Babysense Video Baby Monitor Review 2023

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Here is my detailed Babysense video baby monitor review. In this in-depth review we will be covering:

  • The Babysense baby monitor’s features
  • Parents’ opinion feedback
  • Pros and Cons of this device
  • Lots more…

We reviewed the best 10 baby monitors that will meet all parents’ needs. But if you are looking for long-range video baby monitors, then this incredible monitor by Babysense makes you move freely in your home or garden… 

It is a portable wifi baby monitor with a long range of up to 300m (OPEN SPACE) with an out of range warning. This gives you peace of mind whenever you are away from your baby’s room..

That’s said.. 

If you are interested to know more about this particular monitor, then this guide is the right one for you… 

Scroll down and let’s get started. 

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Babysense Video Baby Monitor


Battery Life

Sound/Picture Quality

Value For Money

Overall Score
Brand: Babysense
Alert Type: Out of range, Low battery
Zoom Type: 2X Digital Zoom
Color: White
Power Source: Battery

Bottom Line: Long-range digital camera, answer back and forth, long battery life, and has an Infrared night vision.


Better video quality

Easy to use

Intuitive navigation

Long-range coverage


Less quality than the competition

Not durable

Battery is not the best

Our Verdict: Babysense Video Baby Monitor

The Babysense baby monitor has many functions that make it a smart baby monitor…

Such as, infrared night vision function, two-way talk function, room temperature monitoring, alarm clock setting, playing a lullaby, and a lot more! 

The video display can be activated when the baby cries to check on the baby, while you can keep it on the audio option if everything is ok!

Besides, this monitor also uses 2.4GHz technology to transmit images and sounds. 

The device must be always connected to the wifi to offer a wider range coverage. 

However, some parents were not highly satisfied with the connectivity as it sometimes cut off and disconnect the video

That’s said,

.. compared with similar products, the Babysense monitor is more cost-effective and can be obtained at a price of less than $100.

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Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

Performance Comparison


Well, when talking about the durability of a device we then of course point to its quality. 

That’s said.. 

This monitor has an acceptable overall quality.. But it is not the best!

Knowing this, makes you assume that good care must be taken while using this monitor to make it durable for a longer period.

Keep in mind, though, the monitor screen occasionally goes blank and you need to do troubleshooting – like restarting the device – to make it work again.

Battery Life

In this segment, the Babysense monitors also give an acceptable performance level as well.

Some users said that the battery lasts only for around 3 hours on the portable parent unit- without being plugged in. 

A quick fix to this, though, is to keep the parent’s unit on the charger during the night 

… so you can monitor the baby all night long without waking up looking for the charger!

Also, using it as an audio monitor makes the battery serves for a longer period.

Sound/Picture Quality

In general, you can monitor your baby and see everything but not too clear to see every detail. 

This monitor has auto infrared night vision technology so you can be sure you will see your baby day and night with this video monitor – even when used in dark rooms

And with 2x digital zoom you will never have doubts about your baby’s activities. 

But keep in mind, though, the screen may sometimes go black and disconnect the sound and video. 

Once that happens, the best thing to do is to restart it to go back to normal. 

Also, the screen size is on the smaller side. 

When you use it with the audio mood, keep in mind that it doesn’t eliminate any white noise around the baby which makes it hard for you to hear the baby’s voice.

Yet, it gives you a real time sound.

Value For Money

Here it is now… 

This monitor is not on the pricey side, yet, it performs within the acceptable level and offers relatively a very good value.

If you compare the values it provides to the price, then it is worth the money you pay for!

Besides being a video and audio monitor, it offers many other useful features, like a temperature monitor, a two-way talk feature, and a good signal for a wide range

It’s a simple monitor that offers good values! 


Q1: Do video baby monitors need WiFi?

Yes, this is one of the wifi baby monitors. That means you need to have a WIFI modem inside the house for this monitor to work.

Q2: How do you turn on a Babysense monitor?

This monitor is very simple and easy to use. To turn it on you just need to press the power button and hold it for a few seconds. You can do the same for turning the parent’s unit on or off.

Q3: Are Babysense monitors good?

The Babysense monitors are a budget-friendly option but have some flaws that may not be the best choice for everyday use. The design of this monitor is lightweight and low in cost as well, which makes it the best baby monitor for traveling.


Then again…

This Babysense camera features good quality video monitoring, stable streaming, secure connection without hacking, and crystal clear sound quality

knowing that this baby monitoring system enables a seamless two-way talk feature that keeps you relaxed all the time. 

Simply, your little one just needs to hear your voice to make sure you are around.

…With the two-way audio communication feature, you make this happen whenever you want…

Who doesn’t like soft music..??

…when you want to help your baby fall asleep faster without you being there, use the pre programmed polyphonic lullabies, which play directly on the baby’s camera.

In addition to auto infrared night vision, you can also take advantage of the room temperature feature and make use of high/low temperature alerts. 

These features provide you nothing but peace of mind all the time.

Secure connection and more!

…what you will absolutely love is the private connection that this monitor offers and makes it a great value for those who care about the secure connection issue..

Above all…

This baby video monitor is expandable to multiple cameras and most parents use two cameras to monitor two rooms.

For example, a second camera that can be operated remotely might be installed in the playroom to keep an eye on the baby while playing there.

…means that you can use it anywhere, not only on the baby’s crib!

Besides, the sound activation level can be controlled remotely, the camera has an auto scan view, and the device comes with a manual pan (360 degrees) and tilt (60 degrees).

Also, if you are not comfortable attaching the monitor directly to the baby’s crib, the monitor comes with a table or wall mount option.

There are many other options in our ten best baby monitors list

We’ve done all the extensive work researching, testing, and putting this review together – It’s time for you to take over the baton to make your choice.

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