Keep It Soft And Silky The Best 10 Baby Lotions

daddy holding baby's hand

Ever wondering if babies need lotion like adults? 

Or if you can put lotion on the baby’s face – even if the baby is a newborn?

Well, you are not the only one who is hesitant to use some products on their baby’s face or body.. 

Luckily, though, on today’s market you will find the kind that suits your baby’s skin type.. will also find some that are safe to use on newborn babies!


Now, let me just stop here before I give too much away…

This article will answer the below question in detail:

  • Do babies need lotion?
  • Which products are best for baby skin?
  • How to buy the right baby lotion?
  • ..and a lot More!

There is no doubt, 

…you MUST always check with your baby’s pediatrician before you apply any product on your little one’s skin – no matter what this product contains!

It’s better to be on the safe side than regret not asking..

Alright, let’s get started and moisturize these beautiful faces… 

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Do Babies Need Lotion For Their Body or Face?

Naturally, babies’ skin doesn’t need to be hydrated as frequently as the adults’ skin. 

That’s said.. is NOT necessary to apply lotion to your baby’s skin every day.

However, some types of baby cream and lotion are safe to use every day without causing any harm.  

Bear in mind,

…a special hydration cream and lotion is required for newborns – most parents use oily kind for the first few weeks of baby’s age. 

The baby’s chin and bum are the most delicate areas vulnerable to being moist – especially the folds areas!

.. you must always hydrate these areas to prevent any rash or skin irritation.

The instep is a critical area that needs to be hydrated and parents usually don’t notice it. Make sure to consider the area behind the ears as well to prevent flaking.

You may also want to check our 10 Baby Skin Care Tips as well.

1 – The Honest Company Organic All-Purpose Balm

Best Lotion For Dry Skin

The Honest Company Organic All-Purpose Balm

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: HONEST
Type: Balm
Weight: 3.4 Ounce
Skin Type: Sensitive and Dry skin
Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches

Bottom Line: Natural derived material balm that makes your baby’s skin soothe, soft, and balanced.


95% organically and plant-derived components

For everyday use

For full body areas


It has a strong smell

It feels sticky on the skin

First thing first..

This skin balm by Honest is a Cribsie award winner in 2019 and USDA Certified Organic as well.

The formula is made out of organic ingredients, like sunflower seeds, natural oils (coconuts, tamanu, and olive oil), and shea butter.

..all these ingredients keep the skin moisturized and balanced.

The best part?

It is an All-purpose balm that you can apply all over the body when your baby has dry or sensitive skin. 

..and gentle enough to use every day!

Besides, It is free of mineral oils, Phthalates, synthetic fragrance, Petrolatum, and Lanolin. 

All things considered, 

Based on the parents’ feedback, we highly recommend you avoid using it on the face or as a diaper rash treatment. 

2 – Earth Mama Calming Lavender Baby Lotion

Best Organic Baby Lotion 

Earth Mama Calming Lavender Baby Lotion

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Earth Mama
Type: Lotion
Weight: 8 Fl Oz
Skin Type: Sensitive
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches

Bottom Line: This is an organic herbal lotion that keeps your baby’s skin soft, hydrated, and scented


Amazing lavender scent 

Smooth on the skin

For sensitive baby skin 

Free of petroleum or mineral oil


The pump dispenser is not durable 

As with all family cosmetics, it is better to choose a natural and organic baby moisturizer. 

When using this lotion, you avoid preservatives, dyes, synthetic fragrances and other endocrine disruptors that might hurt the baby’s skin. 

And here comes the Earth Mama to soothe your baby’s skin and make it silky smooth! 

What you will appreciate in this lotion formula are the herbal and oil ingredients!

These components make this lotion perfect for dry and sensitive skin! 

Don’t forget the fantastic lavender scent..

..a relaxing and calming smell that stays all day long!

Keep in mind, is NOT a treatment for eczema; if used in such cases, it may irritate the skin even more.

3 – Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Body Lotion

Best Baby Lotion For Sensitive Skin 

Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Body Lotion

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Baby Dove
Type: Lotion
Weight: 20 Fl Oz
Skin Type: Sensitive and dry Skin
Dimensions: 2.26 x 4.53 x 9.42 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for delicate skin care for your little baby, then this gentle baby lotion is the right one for you.


Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formula

Lasts for 24-hours 

It gives immediate sooth and skin relief

Suitable for sensitive skin and newborns


The container is a little bit large

Dove baby lotion has a unique formula that makes it creamy, smooth, and super absorbing. 

What makes this lotion safe for a daily use on babies is the clean ingredients.. doesn’t contain dyes, phthalates, or parabens in the formula!

Above all, it is safe to use on your baby’s face as well!

The lotion is hypoallergenic and contains super-gentle moisturizers that are suitable for the face and body areas. 

The best thing?

…this lotion is the 100% skin-natural nutrients, as well as the prebiotic moisture that helps keep the baby’s skin healthy.

Besides, with its neutral pH level, you can use this lotion on your newborn baby without getting any skin irritation. 

The best time to use it is right after bath time..! 

Furthermore, the container is more extensive and has an easy-to-use pump dispenser. 

4 – Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream

Best Eczema Baby Cream

Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Eucerin
Type: Semisolid
Weight:  5 Ounce
Skin Type: Eczema
Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.97 x 5.79 inches

Bottom Line: This is a baby eczema cream enriched with colloidal oatmeal for optimal skin protection.


It contains colloidal oatmeal to treat skin irritation 

The ceramide-3 gives all-day hydration 

Licorice root extract keeps the skin moisturized 

Free of steroid or fragrance


Missing the safety seal

This Eucerin baby eczema cream is enriched with ceramide-3, licorice extract, and colloidal oatmeal.

This lotion is suitable to treat what some rashes and eczema do to the skin, like dryness and itchiness.

That’s said,

..these ingredients make this cream a perfect skin irritation and dryness treatment.

Plus, it keeps the skin hydrated for 24 hours and is safe for daily use.

Most parents like this lotion because it absorbs well, has almost no scent, and its formula is not greasy. 

Keep in mind, though; it is NOT for newborns!

You can safely use it for babies 3 months and up, children, and adults. 

5 – Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

Best Multipurpose Baby Lotion

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Aquaphor
Type: Liquid
Weight: 2 Pounds
Skin Type: Cracked Skin, Sensitive, Dry
Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a healing lotion for dry or chapped skin, then this ointment is right for you.


Petrolatum treats cracked, dry, and chapped skin 

Hypoallergenic and works for sensitive skin

Works for diaper rash


Packaging is not the best

This multifunctional care ointment by Aquaphor is suitable for many skin issues. 

It heals the chopped, dry, and irritated area of the baby’s body and face. 

That’s said, 

…parents usually use it for drool rash while teething!

Furthermore, it is a perfect diaper rash preventer. You just need to apply a little bit of this ointment every time you change your baby’s diaper. 

Above all, it is free from any fragrance and preservative materials, making it preferred for babies with sensitive skin.

While the primary color of this ointment is white, it might turn to light yellow due to the nature of its unique ingredients. However, this color variation doesn’t affect the ointment performance at all.

6 – Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal & Dimethicone

Best Everyday Use Baby Lotion

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal & Dimethicone

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Aveeno Baby
Type: Lotion
Weight: 14.1 ounces
Skin Type: Sensitive
Dimensions: 8 x 3.5 x 1.7 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a 24-hours moisturizer that keeps your baby’s skin soft and nourished all day long, then this is the best lotion to choose. 


Gentle for a daily use

Hypoallergenic and chemical free

Works for 24-hours


Must be away from eyes area – Causes tears 

This Aveeno baby lotion comes in a 12-ounces bottle rich in emollients and natural colloidal oatmeal for a perfect skin moisturization.

The unique formula of this lotion makes it last for 24 hours and keeps your little one’s skin moisturized all day long. 

What you will love in this lotion is the non-greasy texture that makes applying it super easy

Besides, it is gentle enough to be used daily.

Another thing to consider is that pediatricians recommend this Aveeno lotion for babies who suffer from dry skin

When you use this lotion, you can rest assured that your little one will not be irritated.

..its formula is free of any fragrance, drying alcohols, phthalate, and paraben. 

Above all, 

It is suitable to be used for chapped, chafed, and cracked skin 

 7 – Pipette New & Improved Formula Baby Lotion

Best Fragrance-Free Baby Lotion 

Pipette New & Improved Formula Baby Lotion

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Pipette
Type: ‎Lotion
Weight: 6.74 Ounces
Skin Type: Sensitive, Dry
Dimensions: 7.8 x 2.95 x 2.01 inches

Bottom Line: Pipette baby lotion is hypoallergenic, free of fragrance and cruelty, and safe for everyday use. 


Light and soft

It lasts for 24 hours

Perfect for dry baby skin


EWG Certified


It has a strong smell 

The main ingredients that moisturize your baby’s skin are coconut oil and glycerin.

That’s said,

…it is suitable for everyday use!

The pipette baby reviews are mostly positive, and here’s why:

It restores the natural skin balance with a specific version of squalene moisturizer.

The lotion formula contains essential fatty acids, extra-pure ceramides, and pomegranate sterols that lock the moisture in the baby’s skin for a long-lasting effect. 

Above all,

The lotion is silky, light, and super soft…

Bear in mind, though; it has a special scent that might be strong for those with sensitive noses..

 8 – Nivea Baby Soft Cream

Best Hypoallergenic Baby Lotion 

Nivea Baby Soft Cream

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Nivea
Type: Cream
Weight: 6.38 Ounces
Skin Type: Sensitive
Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 2 inches

Bottom Line: This baby cream is formulated to protect and nourish your little one’s skin everyday.


Works for all ages


Suitable for baby’s face and body 


Packaging is not the best

This Nivea baby cream contains skin-friendly components that are free of alcohol, parabens, and colorants. 

It is also hypoallergenic to avoid causing any skin irritation. 

Most importantly,

…it is developed in cooperation with pediatricians and dermatologists

What most parents like about this cream is that it is not greasy and gets absorbed quickly. 

You just need to put lotion on the skin everyday, especially after bathing.

 9 – Evereden Nourishing Baby Face Cream

Best Baby Face Cream 

Evereden Nourishing Baby Face Cream

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Evereden
Type: ‎Cream
Weight: 7.37 Ounces
Skin Type: Sensitive
Dimensions: ‎‎3.15 x 2.87 x 2.83 inches

Bottom Line: This cream has natural and planet based ingredients.



Easy to use and spread

Works for mom and baby 


Not for all skin types

Botanical oils, calendula extract, and ceramides are the main components of its unique formula.

That’s said, 

..this cream is highly recommended to combat irritated and sensitive skin issues, like eczema, or rashes.

Natural oils are the best…

Jojoba and sunflower oils are part of its formula, which means extra moisturizing and nourishing effect.

The best part?

..this amazing cream leaves your skin hydrated, moisturized, and soft for 72 hours!

Another key point to remember

This cream is suitable to use by all ages; from newborn babies to adults..

..mostly used for babies who have acnes, eczema, atopic dermatitis, or drool rash.

 10 – Johnson’s Baby CottonTouch Newborn Baby Face and Body Lotion

Best Newborn Baby Cream

Johnson’s Baby CottonTouch Newborn Baby Face and Body Lotion

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Manufacturer: Johnson’s Baby
Type: Lotion
Weight: 13.6 fluid
Skin Type: Sensitive – All
Dimensions: ‎7.13 x 6.14 x 3.62 inches

Bottom Line: This lotion Is suitable for newborns and you can use it for the baby’s face and body.


Hypoallergenic lotion 

Comes in a 3-pack

Fast and easy absorption 


The fragrance might not suit sensitive caregivers 

It is not a natural product, neither organic

For nine months, in his mother’s womb, the baby grows and evolves in an aqueous environment..

…after birth, the infant’s skin is then weakened. 

Thus, it can be from the first days of life to be dehydrated, dry and/or sensitive. 

In this case, we naturally seek a solution so that our little one’s skin regains its balance.

..and here comes Johnson’s baby lotion!

Johnson baby lotion is also the best smelling lotion for babies – especially newborns. 

Now we’re not wondering if it is safe on baby’s face!

Absolutely, Yes!

…with this CottonTouch lotion, you can moisturize, hydrate, and nourish your baby from head to toe


Because this lotion is pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, and clinically proven to suit the newborn fragel skin.

Plus, it is free of paraben, phthalates, or dyes.

..and as the name suggests, 

…the formula of this lotion has real cotton, thys, it is breathable and very light in weight as well. 

What most new parents like about this product is the silky and light moisturizing effect on their babies’ skin that lasts for 24 hours.

And it doesn’t end there!

It is absolutely the #1 lotion for hospitals… 

That’s why whenever you smell Johnson’s unique scent, you unintentionally look around to see a new baby!

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Baby Lotion

mommy massaging her baby boy's skin

Faced with the multitude of proposals, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate and make an informed choice. The ideal is to fully understand the skin problem of our little one in order to respond as specifically as possible:

Here are the main things to consider before buying a baby lotion:

Material used 

Free of parabens, dyes & phthalates.

Check everything about the “natural” options before you buy

And we recommend you go for Hypoallergenic products, as these products are the best to use on the baby’s skin, especially for newborns

Check the recommended age:

The age of use of the product: for an infant it is important to use only “baby” products which can be applied from birth, “child” products should be used from 3 years old.

baby boy laying on his tummy

Check the area of ​​use: 

Some products are suitable for the face, others for the baby body, and some have the advantage of offering dual use.

Check the pH balance

It is a scale of how acidic or alkaline the lotion is. The best range that suits babies is a pH of 5.0 to 7.0

Anything below or above its range might cause skin irritation. 


Q1: Does using lotion after bathing the baby help prevent rashes?

Most babies do not need lotion after bathing. If your skin is very dry, apply a small amount of unscented moisturizer to dry areas. Massage can make your baby feel good. If the dryness continues, you may be bathing your baby a lot.

Q2: Do All Babies Need Moisturizer?

Like adults, infants all have different skin types. Some skin types will adapt more quickly than others to all the changes imposed by birth. It is therefore useless to cream your baby from the first day of life. Unless specifically recommended, we can wait a few days to see how the skin is developing and whether or not it needs a moisturizer.

Q3: How and when to apply your baby moisturizer?

Applying baby’s moisturizer should be fun. Take a moment after washing and do not hesitate to give a light massage, enveloping and comforting. During the first months, some babies cannot stand being lingered by touching their face, so it is better not to insist and briefly apply the cream.

The moisturizer should help the skin regain a state of balance but, except for certain specific skin types, it should not be applied every day.

It should be used punctually if necessary and then gradually reduce its use: (every day, then every other day, every three days and finally once a week before stopping.

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

baby's feet

Thus, to choose a baby cream or lotion, you must clearly understand your baby’s skin type and if there is any skin conscience that you must take into consideration, like having eczema or skin rash. 

Each cream offers specific features that are different from the competitors. 

Fortunately, though, with different kinds of creams and lotions available on the market, you can rest assured that there is one that suits your little baby..

Our baby lotion review is based on what most parents are looking for, which are:

  • Value for money
  • For sensitive skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Scent

Take a moment to check out our comparison results for the 10 best baby lotions and creams

Value for money

Since you are going to the lotion almost everyday to moisturize your baby’s skin, it is important to see if what you are paying for is worth the money. 

While some brands offer their products at an affordable price, some might be expensive.

Keep in mind,

…the price is not always an indicator that the product is the best.

At the same time, the amount and effect you get with each lotion makes a big difference in your choice. 

Take a look at the results below..

baby sleeping with bunny toy

As per our evaluation and review,

..the Pipette and Johnson’s baby lotions reserved the top score!

And as you see most of the reviewed lotions and creams fall within the average performance in this segment.

For sensitive skin

This is the first thing to look for in a baby lotion..

That’s said, 

..the age of the child determines whether you need a lotion for sensitive skin or not.. 

Personally, both of my kids have normal skin types. I used to get them lotion for sensitive skin only when they were newborns. 

Below are the comparison results for this segment…

baby sleeping with elephant toy

Needless to say…

..most baby skin products are suitable for their sensitive skin!

However, you may find that some are used for specific skin issues, like rash or eczema. 

That’s said, 

Honest, Aquaphor, and Pipette lotions reserved the second place in this segment. 

Eucerin and Evereden came up at the bottom of the list due to their scent and formula. 


Here is the main purpose of using baby lotion!

Well, the moisturizing effect of this lotion highly depends on its ingredients and formula. 

That’s said,

…different kinds of lotions will, definitely, provide various moisturizing effects.

Take a look at the results below..

baby boy's legs

As you can see,

not all types of lotions and creams provide the same moisturizing effect, due to their different formulas. 

However, they are meant to moisturize the skin but on a different level..

Based on the parents’ feedback, the reviewed items came up in two performance levels – as above!


If you or your little baby have allergic noses, then you have to take a closer look into the lotion scent information. 

While most baby products have a soft and baby-friendly scent, some might have a strong one.

Below, we lined up the reviewed lotions in terms of their scent..

baby lying on his tummy

Based on our evaluation and parents’ feedback,

The Evereden cream came up at the top of the list in this segment. It is unscented and formulated using natural ingredients. 

Aquaphor, Aveeno, and Nivea baby products reserved the second place and they are favorites for most users. 

Dove and Eucerin appeared in third place and they are favorites for many parents as well. 

Unfortunately, the Honest balm ended up on the bottom of the list due to its strong scent that doesn’t suit most users. 

Our Final Verdict: Best Baby Lotion

This is almost the end of this in-depth review..

It is time for you now to stop and see the final results.

We have all 10 baby lotions lined up based on their performance. What you need to do now is to pick the lotion that suits your baby’s skin the most. 

So the final choice will rely upon your baby’s exact needs..

ProductRating out of 5
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion⭐ 4.25
Nivea Baby Soft Cream⭐ 4.25
Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment⭐ 4.0
Baby Dove Sensitive Skin Care Body Lotion⭐ 4.0
Johnson’s Baby CottonTouch Newborn Baby Face and Body Lotion⭐ 4.0
The Honest Company Organic All-Purpose Balm⭐ 3.75
Pipette New & Improved Formula Baby Lotion⭐ 3.75
Earth Mama Calming Lavender Baby Lotion⭐ 3.5
Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Cream⭐ 3.5
Evereden Nourishing Baby Face Cream⭐ 3.5

Conclusion: Best Baby Lotions and Creams

Well, we have to agree that most babies’ skin doesn’t need any improvement. These little babies just need a little care to keep their skin soft, hydrated, and healthy. 

As parents, your role here is to make sure that you are getting the cream or lotion that is suitable for your baby’s skin type. 

Take a look now at the editors’ choice, the best value, and top pick options:

Remember: It is always recommended to consult your baby’s pediatrician before using any skin product.

And you? Have you used any moisturizer for your baby? Which one did you choose?

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