Warm It Up: Here Are The 10 Top Baby Bottle Warmers

baby bottle warmers on display

The baby milk warmer is one of the essential baby equipment that you want to have..

Now, you may be asking, Am I really Need this to warm the Baby bottle? 

When you learn to be a new parent, what you often read is about the bonding experience… 

The best part is that it can be at feeding time

In case you don’t know..

Sometimes it is completely as you thought about it.

Other times, it’s a tired mess!

You gotta face it…

Your baby is crying and hungry, and your other kids are driving you crazy!  

Yeah! Some binding experiences are tough!

To make things easier for you, this article will introduce

  • Reasons for having a bottle warmer
  • Best bottle warmers recommendation
  • What to consider when buying a bottle warmer
  • and Lots MORE!

When the weather gets cold, the bottle warmer is definitely a “powerful helper” for parents! 

Stick with us, mommy and daddy, and keep the baby milk warm all day long! 

Let’s get started…

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Are Baby Bottle Warmers Worth It?

The milk warmer can quickly heat the bottle so that the baby can drink hot milk at any time. 

Some parents may consider that a milk warmer is no necessity for them because there are many methods such as microwave ovens and electric stoves to help the warm baby milk 

but the breast warmer itself still has irreplaceable advantages:

First, the milk warmer is the most convenient and quick way to heat the bottle. For example, when the baby suddenly starts to cry at night, he will drink milk immediately. 

If parents want to heat the milk by other methods, it will take a long time.

That’s said,

..if you use the heater, you just need to put the bottle in its place and press the “Press” button to wait for the bottle warmer to heat it quickly! 

Second, the milk warmer can control the heating temperature very well. 

It might be challenging to control the temperature using other methods. 

In case you don’t know,

..overheating temperature will cause the loss of many nutrients vital to the baby’s health and immunity, and there is a risk of scalding the baby. 

If you use a milk heater, you can easily control the temperature.

Third, in addition to heating bottles, many milk warmers can also heat breast milk, heat baby food jars, and sterilize pacifiers.

Now, as you keep reading, you will discover the best bottle warmers of 2021 ​with the pros and cons to consider…

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1 – Bus Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer for breastmilk and Formula

Best Affordable Smart Bottle Warmer

Bus Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer for breastmilk and Formula

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Bubos
Color: White and Green
Weight: 1.43 pounds
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 7.99 x 7.17 x 7.13 inches

Bottom Line: This is a simple, affordable, and practical baby bottle warmer.


Affordable option

User Friendly


Missing On/Off button

Less durable

It might be challenging to clean

It might not heat evenly every time

This Bubos device is at the top of our list as a simple and essential bottle warmer. 

As you can see, it doesn’t have intelligent features yet can heat the milk evenly. 

You can use it to heat and defrost breast milk, formula milk, and some infant foods in just a few minutes.  

Plus, super easy to use!

The basic design of this warmer makes it easy to use. All you have to do is place the filled bottle in its place and press the button. 

The best part? 

It is small to fit anywhere in your room, baby nursery, on the kitchen counter, or even the diaper bag – it is portable!

If you are worried about the bottle size..

Worry NOT!

This warmer fits most types and shapes of baby bottles. 

Furthermore, the auto-off feature makes it a worry-free item to use during the night!

This milk warmer does not have an LCD screen, which can save you some money.

2 – Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

Best Bottle and Baby Food Jars Warmer

Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Dr. Brown’s
Color: White
Weight: 2 pounds
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 5.5 x 7.9 x 9.6 inches

Bottom Line: This is an affordable bottle warmer with a high-quality functionality.


Fast and even warming

It has an option to save specific heating settings.


Narrow bottle container, mainly for Dr. Brown’s bottles

The water tank is small

Short plug cord

This dr. Brown’s deluxe bottle warmer follows the manufacturer’s footsteps of other popular products, offering ease of use at a reasonable price. 

Smart and practical features!

This warmer has a touch LCD control panel with a single start function button. 

Besides, the bottle basket is adjustable to fit different sizes of bottles and baby food jars.

It has a digital timer and can save the previous heating settings, allowing you to activate it by pressing a button.

This is great when you are dealing with 15 things, and only one little finger is free!

Most importantly,

Dr. Brown’s milk warmer is very small and does not take up any space in the kitchen. 

After the heating is completed, a beep will remind you that it is ready to use.

Plus, feel free to heat the baby’s Formula, some food, and breastmilk as well. 

The best things?

You can also use it to sterilize small things such as pacifiers.

Remember; you need to fill it out with a specific amount of water before turning it on.

3 – The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

Best Affordable Bottle Warmer

The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: TOMY
Color: White & grey
Weight: 3.52 ounces
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: height: 9” inches

Bottom Line: This is an affordable, portable, and multifunctional warmer with acceptable overall performance.


Compact design

Affordable price



Challenging to fill the vial accurately 

It might release a plastic burning smell while heating

Challenging to follow directions

Inconsistent functions

Has a short cord

When you have more baby products than storage space, you need products that can meet multiple uses. 

..and here comes this bottle warmer by TOMY. 

This model is a warmer and sterilizer at the same time. 

Most importantly, it is not expensive. 

Keep in mind, though; some users said that it might overheat the breast milk, which will degrade its quality. 

Besides, the user direction is not easy to follow, and you might be struggling to fill the vial accurately.

Unfortunately, these issues will, therefore, cause conflicts in the warming.

4 – Kiinde Kozii milk warmer

Best Bottle Warmer For Breastmilk

Kiinde Kozii milk warmer

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Kiinde
Color: White
Weight: 1.85 pounds
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 5.19 x 7.4 x 7.4 inches

Bottom Line: If you need the best breast milk warmer that can handle more than just bottles, look NO further!


Fast and even steam heat 

Safe for breast milk 

Simple and easy to use

It has a timer option for a convenient use


Missing the readiness alert 

Challenging to clean 

On the expensive part 

Kiinde Kozii milk warmer uses SAFE heat patented technology to create constant temperature circulating warm water. 

It can also heal faster than ordinary milk warmers at lower temperatures. 

That’s said, 

..it can reduce the loss of milk’s nutrients.

Like most other warmers, you can use it to heat baby bottles or breast milk. 

The design is also straightforward. 

It has a wide enough opening, and the Tommee Tippee or Comotomo baby bottles with a wider and round shape are also compatible.

Most importantly,

It can heat bags, sachets, baby bottles, or glass jars equally well. It can even defrost frozen breast milk.

Oh, and most of all,

It has an automatic shutdown function and will not overheat. 

Indeed, it is a very reliable bottle warmer!

5 – Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

Fastest Baby Bottle Warmer

Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Philips Avent
Color: White
Weight: ‎‎‎‎‎1 pound
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.89 x 7.29 inches

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a versatile, simple, and functional baby bottle warmer, then this one is the right for you.


Heats quickly and evenly

Lightweight and small in size

High in quality with a well-made design 


Changing the water is a must after every single-use

Missing having a lid and a timer

No readiness alert feature

This stylish and simple Avent bottle warmer will never go wrong with a trusted brand of high-quality and affordable baby feeding products. 

It can heat 5 ounces of milk in 3 minutes.

It’s not surprising…

You will always appreciate its ease of use, especially at 3 in the morning.  

It works perfectly every time!

It circulates the milk to heat it evenly and keeps the bottle warm for an hour before it automatically shuts off. 

Best part?

There are thawing settings for thawing frozen breast milk or baby food jars. Essentially, it has all the features you need, and you don’t.

 The size of the entire heater is also petite, so it fits nicely on the kitchen countertop or the bedside table in the room.

6 – Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer

Best Multifunctional Bottle Warmer

Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Munchkin
Color: White
Weight: 1.45 pounds
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.5 x 6 inches

Bottom Line: This is a fast-warming machine that makes the job done in just 90 seconds. 


Fast warming

Proper for many bottle types 

Can sanitize pacifiers as well


Cannot leave the bottle once heated – it will be overheated 

Works perfectly with bottled water – not tap water

The advantage of this milk warmer is the heating speed; it only takes 90 seconds to complete the heating.

In addition, it has an automatic shut-off function, so there is no need to worry about safety. 

The design is thoughtful…

What you will like in this bottle warmer is the ease of use!

There is a small basket with a handle that can hold the baby bottle.

The basket fits some pacifiers, and you can sanitize them every once in a while, and the handle is perfect for parents to prevent burning their hands when they take the bottle out.

Most importantly, 

It is small in size and doesn’t take too much from the countertop space. 

At the same time, it can hold bottles of various types and shapes. 

The best part?

This warmer offers a consistent temperature! Which is perfect for keeping frozen milk healthy by saving its nutritional value. 

Keep in mind, though,

There is an extra cover for the bottle once put inside the warmer that might not close if the bottle is big. However, keeping it open will not hurt!

Another thing to consider is that keeping the bottle inside the warmer after the heating time will cause overheating. Thus, removing the bottle after heating is a must to keep the milk in good condition. 

Plus, most parents said that using bottled water will prevent the warming chamber from getting gunky. 

All things considered, 

this baby bottle warmer is excellent, fast, and functional.

 7 – GROWNSY Baby Bottle Warmer – two bottles

Best Bottle Warmer For Twins

GROWNSY Baby Bottle Warmer – two bottles

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: GROWNSY
Color: White and clear
Weight: ‎2.07 pounds
Material: ‎Plastic
Dimensions: ‎9.09 x 7.24 x 6.06 inches

Bottom Line: This is a multifunctional warmer that works perfect for heating, warming, defrosting, and sterilizing baby milk and food. Plus, it fits multiple bottles.


6 functions in one machine

Wide bottle container to fit multiple bottles at a time

Accurate time and temperature

Safe warming and heating 


It might take longer to heat milk

Larger than other options

If you are looking for a warmer that warms your baby milk and food simultaneously, look NO further. 

That’s said, 

This warmer has 6 functions to help you heat, sanitize, and unfreeze your baby food and milk in just a few minutes. 

For more convenience, 

There is an auto-off feature that gives you nothing but peace of mind! 

What most users appreciate in this warmer is the design!

It is an easy-to-use warmer that offers a wide container to fit the different types, shapes, and kinds of baby bottles, food containers, forks, and spoons! 

The best part?

This warmer has advanced features that prevent overheating the milk or food with three simple steps; adding water, putting the bottles, and pressing your favorite button.

You can control the settings using the innovative touch screen for convenient use. 

Plus, the light screen is clear and wide.

Keep in mind,

…it is larger than the single bottle warmers! Thus, it might take more space in your kitchen or storage area.

 8 – Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

Best Travel Bottle Warmer

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Tommee Tippee
Color: Stainless Steel
Weight:  ‎11.6 ounces
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.63 x 7.69 inches

Bottom Line: This portable liquid warmer is perfect for on-the-go and travel use.


Easy and simple to use

Portable size

Affordable option


Warming function only

Single bottle usage

It leaked with some users

It doesn’t keep the milk hot for more than 2 hours 

This is a portable milk warmer that most parents use for travel. 

It looks like a stainless steel vacuum flask!

When you want to warm the baby while away from home, pour hot water into it and put the baby bottle in.. that is it!

It’s super convenient.

With everything a baby needs, the cost will increase rapidly!

Let’s face it…

Finding the most effective and travel-friendly milk warmer is a good choice for most parents.

That being said, 

This model uses a thermos bottle to store hot water and keep it constant for several hours, so you can heat the milk whenever you want!

Most importantly, 

It fits the Tommee Tippee bottle and other types, shapes, and sizes of baby bottles. 

Keep in mind, though, 

..you always have to make sure that the lid is closed tightly to prevent leaking.

 9 – Baby Brezza Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Warmer – Universal Fit

Best Smart Bottle warmer

Baby Brezza Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Warmer – Universal Fit

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Baby Brezza
Color: Stainless Steel
Weight: ‎‎2.31 pounds
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: ‎6.5 x 5.5 x 12 inches

Bottom Line: If you only consider products with the latest technology, this best bottle warmer is designed for you.


Simple and easy to use

It fits different bottle sizes, shapes, and types

Phone App option


Challenging to clean

On the expensive side

Not fast in warming as expected

First thing first, 

This smart bottle milk warmer has a free app that enables you to control the operation using your IOS or Android smartphones. 

Plus, you can activate the alerts option to get a notification once the bottle is ready.

It will heat the bottle to the required temperature. It will then send a message to your smartphone to remind you that it is ready. Woo-hoo!

Pretty cool, right? 

Now, like most advanced baby bottle warmers, you can use this one to warm baby formula, baby food, and breast milk.

Most importantly, the warming is safe and even!

With two heating settings, you can rest assured that the breast milk is safely heated without ruining its nutritional values. 

Here is the key:

The Quick Heating setting is suitable for baby food and Formula, while the Steady Warm is the best for warming and defrosting the breast milk. 


The size is compact and doesn’t take much space in the kitchen. 

Bear in mind that frequent cleaning is a must to keep this warmer efficient and consistent.

 10 – Public Mini Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

Best On-The-Go Bottle Warmer 

Public Mini Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer

Value For Money

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean


Overall Score
Manufacturer: Papablic
Color: Stainless Steel, white, and Blue
Weight: 2‎14.6 ounces
Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic
Dimensions: 8.11 x 3.66 x 3.62 inches

Bottom Line: If you use the skinny shape bottles and look for a portable bottle warmer, this is the right one for you.


Lightweight and small in size to fit in the diaper bag

A perfect option for traveling


Holds only around 12oz of water

Challenging to use a cap

Might leak sometimes

As another portable option, this stainless steel model can keep milk at a constant temperature for several hours, making it the best milk warmer for Formula or breast milk while away from home.

All you need to do is pour hot water into the shell and then put a bottle in it to heat the milk while feeding. 

Most importantly, 

..the lid is firmly fixed to prevent leaking. 

The size is super cute; it is small and compact yet fits various sizes except for Tommee Tippee and Comotomo bottles. 

This is a great bottle warmer to use when you go outside the house for a few hours, like walking around or doing some shopping!

Buyers’ Guide: How To Choose The Right Bottle Warmer?

baby bottles

So, with different bottle brands and many options available on the market, you might be wondering which one is the best? 

Or which brands of bottle warmers are easier to use? 

To make things easier for you, we are going to talk about the main things that most parents are looking for when purchasing bottle warmer:

Here you go…

1. Bottle Warmer Type

The bottle warmers on the market come into two types: 

  • Countertop Bottle Warmers:

The most commonly used type is mainly placed in the kitchen and quickly heated up.

  • Portable/Travel Bottle Warmers:

The most compact size that is suitable for on-the-go use. It supports plug-in/battery methods, but the heating time will be longer.

2. Warmer Capacity and Shape

It refers to whether the milk warmer is compatible with the size or shape of the milk bottle that parents often use. 

For example, if you usually use 8-ounce bottles more often, it is best to buy a large-capacity milk warmer. 

In addition, some bottle warmers can heat milk bags or frozen bottled breast milk, as well as small cans of baby food. 

Parents can also pay attention to the multifunctional option when buying them.

3. Heating Quality and Speed

This is an essential point to consider..

The purpose of buying a milk heater is to save time. Most milk heaters have several different heating levels to choose from. 

It can quickly heat the baby bottle, and sometimes, you might get warm milk before it reaches the optimal temperature.

On the other hand, some bottle warmers take too long to warm the milk. 

Needless to say..

Good milk warmer needs to be fast and easy to operate.

baby feeding through a bottle

4. Convenient and Easy To Clean Design

After using the milk warmer many times, some molds may accumulate

Keep in mind that having mold will decrease its efficiency.  

That’s why we recommend you buy a bottle warmer that has fewer accessories and is easier to disassemble..

We recommend you clean the bottle warmer thoroughly at least once a month and wipe it off with a damp cloth immediately after use!

mommy feeding baby through a bottle

5. Power-off Protection Function 

Many parents may forget that they are using the warmer while taking care of their baby..

That’s true! 

Especially if the baby is crying.. 

..so the safety protection function of the breast warmer is also critical. 

A warmer with good safety features will automatically shut down when reaching a specific temperature or when the water level is below a certain threshold.

It is significant to avoid short circuits and fire.

6. Constant Temperature Function

Having a constant temperature option can make heating the milk quicker and easier. 

Remember, there is no fixed time for children to drink milk. 

If it is cold, the thermostat is essential! 

Your baby can drink milk at any time without waiting.

Top Tips:

  • Some bottle warmers have an automatic reminder function. Once the bottle is heated, it will automatically send a signal or beep that it is ready to use.
  • Some bottle warmers also have the dual function of warming and sterilizing the bottles or nipples.
  • The portability of the bottle warmer is a plus. For example, it is small in size, does not occupy space, or can be wirelessly bound without a plug, so you can take it with you when you go out.
  • The LED temperature display feature is helpful as well. Electronic temperature control is more accurate.
  • If you are using glass bottles, make sure to check the bottle warmer instructions before you heat it.
  • Some bottle warmers work using warm tap water. However, some need only bottled water. Make sure to check the warmer instructions before using it.


Q1: Is a baby breast warmer necessary?

Most mothers will answer this question with a resounding “yes”! If you plan to breastfeed, you may need to refrigerate or freeze your milk. Once you need to feed the baby, remember that your baby likes warm breast milk or even body temperature breast milk, especially in the first few months. The same is true if you feed with Formula… Anything cooler than freshly heated (not hot!) milk for some babies will cut it off. Of course, you can heat your newborn’s meals in a warm water bath (never use a microwave!), but this requires extra time and effort (it feels like) eternal time when a hungry baby is crying. 

Q2: How long does the bottle warmer take?

It may take from a few seconds to a few minutes! The electric baby bottle warmers are, in general, the fastest. There are also portable options to keep hot water and milk warm during the trip; they get the job done, but they are not as efficient as the electric ones. So, it depends on the warmer efficiency, the quantity of milk, and the heating temperature. 

Q3: Are baby bottle warmers safe for breast milk?

Yes, if the operation is correct! One of the benefits of heating milk more slowly is to reduce the risk of nutrient loss. Compared with frozen milk, heated pre-thawed breast milk is generally safer to preserve nutrients. However, you can choose a device with a specific thawing function to complete the work as efficiently as possible. If you are particularly concerned about breast milk nutrition, please consider purchasing more advanced equipment that allows you to set the time and temperature. Always, before feeding your baby, be sure to test the temperature of the milk on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot.

Q4: Can you reheat breast milk twice?

When you reheat the breast milk, and it becomes at room temperature, you can serve it to the baby within two hours. You can NOT reuse the leftovers after that or freeze them again.

Our Verdict: Best Baby Bottle Warmer

Well, with everything stated in this review..

You can see that choosing the bottle warmer is mainly based on your exact need and budget.

Every reviewed bottle warmer has unique features that distinguish it from the competitors. 

Fortunately, though, there is always a suitable one for you that helps you prepare the milk for your baby whenever needed. 

To better help you in your purchasing decision, Newbabysmell.com review is based on our personal experience as parents and users’ feedback and opinion. 

Our comparison is based on the features you need the most in a bottle warmer: value for money, Ease of use, Ease of clean, and Effectiveness.

Having a high performance in these features makes the bottle warmer a good one to choose. 

Below are the comparison results; take a closer look now…

ProductRating out of 5
GROWNSY Baby Bottle Warmer – two bottles⭐ 4.25
Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer⭐ 4.0
Kiinde Kozii milk warmer⭐ 3.75
Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer⭐ 3.75
Baby Brezza Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food⭐ 3.5
Public Mini Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer⭐ 3.5
Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer⭐ 3.5
Bus Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer for breastmilk and Formula⭐ 3.25
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer⭐ 3.25
The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer⭐ 3.0

Based on the results above..

The GROWNSY baby bottle warmer came up at the top of the list, which is not surprising with its large container, multifunctional features, and effectiveness. 

The Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer reserves second place to be one of the most favorite warmers for many parents. 

Next, come the Kiinde Kozii and Philips Avent bottle warmers. They are effective in heating the milk. However, they are a little bit challenging to clean up. 

The Baby Brezza, Dr. Brown’s, and Public Mini Warmers came up in fourth place. They are less effective in warming the milk than the previous ones. Yet, many parents favor them!

Next came the Bus Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer and Tommee Tippee portable warmer. While the first one is challenging to clean and does not heat the milk evenly, the latter doesn’t keep it warm for more than 2 hours.

Unfortunately, The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer is the last one on this list. It is an affordable option; yet, it provides below-average performance!

Conclusion: Best Baby Bottle Warmers

You can tell..

The bottle warmer will for sure make feeding your little one easier – especially during late time!

Some come in a small size, large capacity, fast warming, and even smart operation. 

If you explore the different reviewed bottle warmers, you will for sure find what you are looking for.

That’s said..

Take a look at our Best Value, Editor’s Choice, Top Pick options:

  • The Best Value goes to: GROWNSY Baby Bottle Warmer – two bottles
  • The Editors’ Choice goes to: Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer
  • The Top Pick goes to: Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

Now, you have everything you need to know to make the right purchase! Best Of Luck