AC527 3-In-1 Angelcare Baby Monitor Review 2024

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Hey moms and dads, your dear friend Dema here. Today, I want to discuss about the baby monitor to watch our dear babies. Here is our detailed Angelcare baby monitor review.

It’s a 3-in-1 Angelcare AC527 model with video, sound, and temperature display. And in our today’s review, we’ll discuss all things related to this interesting baby monitor, including:

  • Why this is the best choice for Newborns
  • The monitor’s features
  • Parents’ feedback
  • Lots more…

We reviewed the best 10 baby monitors that will meet most (in not all) parents’ needs…


If you are looking for that kind of baby monitor that doesn’t miss any single motion, sound, or even a breath, then the Angelcare 3-in-1 respiratory monitor is definitely the best option among all other brands.

Okay, let me just stop right there before I say too much away…

If you are interested to know more about this particular monitor, then Let’s get started…

Ready or not, here we go…

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AC527 3-In-1 Angelcare Baby Monitor

AC527 3-In-1 Angelcare Baby Monitor
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Battery Life

Sound/Picture Quality

Value For Money

Overall Score
Brand: Angelcare
Alert Type: Movement and Room temperature
Zoom Type: Digital zoom to a certain degree
Color: White
Power Source: Corded Electric and batteries

Bottom Line: Perfect for an efficient and reliable baby monitor model. It offers a lot of advantages which (largely) outweigh its cost.


Presence of a wireless motion detector

The baby unit can be wall-mounted or table-top

SensAsure technology

Adjustable camera to adjust the viewing angle

Possibility to take close-ups and panoramas


No smartphone connectivity

The camera image sometimes freezes

Expensive purchase price

Our Verdict: Angelcare AC527 Baby Monitor

The Angelcare Baby Monitor is an advanced and reliable video monitor…

The motion sensor is designed to be placed under your baby’s mattress, where it will detect even the baby’s slightest wriggles.

In case you didn’t know…

It detects movements without any contact and has 4 adjustable sensitivity levels for a personalized setting according to the mattress and the environment. 

But the question is, how exactly does this work?

Well, the answer will bring up the very special feature on this monitor to the table..

The Movement Sensor Pad:

After 15 seconds of no movement felt, the monitor will give a preliminary beep to wake your baby. 

Then, if no movement is detected after an additional 5 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert you.

You can monitor your other baby as well.. 

The second combination of a motion sensor and a nursery unit can be added to monitor twins or another child’s room. 

The parent unit features a room temperature display, complemented by a color-changing temperature display on the baby unit. 

And another thing…

It has a two-way audio communication option that lets parents soothe their baby when they need comfort, and LCD infrared night vision lets you never miss a thing. 

But not only that…

You have a personalized tuning option as well.

This device can also be used without motion detection during a toddler’s early years.

keep in mind, though, this device works only with baby mattresses. Not with memory foam mattresses or empty frame mattresses

Want to learn more about this advanced baby monitor?

Keep reading and you’ll find out…

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

Performance Comparison

Value For Money

When you compare the product’s features and performance with its price, this special monitor offers average value.. 

It’s designed to look nice, perform high, and offer something special..

But not only that…

This monitor offers the BEST alert quality. Yep!

That’s why it is best for new parents who are very worried about their newborn and want to detect every single motion, sound, and breath.

Besides, it is a contact free baby movement detector!

Bear in mind, Mommy…

This device doesn’t have a great battery life. That’s why it didn’t come up as a top performer in this segment!

… BUT, you can solve this issue by keeping the unit plugged in while using it.

On the whole, the overall price to performance ratio is in the average level..

Battery Life

Then again, the overall battery life of this device is not great – it is not like what we expected it to be!

A quick fix to this issue will be to keep it plugged in when you need it.

However, This might reduce the overall service life of the battery.

Whoa, you surely need to bear that in mind, Mommy..

battery charger

The battery life is a significant thing to consider.. 

In some cases, long battery life means long service life, thus, durable device!

That’s said, if your are looking specifically for a video monitor with a long battery life, then the Eufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor is the best option to go for.. 

Sound/Picture Quality

Well, in this segment, you can say that this monitor gives the highest sound and picture quality! 

…and most importantly, you can rest assured that no false alarms will be given!

This monitor provides a very clear image.. and the night vision option is nothing but perfect.

When the motion sensor works you can sleep at night without any worry!

Besides that…

This monitor works with long-range coverage

For example, you can spend some time outside -around the house- while your baby sleeps in his room! woo-hoo!

baby lying on the floor while looking at the camera

As you can see.. 

This monitor comes up at the top of the list in this segment!

Honestly, Mom..

…getting high-quality alerts for everything that is going on while your little one sleeping is the most important thing to look for!

This is what makes this monitor unique, special, and preferable by many parents around the world..


All things considered,

Some parents were not as satisfied as expected with the durability of the angelcare monitor.

The battery has a short service life.. 

Plus, the touch screen is very sensitive, so you gotta prevent touching it too hard to make it durable…

On the whole, the overall price to performance ratio is good.

If you are looking for the best durable baby monitor, then you can choose Infant Optics Baby Monitor

baby sleeping


Q1: Can I use the under mattress sensor for a regular bed or only a crib?

The Angelcare baby breathing monitor is designed to work with baby mattresses. However, if you want to use it under a regular bed, and your baby rolls off the pad, the alarm will keep going off.

Q2: Can you zoom out on Angelcare monitor?

Yes, this video monitor has the option to zoom in and out. However, the zoom option is limited to a specific degree.

Q3: Does this monitor work with a travel crib?

Not really, this monitor is designed to be used under a sturdy bed that has a firm bottom that is not flexible so the sensor can perform properly.

Conclusion: Angelcare Baby Monitor

You’ve almost made it to the end of the review..

Basically, the angelcare movement monitor is designed for parents who are looking for an advanced monitor with an extra alert system to detect their newborn more closely.. 

Obviously, it isn’t designed to monitor toddlers or young kids.. 

But the overall performance makes it work perfectly during the first years of the baby’s age. And taking care of it will make it serve for a longer period.

Your peace of mind is worth every penny, Mommy.. 

knowing that in case of any emergency you will be alarmed, makes you relaxed to have a good night of sleep!

Yes, you read that right…

You don’t have to worry if your little one is moving, crying, or calling you while you are sleeping! 

This angelcare breathing monitor is here to make the night nothing but perfect! Yep!

Here is and extra thing to consider:

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

There is nothing more stressful than worrying about your little one when it comes to SIDS. 

It doesn’t prevent it, though… It just helps parents monitor their baby while sleeping!

No matter how healthy they are, parents will worry about their babies. Especially when it comes to new parents with their newborns!

Still not convinced?

Keep reading till the end to find out more about it… 

This model is a great choice for new partners… It is considered as a reliable baby care essential product!

especially if they have a premature baby. In this case what really makes their life easier is a baby breathing monitor…

Quite simply, it is easy to use, offers a perfect screen, and makes you see and hear your baby clearly.

And it doesn’t end there…

The mattress sensor is very easy to use as well… You just put it under the baby’s mattress and you are good to go!

Another extra feature of this monitor is that it gives you the exact room temperature.. Which is an added bonus compared to other brands!

Honestly speaking, using the wireless movement sensor pad will give you peace of mind and good sleep.. simply by helping keep track of your baby in the other room…

That’s why this baby monitor ended up as the Top Pick in out top 10 baby monitors list – Don’t forget to check them out!

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