Baby Cologne: Keep Your Baby Fresh With These 8 Soft Fragrances

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Anyone who has spent hours with a baby or toddler knows how complicated it is to keep it clean and fragrant..

Babies tend to get dirty very frequently, and they can emit odors that are not pleasant.

Fortunately, a shower (or at least a change) is enough to solve the problem..

BUT if you want to keep your baby smelling fresh all day long and while on the go, use a BABY COLOGNE

Read this article to know about:

  • The proper way to use Baby Cologne.
  • The Best Selling Baby Perfumes.
  • A detailed buyer’s guide.
  • ..and a lot More!

A baby cologne might be a perfume and a baby care product.

Let’s walk you through the baby’s popular fragrances now…

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Baby fragrances and colognes come in a combination of materials that respect sensitive baby skin. 

Delicate, light, and safe… 

Some baby perfumes calm the baby’s mood and make him feel relaxed – especially the fruity and flowery ones!

Besides, specific baby colognes have a double use: cologne and moisturizing or anti-reddening for the skin. 

Keep in mind, though; some allergic reaction after using colognes or perfumes is common among babies. 

Baby Cologne vs. Perfume: Are They Different?

Both colognes and perfumes are great baby products to keep your child fresh and smell good all day long. 

However, colognes, in general, are more masculine than perfumes. On the other hand, perfumes are more scented and last longer.

Both colognes and perfumes contain essential oils but in different concentrations, higher in perfumes than in colognes.

1 – Chicco Natural Sensation

Best Natural Smell Baby Fragrance

Chicco Natural Sensation

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Brand: Chicco
Scent: Natural
Item Size: 100 Milliliters
Age Range: Baby

Bottom Line: This is a super light, gentle, and delicate baby cologne perfect for all skin types. 


Alcohol-free formula

Gentle to use from birth 

The scent is natural and long lasting


The bottle opening drops too much amount 

This watery perfume is perfect for enhancing the baby’s natural scent while keeping his skin healthy and fresh. 

It is a mild baby perfume and suitable for newborns… 

The formula is free of Alcohol and strong enough to last for an extended period. 

The best part?

It is pediatrician and dermatologist-approved. So, rest assured that you are using a formula suitable for all skin types, especially the most sensitive ones, such as those of babies. 

Additionally, the formula is free of synthetic compounds that can cause allergies or irritation, such as parabens or dyes. 

You can even apply a small amount to the baby’s hair, and you will love how it keeps your little one freshly smelling all day long. 

Based on the buyer’s review, the lack of spray functionality makes the bottles’ opening annoying in dropping too much of the perfume. 

2 – Baby By Tous Eea De Colongne Spray

Best Baby Spray Cologne

Baby By Tous Eea De Colongne Spray

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Brand: TOUS
Scent: Baby Tous
Item Size: 3.4 fl oz
Age Range: Baby

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a cute gift for babies, this absolute cutie spray bottle is the best for you.


The floral scent is durable 


The scent is strong 

The formula contains Alcohol 

This baby cologne spray by Tous is strong enough to last all day long and keep your baby smelling clean and fresh.

The floral scent suits both; boys and girls, and it is delicate and soft for everyday use.

The bottle design is super cute and perfect as a gift on all occasions. 

It is not just for babies… 

Yes! The cologne smells so good that most buyers said it had become a favorite for everyone in the family.

All things considered, this spray contains some Alcohol, but in a small amount. 

3 – Baby Magic Cologne

Best A Whole Body Baby Cologne

Baby Magic Cologne

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Brand: Baby Magic
Scent: Fresh Floral
Item Size: 7 fl oz
Age Range: Baby

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a baby cologne that is gentle enough to use for the whole baby’s body, look no further.


Hypoallergenic formula

Dermatologist tested

Works for all skin types

Smells absolutely wonderful 


The scent doesn’t last

This baby cologne by Baby Magic is gentle, light, and works for the whole body and daily use. 

Most importantly, it is Hypoallergenic and perfect for all skin types. 

It is free of any toxic components, like Alcohol, Dyes, Parabens, Phthalates, or Sulfates. 

The cologne formula is Dermatologist tested to be safe for newborns and toddlers.

The floral scent is light and doesn’t bother you or the kids; however, it doesn’t last for too long

The best time to apply it is after bathtime. Put a small amount of the baby cologne on your fingertips and gently apply it to your baby’s body.

4 – Johnson’s Baby Cologne

Best Everyday Baby Cologne

Johnson’s Baby Cologne

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Brand: Johnson’s Baby
Scent: Citrus, Floral
Item Size: 6.8 fl oz
Age Range: Baby

Bottom Line: This is a hypoallergenic, light, and absolutely gentle baby cologne that is perfect for everyday use.diaper changing clutch, look NO further.


Hypoallergenic formula

Dermatologist tested and approved

Free of Alcohol, Paraben, and Phthalate


The scent doesn’t last 

This Johnson’s baby cologne is light and comes in floral and citrus scents. It keeps your baby smelling fresh whenever you apply it to the skin.

The best part?

The Johnson Baby Cologne is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested! So, rest assured that you are using a safe baby care product. 

Most importantly, there is no Alcohol, Paraben, or Phthalate in the cologne formula, making it perfect for everyday use!

Furthermore, the scent is light and clinically proven to suit babies with sensitive skin. 

To use this cologne, put a small amount of this cologne on your hand’s palm, rub it a little bit and apply it to the baby’s skin.

The size of the bottle is 6.8 fluid ounces, which lasts for a long time – even if you apply it every day!

5 – Eau My BB! Cologne Spray

Best All Natural Baby Cologne Spray

Eau My BB! Cologne Spray

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Brand: Eau My BB!
Scent: Eau My BB Eau De Senteur
Item Size: 2.03 fl oz
Age Range: Baby

Bottom Line: This is a baby fragrance that uses natural ingredients to ensure a healthy baby smells clean and fresh all the time.


Great boy or girl Gift Idea – unisex

Smells great


It doesn’t last all day long

This baby cologne is perfect for a baby’s skin, as it is free of any toxic components like Alcohol, Paraben, and Cruelty.

The cologne’s scent is perfect.. 

It contains a blend of:

  • Floral top-notes; Neroli, Bergamot, and Petitgrain
  • Floral heart-notes; Violet, Rose, and Orange Blossom
  • Other base-notes; Vanilla, Heliotrope, and Musk. 

Most importantly, it is Alcohol-free and doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients. 

The combination of these ingredients smells like fruits.

The bottle design is super cute. It is a perfect gift for both; boys and girls, and new moms as well.

6 – Zermat Baby Michelle Cologne Unisex

Best Baby Powder Smell Spray 

Zermat Baby Michelle Cologne Unisex

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Brand: Baby Zermat
Scent: Floral
Item Size: 2 fl oz
Age Range: Baby

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a way to keep your baby’s powdery smell last longer, use this wonderful baby cologne.r.


Light and amazing baby smell

Perfect as a new-mom gift 


The scent doesn’t last all day long

This is a classic baby perfume. It keeps your baby smelling fresh while considering his delicate skin. 

The powdery-floral notes make this perfume gentle, light, and soothing. 

The good thing that parents’ like is the bottle; it is cute and has a spry top for easy use. 

Besides, the fresh baby powder smell makes it an ideal option for new moms or moms-to-be.

7 – JAFRA Tender Baby Cologne

Best Long Lasting Baby Cologne

JAFRA Tender Baby Cologne

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Brand: JAFRA
Scent: Chamomile
Item Size: 3.3 fl oz
Age Range: Baby

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a long-lasting baby cologne in a light lavender scent, look no further.


It lasts for long period

Light scent 



A little bit pricey

Lavender might not suit everyone 

This is a lavender-scented baby cologne that is gentle and delicate to use for your baby to keep him smelling fresh.

The combination of sandalwood and cedar oils makes the cologne’s formula long-lasting yet light and gentle. 

The best part?

The lavender scent is soothing, calming, and relaxing for babies – just like adults! It is a mild formula, making it perfect for everyday use. 

Keep in mind, though; some parents and babies might be allergic to the lavender smell.

8 – Mustela Musti – Baby Cologne Spray

Best Plant Based Perfume

Mustela Musti – Baby Cologne Spray

Value For Money

For Sensitive Skin



Overall Score
Brand: Mustela
Scent: Chamomile
Item Size: 1.79 fl oz
Age Range: Baby

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a soft cologne to use for your toddler, look no further. 


All-natural ingredients

Hypoallergenic formula

Free of Alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate, and Phenoxyethanol.


Watery formula

Not for sensitive skin

Pricey option

Mustela baby delicate spray is a perfect choice for new moms who want to smell fresh while caring for their newborns. 

The scent is light and doesn’t bother infants… 

The ingredients are plant-based, light, and gentle, perfect for infants and newborn babies.

It contains citrus notes that are blended with rose, amber, and lilac hints. 

Not surprisingly, it is free of any toxic or harmful components like Alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate, or Phenoxyethanol. 

The best part?

It is tested by pediatricians and dermatologists and is suitable for normal skin.  

You can apply some amount of this cologne once a day by rubbing a small amount behind the baby’s ears, on his neck, or wrists to keep him smelling good all day long. 

Besides, you can spray it on the baby’s clothes as well.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For When Buying Baby Perfume & Cologne

baby sleeping on his tummy

Baby Age: 

Make sure to check the appropriate age to use before applying the cologne to your baby’s skin to avoid any allergy or irritation scenarios. 

Some might be suitable for newborn babies, and some are perfect for babies and toddlers.

Cologne Formula

Baby products must always be safe and free of any harmful ingredients. Make sure to go through the ingredients list before buying any baby perfume or cologne. 

Keep in mind, though; some formulas might cause allergic reactions or skin irritation, especially for sensitive kids and babies. 

For example, phthalates are linked to some respiratory health issues in children.


The scent or fragrance strength is different from one brand to another due to the different cologne formula mixes. 

Some colognes and perfumes have a light scent that is perfect for little babies and those with sensitive skin. However, others come with a strong scent suitable for older kids and those with less irritating skin. 


Generally, perfumes have a long service life. So, you can invest in a cologne or perfume bottle that matches your budget. Consider getting a travel-size bottle if you go outside with your kid very often to keep him smelling fresh all day long.


Q1: Is Baby Cologne Safe For Babies? 

Yes, baby cologne is safe for babies. It contains a mixture of essential oils and water in a low concentration that is not harmful to kids. However, we recommend you go through the manufacturer’s product terms of use before applying it to your baby’s skin. 

Q2: How do you apply baby cologne?

Put a small amount in your hands’ palm, gently rub your baby’s skin, and enjoy the freshly-smelling baby. Some breastfeeding moms like to mist a baby perfume or cologne on their neck to calm and relax the baby.

Q3: When can I start using baby cologne on my kid?

We highly recommend avoiding using baby cologne or perfume for infants and newborns. Scented products might bother your baby during the early days. Using baby oil, lotion, or applying the baby cologne into their clothes is the best thing to do during the early weeks. Usually, around the age of 6 months, babies become ready to smell some light perfumes and colognes.

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Our Verdict: Best Baby Cologne

Baby fragrances are helpful to keep your baby fresh and smell clean all the time. Whether staying home or going out with your little one, it is charming to keep him smelling good. 

I, personally, used to always put colognes after bathing my kids to keep them fresh for a longer period. 

And as you see, picking the right perfume or cologne for your son is not an easy thing to do. You must always check the bottles’ details and consult your baby’s pediatrician before purchasing and using it for your kid. 

Some kinds of perfumes might cause serious health problems – especially for newborns and infants!

Yes! You have to be careful, mommy..  

The listed baby colognes are all safe to use on babies and toddlers and were reviewed based on the parents’ feedback, item description, and our personal experience as parents as well. 

This article reviews and compares the different baby cologne brands based on their value for money, the scent’s strength, durability, and skin sensitivity. 

All you need to do is pick the one that suits your baby’s delicate skin, your budget, and your personal preference. 

Take a look at the final comparison results below..

ProductRating out of 5
Chicco Natural Sensation⭐ 4.5
Baby By Tous Eea De Cologne Spray⭐ 4.25
Baby Magic Cologne⭐ 4.0
Johnson’s Baby Cologne⭐ 3.75
Eau My BB! Cologne Spray⭐ 3.75
Zermat Baby Michelle Cologne Unisex⭐ 3.5
JAFRA Tender Baby Cologne⭐ 3.25
Mustela Musti – Baby Cologne Spray⭐ 3.0


Here comes the last part of the review.. 

Baby fragrances like colognes and perfumes are not a must-have item, but they are absolutely adorable to use for kids, especially when you go out or have visitors.

Honestly, they help in making babies and kids wonderfully smelling…

Among the reviewed 8 baby colognes, it is time to present our Top Pick, Best Value, and Editor’s Choice.

If you or your son has any kind of asthma or allergies, you must consult your doctor before using any baby cologne or other baby care products.

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