubbles

Less durable than other options

Bubble play is fun! However, some bubble toys leak and make a big mess…

Fortunately, spill proof bubbles mackers  make these toys suitable for jumping kids who care about nothing but having fun!

Well, here comes the Little Kids no-spill bubble toy with its secure design.

These fubbles bubble package comes with three mini-sized bubble tumblers in many colors. Each of the tumblers is packaged individually with its two fl oz soap container, making it perfect as a favor for any occasion. 

The best part?

Once the included solution is consumed, you can use any kind of bubble soap to fill it up. However, we recommend using the Fubbles Premium solution for perfect results.

Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose Your Kid’s Bubble Machine

Kid playing with bubbles using bubble machine

The Machine Type: Manual? Electric?

There are two types of soap bubble toys: simple ones that do not use batteries and electric-powered toys. 

Soap bubble toys that do not use conventional batteries are simple, but they are inexpensive and easy to enjoy.

On the other hand, with the electric type, you can easily make a lot of soap bubbles with one push. Besides, some machines emit sound and light so that you can enjoy effects other than soap bubbles. 

Keep in mind that the batteries are sold separately in most cases.

The Bubble Solution Safety: 

One of the concerns when playing with soap bubbles is that if a child accidentally drinks the soap bubbles… In the unlikely event that you want to use a safe soap solution as much as possible.

Consider The Child Age:

Ring and trigger bubble makers are recommended for small kids, as they have less accidental ingestion.

These are less dangerous because the child’s mouth does not directly contact it.

The Desired Bubbles Size & Amount:

The point is whether you want to make a lot of small or average size soap bubbles or whether you want to make large size soap bubbles.With different bubble machine designs and styles available on the market, you will find one that blows the right amount you need.


Q1: How do you clean a bubble machine?

When cleaning the bubble machine, the first thing to do is empty the soap container of any leftover bubble solution. Then you need to clean the reservoir with water to get rid of anything that sticks inside. Avoid dipping the whole machine in the water; this will ruin it. 

Q2: Can you use a regular bubble solution in a bubble machine?

Yes! Regular bubble solutions work in almost all types of bubble machines. However, some manufacturers recommend using the brand’s bubble solution with their machines to get the best bubble results as these solutions come in a different formula than the regular ones.  

Q3: Can bubble machines be used indoors?

Of course, they work inside! But.. you have to watch for the mess. Slippery floors are expected after a bubble game. 

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Our Verdict: Best Bubble Machine For Kids

Bubble and foam machines create dreamlike effects for outdoor activities such as birthday parties, stages, weddings, dance parties, BBQs, picnics, poolside parties, celebrations, events, and festivals.

Nowadays, you will find plenty of different brands, styles, and toys available in the market, which might be overwhelming sometimes!

We have reviewed the best-selling and most effective bubble machines for toddlers, kids, and adults to double your outdoor fun to make things easier for you

Our comparison was based on the users’ feedback, product description, and our personal experience –as parents! So, we consider the bubble machines’ value for money, whether they are easy to use, durable, or giftable.

The results are below; please take a look at them…

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ProductRating out of 5
Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower⭐ 4.5
Joyin Toy Big Bubble Wand Assortment⭐ 4.25
Lydaz Bubble Lawn Mower for Toddlers⭐ 4.0
Gazillion Bubble Machine⭐ 3.75
Bump & Go Bubble Blowing Farm Tractor Truck⭐ 3.5
WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wand Kit⭐ 3.5
Kidzlane Automatic Bubble Maker for Kids⭐ 3.25
Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler⭐ 3

Conclusion: Best Bubble Machine For Kids

Here comes the last part of the bubble machines’ review.. 

The reviewed products are all good in quality, affordable, and get the job done… 

However, each machine brings something special to the table and comes with unique features to satisfy the different needs and requirements. 

It is now time to present our Top Pick, Best Value, and Editor’s Choice options.

We hope you find this article helpful in choosing a suitable and effective bubble machine for your kid and the whole family.. 

Bubble playing is fun for everyone; get a bubble maker and let the fun begin!

Best of luck with your purchase!

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