6 Nursery Organization Ideas To Make Life Easier

Even if you are one of the most organized parents, you are sure to fall prey to baby clutter. 

Well, that is understandable because your baby means the world to you! 

The truth is: You do not have enough time to organize things. 

Luckily, though; some Nursery Organization Ideas are here to keep things in place!

Sometimes, this clutter can get on your nerves, especially when you have to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of your baby and you can not find the baby diaper.

It can be rightly said that life surrounded by a newborn is indeed messy. 

However, there are some tips and tricks that can maintain order in the house of a newborn. 

That said, learning some effective ideas about nursery organization. 

This blog has covered some fantastic space-saving techniques that can create a more orderly nursery in less time. 

Without further delay, let’s go through the unique tips and tricks..

Nursery Organization Ideas

Organizing Diapering Materials:

Invest in a changing table to ease you and your child’s life.  

When you organize things at a changing table, you can get all your necessary stuff with natural baby diapers ready at hand. So, you don’t have to waste time fidgeting from one place to another to find things.

An alternative to a changing table is having Diaper Organizers; they are smaller in size and have a portable design.

Organize Closet For Clothes Only

When you become a parent, you get tempted to hang on to the bib and all kinds of things that your baby needs for daily survival. 

In such a case, you certainly don’t want your child’s wardrobe to be bursting with clothes kept haphazardly. So, fix one particular wardrobe to keep your toddler’s belongings and eliminate all the excess.

Display Nursery Decoration According To Season

Even though the handmade items and framed pictures enhance the room’s show, they need not be displayed every time. 

The more you keep things displayed, the more you have to spend your time cleaning them. 

So, divide all your décor into four parts and keep on changing them with the change of the seasons. This way will cut down the monotony of the room and save your time from cleaning.

For example, having the nursery humidifier might not be necessary all year round!

Choose a Crib With In-built Storage Space

Babies can be tiny, but their belongings range from bite-size to gigantic ones. The more belongings and toys your baby has, the more space they take. 

To find a solution, invest in cribs with additional in-built storage. Check out if the crib has storage like shelves or drawers where you can stuff in extra clothes for your baby.

There are plenty of crib designs available in the market that you will for sure get one that matches your needs and be a space-saver!

Pick Open Shelves With Baskets

If you want to store your baby’s books and toys, look for wardrobes and cabinets with wide shelves. 

Make sure you take out time for one or two days to arrange the shelves. Then, place canvas bins on the shelves one after another and fill them up to the brim with the items. 

Make sure you choose one particular type of item to fill one bin. 

For example, take all your baby’s pajamas and house clothes, fold them properly and keep them in the bin. This way, you can pull out any bin you want without getting the other items hampered.

Rearrange Things As Per Your Requirement: 

It may so happen that you had decorated your baby’s closet while you were pregnant. Now, you can see that some of the things inside the closet do not match your plan. 

If this is the situation in your house, consider taking time in the afternoon and rearranging the closet again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nursery Organization Ideas

Q1: How do you organize a nursery?

  1. Invest in a changing table
  2. Organize closet for clothes only
  3. Display nursery decoration according to season
  4. Choose a crib with in-built storage space
  5. Pick open shelves with baskets
  6. Rearrange things as per your requirement

Q2: What should be included in a nursery organizer?

  • A changing table, dresser, or diaper organizer
  • Drawers for organizing the baby essentials
  • Folding clothes is a key
  • Use wall shelves to keep things in place
  • Keep toys boxes around for easy cleaning

Q3: How do you organize baby clothes without a dresser?

If you don’t have a dresser in the baby’s nursery, invest in a wardrobe, hanging shelves, or side drawers. This way, you will keep the baby’s clothes and items organized and easy to find and fold.


Being organized saves your time while dealing with your growing little one!

If you follow the 6 Nursery Organization Ideas mentioned above, you will get a structured nursery that will make you get things done for your baby effortlessly. 

We hope this article helps you in the initial days of your motherhood.